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March 2007


Beaton, M. C. Death of a maid. 1st ed. New York : Mysterious Press, 2007.
“Scottish policeman Hamish Macbeth is charged with investigating the death of a maid struck down by a bucket of water”—Provided by the publisher.

Berry, Steve, 1955-. The Alexandria link : a novel. New York : Ballantine Books, 2007.
Too bad former secret agent Cotton Malone knows how to unearth the lost contents of the Library of Alexandria; now his bookstore has been ransacked and his son kidnapped.

Blunt, Giles. By the time you read this : a novel. 1st American ed. New York : Henry Holt, 2007.

The arrival of autumn in Algonquin Bay has brought with it a number of suicides. Among them is Detective John Cardinal’s wife, who suffered from manic depression. As he grieves, his partner, Lise Delorme, handles their caseload, which includes tracking down a young girl in Algonquin Bay whose photos are being traded online. As she does so, Cardinal begins getting clues that lead him to believe his wife’s death was not at her own hand after all and he starts some investigating of his own.

Bohjalian, Christopher A. The double bind : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Shaye Areheart Books, c2007.
What started out as a bike ride on the back roads of Vermont for college sophomore Laurel Estabrook became a life changing outing after she was attacked. Withdrawing into her photography, she began working at a homeless shelter where she met Bobbi Crocker, a man with a history of mental illness and a box full of photos he wouldn’t let anyone see. Only after his death was his real identity known and a deeply hidden, dark family secret revealed, which Laurel decided to investigate further.

Chandra, Vikram. Sacred games. 1st U.S. ed. New York : HarperCollins, c2007.
Inspector Sartaj Singh is pulled into India’s criminal underworld as he searches for Ganesh Gaitonde, the country’s most wanted gangster, and finds himself risking everything to bring Gaitonde to justice, even if it means sacrificing his family and career.

Cornwell, Bernard. The lords of the North : a novel. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollinsPublishers, c2006.
After winning a victory at King Alfred’s side, Uhtred of Bebbanburg is returning home, finally free of his allegiance to the King - or so he believes. An encounter with a slave trader introduces him to Guthred, the self-proclaimed King of Northumbria. Curious about Guthred’s claim, Uhtred follows him north where he discovers that fate has another surprise in store. He begins an unexpected journey that climaxes in a dangerous and dramatic battle.

Crais, Robert. The watchman : a Joe Pike novel. New York : Simon and Schuster, c2007.
To repay a favor, Joe Pike now finds himself protecting Larkin Conner Barkley, a federal witness in a case against the mob. To insure that both of them make it to the court date alive, they disappear into the underbelly of Los Angeles. With the help of P.I. Elvis Cole they turn the tables and become the hunter instead of the hunted. In a world where even the cops aren’t who they seem to be, Pike soon discovers his biggest threat may be from Larkin.

Davies, Peter Ho, 1966-. The Welsh girl : a novel. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2007.
Esther Evans is seventeen, the daughter of a shepherd in the rugged Snowdonia Mountains, who works at the local pub. It is 1944, and the war comes to her village just after D-day in the form of a new POW camp. Although the presence of the English guards is only grudgingly tolerated at the pub, the arrival of the German captives brings the entire village to the hillside above the camp. At first Esther watches from a distance, but her attention is soon caught by one of the soldiers, Karsten Simmering, a troubled young man who has begun to question what he is fighting for. One evening, as Esther lingers by the camp fence, she is astonished when Karsten calls out to her in English. The fates of these two become inexorably entwined when their relationship takes a treacherous turn that calls into question all their assumptions about national and personal loyalty.

Deaver, Jeffery. More twisted : collected stories. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2006.
Although Jeffery Deaver is best known for his extraordinary novels, he is also a master of the short story. Now, a second volume of his award- winning, spine-tingling short stories is offered for readers' enjoyment. Sixteen stories in all compile this collection, including one new story featuring Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs.

Durham, Laura. To love and to perish. New York, N.Y. : Avon Books, c2007.

Annabelle Archer is an up-and-comer in the cutthroat world of wedding planning in Washington, D.C. She usually keeps her cool dealing with hot-tempered bridezillas, but the same can’t be said for Carolyn Crabbe, the grand dame of bridal blowouts. Annabelle isn’t shocked when she learns Carolyn was strangled in a hotel ballroom. Since she was seen arguing with Carolyn moments before, Annabelle is now the prime suspect. When a second industry professional is murdered, Annabelle must unveil the killer before she is the next victim.

Frey, Stephen W. The successor : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Ballantine Books, c2007.
The meeting Christian Gillette is summoned to with the President at Camp David is in response to rumors that Fidel Castro has died. The President wants Gillette to be present for secret negotiations with Cuban capitalists who are planning future policy and to make sure that any changes made are favorable to the United States. Christian departs for the gathering, turning the reins of Everest Capital over to his protege, Allison Wallace. Unfortunately, they’re separated when danger strikes, which leaves them both to their own devices.

Gardam, Jane. Old filth. New York : Europa Editions, 2006, c2004.
Near the end of the twentieth century, an eighty-year-old retired barrister living a hollow existence in Dorset is haunted by his childhood as a “Raj orphan,” tossed from home to home in Wales while his father worked in Singapore, and his years as a judge in Hong Kong, handing out sentences of flogging and death by hanging.

Gardner, Lisa. Hide. New York : Bantam Books, c2007.
Imagine Annabelle Mary Granger’s surprise when she opened up the morning newspaper and learned that she was supposed to be dead. This discovery forces her to question her very existence, including the motives of the parents who loved her, and thrusts her into the center of a 20-year-old crime. That’s when she turns to Bobby Dodge, a sniper turned Massachusett’s State homicide detective, who can’t ignore the similarities between the two-decades-old case and Annabelle’s.

Grimes, Martha. Dust : a Richard Jury mystery. New York : Viking, 2007.
Richard Jury is pulled into the investigation of a wealthy bachelor’s murder and finds himself in over his head as he is thrown into London’s nightlife to learn more about the victim’s mysterious past.

Habila, Helon. Measuring time : a novel. 1st ed. New York : W. W. Norton & Co., c2007.
Mamo and LaMamo are twin brothers living in the small Nigerian village of Keti, where their domineering father controls their lives. With high hopes the twins attempt to flee from home, but only LaMamo escapes successfully and is able to live their dream of becoming a soldier who meets beautiful women. Mamo, the sickly, awkward twin, is doomed to remain in the village with his father. Gradually he comes out of his father’s shadow and gains local fame as a historian, and, using Plutarch’s Parallel Lives as his model, he embarks on the ambitious project of writing a “true” history of his people. But when the rains fail and famine rages, religious zealots incite the people to violence—and LaMamo returns to fight the enemy at home.

Hambly, Barbara. Patriot hearts : : a novel of the founding mothers. New York : Bantam Dell, 2007.
Hambly presents a portrait of four of America’s first ladies as readers have never seen them before. Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Sally Hemings, and Dolley Madison wielded power and influence to shape America’s future even as they sacrificed everything for the men they loved. In this novel each of these four complex, compelling women are linked though an enigmatic gift from another great woman.

Harper, Karen (Karen S.). The hooded hawke : an Elizabeth I mystery. 1st ed. New York : Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2007.
In Book Nine of Harper’s Elizabeth I mystery series, Elizabeth and her court have departed London for a summer journey, accompanied by Francis Drake. As the journey proceeds, several attempts are made on Elizabeth and Francis’ life, with traveling companions becoming victims of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. With bodies and clues piling up, and danger deepening, both Drake and the queen must discover if their untrustworthy cousins are behind the plot to kill them.

Harrison, Sarah, 1946-. The red dress. Sutton : Severn House, 2006.
Hand-made in sleek, scarlet satin, it’s a dress for seduction. Its journey begins with Carolyn, who plans to wear it at her silver wedding party to remind Oliver that he’s the luckiest man he knows. But by the time Carolyn collects it from the seamstress her world has been shaken. She opts instead for the safety of black, and gives the red dress to a friend... So the dress’ journey continues; the repository of hopes, dreams, fantasies and aspirations.

Hunt, James Patrick, 1964-. Before they make you run. 1st ed. Detroit : Five Star : Thomson/Gale, 2006.
Attorney Paul Kessler’s involvement with a married woman takes a dangerous turn when the woman is murdered and all evidence points to Kessler, forcing him to go on the run in order to prove his innocence.

Isaacs, Susan, 1943-. Past perfect. New York : Scribner, 2007.
Katie Schottland had worked as an analyst for the CIA for two years. Then suddenly, and without explanation, she was fired. Eventually moving on with her life, she had a child and wrote a novel called ‘Spy Guys.’ Then, a phone call for help from a former colleague offered her the chance to get answers to why she suddenly became ‘persona non grata’ with the CIA. But, did she really want to return to the dangerous world of espionage?

Jacobs, Jonnie. The next victim. New York : Kensington Books, c2007.
The last time Kali O’Brien spoke to her brother John he had been trying to tell her something but was too drunk to be understood. Now he is dead, apparently from suicide, and she will never know what it was. Even worse, police suspect him of the double homicide of two Tucson women. Intent on clearing his name, Kali begins an investigation that leads her deep into the hidden world of the sex industry. If she’s not careful, she may put herself in the path of a killer.

Jance, Judith A. Web of evil : a novel of suspense. New York : Touchstone, 2007.
After being fired from her high profile Los Angeles’ anchorwoman job, Ali Reynolds is angry and has returned to Sedona, Ariz., to lick her wounds. Having shed her cheating husband, she started a blog to help vent her feelings of betrayal. The day before her final divorce decree, her estranged husband is found dead in Palm Springs, leaving behind a rich estate and a pregnant fiancee. Not only is Ali the sole heir to his estate, she’s also the primary suspect in his murder.

Krentz, Jayne Ann. White lies. New York : G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2007.
Clare Lancaster, a Level Ten para-sensitive, is what some might describe as a human lie detector. Those talents have caused her more than enough troubles in the relationship department over the years. After meeting the half-sister and family she never knew she had until recently, she goes to California to help her father with his business empire, and gets caught up in a dizzying storm of secrets, lies, and half-truths that demand every bit of her special talent to unravel.

Lescroart, John T. The suspect. New York, N.Y. : Dutton, c2007.
When Dr. Caryn Dryden is found floating dead in her hot tub, her husband becomes the prime suspect. Gina Roake takes the case and feels her client’s innocence will be easy to prove since he was at his cabin on Echo Lake that weekend.

McCaffrey, Anne. Maelstrom. 1st ed. New York : Del Rey/Ballantine Books, c2006.
Telepathic twins Murel and Ronan must persuade survivors of a meteor shower to leave their world and journey to a new settlement formed by the planet Petaybee; however, they refuse to leave without their sacred animals including the predatory Manos sharks.

Michaels, Fern. Free fall. Sutton, Surrey ; New York : Severn House, c2007.
Yoko Akia had been hungering for revenge all her life. Now, she was about to get it. Yoko’s mother, who had been bought by a rich American when she was 15, had died at 17 after giving birth to Yoko. It was perhaps a merciful escape from a tortured life that included slavery, degradation, and prostitution. Now that Yoko was a movie star, she was in a position to get her long overdue justice and punish her cruel father, with the help of the Sisterhood.

Norman, Howard A. Devotion. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., 2007.
Following an ‘assault by mutual affray’ between David Kozel and his father-in- law on Aug. 19, 1985, a crime takes place. ‘Devotion’ explores the tangled relationship between these two men, and their daughter and wife, Maggie. It’s an examination of both romantic and filial love, hate, and of love for the open spaces of Nova Scotia.

Palmer, Michael, 1942-. The fifth vial. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, 2007.

Natalie Reyes, a medical school student; Joe Anson, a medical researcher; and Chicago detective Ben Callahan don’t know one another but are connected in ways they don’t even realize. They hold the key to a secret society with God-like aspirations and roots in antiquity. Along the way to realization they’ll learn the meaning of trust and betrayal, power and genius, lies and truth, and the answers to questions that begin with the fifth vial.

Parker, Robert B., 1932-. High profile. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2007.
The body of an infamous radio talk show host has been found hanging in a tree in a Paradise park. As if finding a killer isn’t hard enough, Police Chief Jesse Stone must conduct his investigation under the added pressure of national media scrutiny.

Parker, Barbara (Barbara J.). The perfect fake. New York : Dutton, c2007.
Tom Fairchild struggles to escape his past, despite his parole officer’s distrust, but when a Miami real estate developer offers Tom $50,000 to make a perfect copy of a rare Renaissance map, Tom finds everything he has worked for threatened by one lapse in judgment.

Patterson, James, 1947-. Step on a crack : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown, 2007.
During a state funeral for a former first lady in New York City’s largest cathedral, men disguised as monks, and armed with C4 explosives, seize the church with more than 100 of the most powerful people in America inside. NYPD officer Michael Bennett is called in to negotiate. With his life and that of thousands teetering, he struggles to defuse the situation while trying to push to the back of his mind the prospect of losing his wife to a deadly disease.

Raban, Jonathan. Surveillance. New York : Pantheon Books, 2007.
In the not-too-distant future, when national identity cards are mandatory, and America has become obsessed with intelligence-gathering, Tad Zachary, an unfulfilled actor, performs mostly in Department of Homeland Security’s disaster enactments, while his neighbor, Lucy Bengstrom, a freelance journalist, struggles to support herself and her child. When she’s assigned to write a profile on a retired professor turned bestselling author, his memoir of a childhood during World War II is called into question and each of them is either under surveillance or conducting it.

Rees, Matt, 1967-. The collaborator of Bethlehem. New York : Soho, c2007.

Omar Yussef has taught history to the Muslim and Christian children of Bethlehem for years while avoiding the violence plaguing the region, but when one of his prize students is arrested, Omar is thrown into the conflict and risks his life to do what is right.

Robb, J. D., 1950-. Innocent in death. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2007.
When a popular teacher in a posh Upper West Side school is found in the classroom, apparently poisoned by his daily hot chocolate, Lt. Eve Dallas must discover who hated him that much. Her investigation is distracted by her personal life when an old flame from Roarke’s past comes back into his life. While fighting off feelings of jealousy, Eve grows more frustrated with the case, as well. Piecing together the evidence, she soon proves once again that no one is as innocent as they seem.

Rowe, Rosemary. A Roman ransom. London : Headline, 2006.

Libertus wakes in his home in Glevum weak, disoriented, and in the throes of a serious illness. By his bedside is his patron, Marcus Septimus. Despite warnings from the medicus that Libertus is too ill to speak to anyone, Marcus has come to beg Libertus for his help with a very serious matter: Marcus’ wife Julia, and their son, Marcellinus, have gone missing. Everyone has been questioned, yet no one has answers. It’s as if Julia and Marcellinus have vanished into thin air...Then Marcus receives a ransom note wrapped in the hem of Julia’s stola. The message is short and direct: release Lallius Tiberius or Marcus will never see his family again. But who is Tiberius, and why is someone going to such trouble to free him? Libertus must help Marcus with his dilemma: give in to the kidnappers and sacrifice his reputation of being fair and unmoved by bribery, or stand firm and provoke unimaginable consequences...

Shafak, Elif, 1971-. The Bastard of Istanbul. New York : Viking, 2007.
Nineteen-year-old Asya has led a sheltered life with her mother and three aunts in Istanbul, until she meets Armanoush, her brother’s stepdaughter, who flies to Istanbul to reconnect with her past and introduces Asya to a new world of possibilities and dangers.

Shannon, John, 1943-. The dark streets : a Jack Liffey mystery. 1st Pegasus Books ed. New York : Pegasus Books, 2006.

Private investigator Jack Liffey goes to LA’s exotic Koreatown, where a young film student, Soon-Lin Kim, has apparently gone missing. But Jack is not the only one looking for Soon-Lin. Her association with a sinister militant group of radical Asians has also set Homeland Security in her pursuit. Again, bizarre details and compounding mysteries envelop Jack, and ultimately he finds himself under torturously intense interrogation at a secret compound in the desert-and ill-prepared for a climax as explosive as the violent lightning storm approaching on the horizon.

Smiley, Jane. Ten days in the hills. 1st ed. New York : Knopf, 2007.

On the morning after the 2003 Academy Awards, Max, an Oscar-winning writer/director, whose fame has waned, and his lover, Elena, are in bed discussing movies, the war in Iraq, and love. Their home is filled with guests who include Max’s ex-wife; their daughter; Max’s agent; the ex-wife’s new lover; Elena’s son; and Max’s childhood friend. As one might expect with such a group, tension mounts and sparks fly.

Steel, Danielle. Sisters. New York : Delacorte Press, c2007.
One Fourth of July changes everything for four sisters pursuing success and their own lives when tragedy strikes. Now, they’ve come together to share a New York brownstone, to support each other, and to pick up the pieces. The house is soon filled with eccentric dogs, laughter, tears, friends, men, and the kind of honesty and unconditional love that only sisters can provide. Even so, each is forced to confront the direction of their respective lives.

Unger, Lisa, 1970-. Sliver of truth : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Shaye Areheart Books, c2007.

Freelance writer Ridley Jones, trying to rebuild her life after a year of chaos in which she learned everything about her past is a lie, instead becomes further trapped in a web of mystery and violence when she discovers she is being watched by everyone from the federal government to the underworld, all of whom are seeking Max Smiley, an uncle figure and friend of her dad who she has since learned is her biological father and an unscrupulous criminal mastermind.


303.48 STE
Steyn, Mark. America alone : the end of the world as we know it. Washington, DC : Lanham, MD : Regnery Pub. ; Distributed to the trade by National Book Network, c2006.

The author maintains that European and Islamic anti-Americanism are creating a situation that will leave America isolated from all other nations, that America will not survive the twenty-first century, and that America is destined to stand alone in any global confrontation.

303.49 CAN
Canton, James. The extreme future : the top trends that will
reshape the world for the next 5, 10, and 20 years. New York : Dutton, c2006.

Canton examines how radical and complex global changes will impact individuals, society, markets, consumers, and business over the next twenty years and offers advice on how people can adapt to those changes and still find success.

305.23 NAZ
Nazario, Sonia. Enrique’s journey. New York : Random House, c2006.

Nazario addresses the issues of family and illegal immigration through the story of a young boy’s dangerous journey from Honduras to the U.S. in search of his mother, who left him and his sibling behind to make a better life for her family.

305.5 DOB
Dobbs, Lou. War on the middle class : how the government, big business, and special interest groups are waging war on the American dream and how to fight back. New York : Viking, 2006.

Dobbs argues that the American government is waging a war on the middle class by catering to large corporations and special interest groups, leaving middle class workers with fewer jobs, lower pay, fewer health benefits, and endangering their way of life.

306.4 HAL
Halpern, Jake. Fame junkies : the hidden truths behind America’s favorite addiction. Boston, Mass. : Houghton Mifflin, 2007.

Jake Halpern explores the hidden truths behind America’s national obsession with celebrity, and why so many young people are hooked on the notion of obtaining fame and fortune.

306.874 BUC
Buchman, Dana. A special education : one family’s journey through the maze of learning disabilities. 1st Da Capo Press ed. Cambridge, MA : Da Capo Press Lifelong, 2006.

Dana Buchman recounts her family’s struggle to help her daughter deal with the neurological, spatial, and motor-skill disabilities she was diagnosed with as a toddler, tracing her daughter’s development and sharing how she learned to cope with the unique challenges of having a child with special needs.

306.874 MOM
Mommy wars : stay-at-home and career moms face off on their choices, their lives, their families. New York : Random House, c2006.

Leslie Morgan Steiner offers a collection of twenty-six essays by both working and stay-at-home mothers of all ages and geographical locations who discuss the complex issues involved in how women balance their personal and professional lives.

322.4 GER
Gerges, Fawaz A., 1958-. Journey of the jihadist : inside Muslim militancy. 1st ed. Orlando, Fla. : Harcourt, c2006.

Gerges explains why it is important for the Western world to understand who the jihadists are and what their mission is, and to realize that not all jihadists use violence and terrorism as a way to spread their message.

327.1273 PRA
Prados, John. Safe for democracy : the secret wars of the CIA. Chicago : Ivan R. Dee, 2006.

Prados, one of the nation’s leading authorities on national security, offers a thorough history of the CIA’s secret wars. He reveals the details and objectives of specific missions, as well as the foreign policy goals and beliefs that stood behind them. It’s also his contention that the CIA has not been a rogue operation but has become the scapegoat for foreign policy failures of presidential administrations. He also asserts that the CIA is not very good at covert operations, most of which have been failures.

330.973 HAC
Hacker, Jacob S. The great risk shift : the assault on American jobs, families, health care and retirement and how you can fight back. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006.

Robert B. Reich, Professor of Public Policy, University of California at Berkeley, and former U.S. Secretary of Labor, says of this book: “America’s largest social class isn’t upper-income, middle, or poor. It’s our sprawling anxious class. As Jacob Hacker shows in this lucid and riveting account, American families are experiencing more and more uncertainty about their future, and the reigning conservative orthodoxy is exposing them to ever greater risk. Hacker lifts up the floor boards of conservatives’ much touted “opportunity society” and reveals the extended rot. But he also offers up a new foundation for economic security. This is an important book.”.

333.8 BLA
Black, Edwin. Internal combustion : how corporations and governments addicted the world to oil and derailed the alternatives. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, 2006.

The author provides evidence to support his claim that energy cartels and special interests, dating back hundreds of years, have conspired to create a worldwide dependence on oil, and discusses hydrogen as the answer to the quest to find an environmentally friendly oil alternative.

333.95 CLO
Clover, Charles. The end of the line : how overfishing is changing the world and what we eat. New York : New Press : Distributed by W.W. Norton & Company, 2006.

Charles Clover explores issues related to overfishing, discussing increased demands, exploitation of stocks around the world, aquaculture, the health risks of eating farmed fish, and more; and provides suggestions on how to address the problems.

363.25 RAM
Ramsland, Katherine M., 1953-. The C.S.I. effect. Berkley Boulevard trade pbk. ed. New York : Berkley Boulevard Books, 2006.

Katherine Ramsland explores the forensic methods, techniques, and story lines shown on several episodes of the television series “C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation,” and examines how they relate to real-life crimes.

364.1 STO
Stone, Peter H., 1946-. Heist : superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, his Republican allies, and the buying of Washington. 1st ed. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006.

Peter Stone reveals how greed, arrogance, and corruption have taken over the United States government, focusing on the actions of superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, whose deep ties with the Republican Party’s key figures have influenced the government and its actions in recent years.

364.106 PAR
Parker, Derrick. Notorious C.O.P. : the inside story of the Tupac, Biggie, and Jam Master Jay investigations from the NYPD’s first “hip-hop cop” 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, 2006.

Parker takes a look at the real links between crime and hip-hop and the inefficiencies that have left some of the most widely publicized murders in entertainment history unsolved.

385.09743 HER VT COLL
Herwig, Wesley. A whistle up the valley : the story of the peavine, vermont’s white river railroad. 1st ed. Burlington Vermont 05401, VT : Evergreen Press, 2006.

The ‘Peavine’ served the towns of Rochester, Talcville, Emerson, Tupper, Stockbridge, Riverside, Gaysville, Lillieville, and Bethel. This 105 page book contain more than 100 photos of the construction of the railroad and the natural destruction of same; trains; rail yards; station houses; scenic views; and much, much more. It talks about the transportation of the products of the talc mines, granite quarries, marble quarries, lumber operations, sugar bush and more. Many photos include construction workers, rail road workers and/or residents with their names. There are many photos of passenger tickets, freight bills, time tables, and route maps.

391.00944 WEB
Weber, Caroline, 1969-. Queen of fashion : what Marie Antoinette wore to the Revolution. 1st ed. New York : H. Holt, 2006.

Weber explores how Marie Antoinette’s attempts to reshape the royal fashion of eighteenth-century France influenced her fate and the future of France.

394.26 EHR
Ehrenreich, Barbara. Dancing in the streets : a history of collective joy. 1st ed. New York : Metropolitan Books, 2007.

Social commentator and cultural historian Barbara Ehrenreich uncovers the origins of communal celebration in human biology and culture and shares its history from the 16th century to the present. It includes everything from Dionysian festivities to danced religion in the Middle Ages to sports, carnivals, and rock ‘n’ roll.

523.4 WEI
Weintraub, David A. (David Andrew), 1958-. Is Pluto a planet? : a historical journey through the solar system. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2007.

Weintraub chronicles changes in the definition of “planet” from ancient Greece forward, discussing such topics as the discoveries of Uranus, Neptune, the Kuiper Belt, and extrasolar planets, and examines the question of Pluto’s planet status.

530 CLE
Clegg, Brian. The God effect : quantum entanglement, science’s strangest phenomenon. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, 2006.

Brian Clegg discusses the concept of quantum entanglement, also known as the “God Effect”, how Einstein discovered it and what the concept’s implications are for quantum theory. As Clegg explains it, entanglement occurs when two particles (photons, atoms, electrons, etc.) become so intensely linked together that for all intents and purposes they become part of one unit. The mystifying thing is that this link continues even if the two particles are in different parts of the universe: “Make a change to one particle, and that change is instantly reflected in the other(s)-however far apart they may be.” The implications for future technological advances are huge. Data could be encrypted in unbreakable codes; computers could become thousands of times more powerful than today; objects, and maybe even living organisms, could be instantaneously transported. While highly speculative, these possibilities could change our notion of reality.

599.93 GIB
Gibbons, Ann. The first human : the race to discover our earliest ancestor. 1st ed. New York : Doubleday, c2006.

Ann Gibbons chronicles science’s quest to find the missing links between humans and apes, focusing on the efforts of four international teams attempting to solve the mystery of human evolution and their rivalries with one another.

613.2 STU
Stuart, Tristram. The bloodless revolution : a cultural history of vegetarianism from 1600 to modern times. 1st American ed. New York : Norton, 2007, c2006.

Tristram Stuart traces the history of vegetarianism from the early seventeenth century to the present, profiling the religious and political figures who spread the movement’s popularity and exploring the impact vegetarianism has had on human history.

614 MAN
Mann, Robert W., 1949-. Forensic detective : how I cracked the world’s toughest cases. 1st ed. New York : Ballantine Books, c2006.

Forensic anthropologist and deputy scientific director of the U.S. government’s Central Identification Laboratory, Robert Mann, offers a behind-the-scenes look at some of his most gruesome, dangerous cases and the methods he uses to find killers and identify victims.

616.85 COL
Coleman, Penny. Flashback : posttraumatic stress disorder, suicide, and the lessons of war. Boston : Beacon Press, c2006.

Penny Coleman examines combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder in Vietnam veterans and its relationship to veteran suicides, discusses what makes Vietnam unique in the history of American wars, presents narratives from women who lost loved ones to suicide after the war, and comments on the issue of post-traumatic stress disorder among soldiers in the Iraq War.

618.92 MOO
Moore, Charlotte, 1959-. George & Sam : two boys, one family, and autism. 1st U.S. ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, 2006.

The author presents a personal narrative that examines how her family has dealt with autism in two of her three sons.

726.509456 SCO
Scotti, R. A. Basilica : the splendor and the scandal : building St. Peter’s. New York : Viking, 2006.

It was the splendor—and the scandal—of the age, the defining event of the high Renaissance. In 1506, the ferociously ambitious Renaissance Pope Julius II tore down the most sacred shrine in Europe—the millennium-old St. Peter’s Basilica built by the Emperor Constantine over the apostle’s grave—to build a better basilica. Construction of the new St. Peter’s spanned two centuries, embroiled 27 popes, and consumed the genius of the greatest artists of the age.

791.45 JEN
Jennings, Ken, 1974-. Brainiac : adventures in the curious, competitive, compulsive world of trivia buffs. New York : Villard, c2006.

Ken Jennings chronicles his rise from anonymous computer programmer to record-winning “Jeopardy!” champion, describing how he learned the trivia needed to win the game and the impact his legendary run on the show has had on his life.

814 R00
Rooney, Andrew A. Out of my mind. New York : PublicAffairs, c2006.

In a collection of essays, “60 Minutes” anchor Andy Rooney shares his opinions about life, politics, religion, popular culture, and the world.

919.504 MON
Montgomery, Charles, 1968-. The Shark God : encounters with ghosts and ancestors in the South Pacific. 1st HarperCollins ed. New York : HarperCollins, [2006], c2004.

The author analyses and documents the people who had lived on the islands of Melanesia during the late nineteenth century, and chronicles the experiences of his great-grandfather, who was a missionary in the South Pacific.

920 GRA
Graham, Lawrence. The senator and the socialite : the true story of America’s first Black dynasty. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, c2006.

Graham provides a true accounting of the personal history of Blanche Kelso Bruce, who was born a slave in 1841 and eventually became a local Mississippi sheriff, amassed a real estate fortune, and became the first African-American to serve a full term as a U.S. Senator.

920 KOC
Koch, Stephen. The breaking point : Hemingway, Dos Passos, and the murder of José Robles. New York : Counterpoint, c2005.

Koch chronicles the friendship between John Dos Passos and Ernest Hemingway, describing how the friendship, and its eventual demise, impacted each man’s literary career.

920 MAK
Makdisi, Jean Said. Teta, mother, and me : three generations of Arab women. 1st American ed. New York : Norton, 2006.

Jean Said Makdisi recounts the experiences she, her mother, and grandmother had while coming of age in the Middle East.

920 TOL
Tolan, Sandy. The lemon tree : an Arab, a Jew, and the heart of the Middle East. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Bloomsbury : Distributed to the trade by Holtzbrinck, 2006.

Tolan traces the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the parallel stories of Dalia, a Jewish woman whose family of Holocaust survivors emigrated from Bulgaria, and Bashir, a young Palestinian man who returns to see his family home after the Six-Day War of 1967.

Crosby, David, 1941-. Since then : how I survived everything and lived to tell about it. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, c2006.

Folk musician David Crosby shares memories about his personal life and career, discussing such topics as his arrest record, family, health problems, political views, and much more.

Cross, Carlene. Fleeing fundamentalism : a minister’s wife examines faith. 1st ed. Chapel Hill, N.C. : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2006.

The author describes her indoctrination to the fundamentalist form of Christianity, tells of the path she took from teen devotee, to Bible college, to marriage, children, and life as a minister’s wife, and discusses the reasons why she left both her husband and the church.

Decker, Shawn. My pet virus : the true story of a rebel without a cure. New York : Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, c2006.

The true story of Shawn Decker, who was born with hemophilia and contracted the HIV virus at age eleven.

Peterson, Dale. Jane Goodall : the woman who redefined man. Boston, Mass. : Houghton Mifflin, 2006.

Dale Peterson chronicles the life of English primatologist Jane Goodall, discussing her work with chimpanzees in Tanzania and her significance in scientific history.

Hofmann, Corinne. The white Masai. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Amistad, [2006], c2005.

Corinne Hofmann relates the story of her relationship with Lketinga, a Masai warrior, her move to Africa, and the conflicts that arise between two entirely different cultures.

Lanpher, Katherine, 1959-. Leap days : chronicles of a midlife move. 1st ed. New York : Springboard Press, 2006.

A linked collection of essays in which Katherine Lanpher discusses her midlife move from the Midwestern city where she came of age, married, divorced, and worked for over twenty years, to a new job and very different life in New York City.

Fraser, Antonia, 1932-. Love and Louis XIV : the women in the life of the Sun King. New York : Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, 2006.

Antonia Fraser offers a biography of Louis XIV that focuses on his relationships with women, discussing his mother, wives, mistresses, liaisons, and children.

MacDonald, Michael Patrick. Easter rising : an Irish American coming up from under. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2006.

Author Michael Patrick MacDonald reflects on his childhood in South Boston, how he was different from his four siblings who died there, his move to New York, travels to Ireland, death of his father, and much more.

Marquart, Debra K. The horizontal world : growing up wild in the middle of nowhere. New York : Counterpoint, c2006.

Debra Marquart reflects on the dangerous beauty of the North Dakota landscape and the singular pull the state seems to have on its residents, describing her experiences living there as a child and why she always found herself yearning to return to North Dakota no matter where she was living.

Chilton, Bruce. Mary Magdalene : a biography. 1st ed. New York : Doubleday, c2005.

Biblical scholar Bruce Chilton draws from his interpretations of ancient texts to present a biographical portrait of Mary Magdelene, devoted companion to Jesus, and discusses why he believes her importance to the development of Christianity has been downplayed throughout history.

McGreevey, James E., 1957-. The confession. 1st ed. New York : Regan, c2006.

Governor James E. McGreevey of New Jersey chronicles his life, focusing on how his homosexuality impacted every aspect of his life and explaining why he chose to come out in August 2004.

Sgrena, Giuliana. Friendly fire : the remarkable story of a journalist kidnapped in Iraq, rescued by an Italian secret service agent, and shot by U.S. forces. Chicago : [S.l.] : Haymarket Books ; Distributed to the trade by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, 2006.

Sgrena presents the story of Giuliana Sgrena, the Italian journalist who was kidnapped in Iraq, rescued by the Italian secret service, and then fired upon by U.S. soldiers.

Masters, Brooke A. Spoiling for a fight : the rise of Eliot Spitzer. 1st ed. New York : Times Books : Holt, 2006.

Masters traces Eliot Spitzer’s rise through American politics, discussing his years as New York State attorney general, efforts to expose corporate wrongdoing, dreams of becoming governor, and other related topics.

MacPherson, Myra. “All governments lie” : the life and times of rebel journalist I. F. Stone. New York : Scribner, c2006.

This biography of journalist I.F. Stone, discussies his childhood, personal life, and career and writes about some of the most important events of the twentieth century.

Viesturs, Ed. No shortcuts to the top : climbing the world’s 14 highest peaks. 1st ed. New York : Broadway Books, c2006.

Mountaineer Ed Viesturs details some of his more intense climbs, and discusses how his personal beliefs and camaraderie with other climbers help him with his efforts. Includes photographs.

Newton, Jim, 1963-. Justice for all : Earl Warren and the nation he made. New York : Riverhead Books, 2006.

Newton examines the personal and professional life of Earl Warren, chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1953 to 1969, discussing his role in some of the key political moments of American history, including the outlawing of public school segregation, and the investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Carlin, Peter Ames. Catch a wave : the rise, fall, & redemption of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson. [Emmaus, Pa.] : [S.l.] : Rodale ; Distributed to the trade by Holtzbrinck Publishers, c2006.

Carlin chronicles the life of musician Brian Wilson, examining his and his brothers’ relationship with their father; the Beach Boys’ rise to fame; and his struggle with mental illness.

Wozniak, Steve, 1950-. iWoz : computer geek to cult icon : how I invented the personal computer, co-founded Apple, and had fun doing it. 1st ed. New York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2006.

Steve Wozniak, the engineer who developed the first true personal computer, and went on to co-found the Apple Computer company, shares the story of his life, discussing not only his accomplishments as an inventor, but his adventures as a prankster, concert promoter, teacher, and philanthropist.

940.53 KAT
Katin, Miriam. We are on our own : a memoir. 1st hardcover ed. Montreal, Quebec : New York : Drawn & Quarterly ; Distributed in the USA and abroad by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006.

A graphic novel in which the author depicts how she and her mother escaped Nazi persecution by faking their deaths and fleeing Budapest for the countryside after the Nazis occupied the city.

945 DEB
De Blasi, Marlena. The lady in the palazzo : at home in Umbria. 1st ed. Chapel Hill, NC : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2006.

The latest gastronomic adventure from the author of A Thousand Days in Venice brings to life an Italian culture steeped in culinary tradition and social eccentricity. De Blasi’s narrative focuses on the city of Orvieto, a city “built on wine” in Italy’s Umbria, where she and her husband, Fernando, search for a home and find one: a former ballroom in a 15th-century palazzo. Her exploration of her new life in Orvieto is meal-centered, showing us mouth-watering community feasts and fascinating culinary traditions. Did you know that polenta should only be stirred clockwise? She also depicts quirky characters who help pass the time between espressos and the construction in the author’s home. Recipes are included, so in the end, de Blasi’s Umbria may or may not be a place you need to visit, but, thanks to this book, it will already be a place that you have “tasted” and “seen.” Library Journal.

956.04 CAR
Carter, Jimmy, 1924-. Palestine peace not apartheid. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2006.

The challenge of attaining peace between Israel and Palestine is of great concern to governments around the world. Most recently, President George W. Bush has been struggling with the situation. Now, former President Jimmy Carter shares his intimate knowledge of the history of the Middle East and addresses sensitive political issues many American officials shy from. Pulling no punches, he prescribes steps that must be taken for the two states to share the Holy Land without a system of apartheid or the constant fear of terrorism.

958.104 BEG
Begg, Moazzam. Enemy combatant : my imprisonment at Guantánamo,
Bagram, and Kandahar. New York : New Press : Distributed by W. W. Norton, 2006.

Moazzam Begg, a British Muslim, tells about the years he was held at Guantanamo Bay by the United States government, detailing his arrest, interrogations, solitary confinement, and other incidents that occurred during his imprisonment.

967.1803 ROB
Roberts, Adam. The Wonga coup : guns, thugs, and a ruthless determination to create mayhem in an oil-rich corner of Africa. 1st ed. New York : Public Affairs, c2006.

Adam Roberts recounts a plot to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea, a tiny African nation, in 2004, describing the questionable actions of the nation’s president and the country’s link to the U.S.

973.931 PAL
Palast, Greg. Armed madhouse : who’s afraid of Osama Wolf?, China floats, Bush sinks, the scheme to steal ‘08, no child’s behind left, and other dispatches from the front lines of the class war. New York : Dutton, c2006.

The author draws on his work as a BBC undercover journalist to discuss such topics as the War on Terror, the Republican agenda for the 2008 election, and media practices that are keeping the Bush Administration’s practices from getting reported by the mass media.

976.3 HOR
Horne, Jed, 1948-. Breach of faith : Hurricane Katrina and the near death of a great American city. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2006.

Author Horne chronicles the devastating impact Hurricane Katrina had on the city of New Orleans, describing the experiences of the city’s residents who were forced to endure dangerous conditions as the city’s leaders struggled to maintain order and begin the enormous rebuilding process.

976.3 MCQ
McQuaid, John. Path of destruction : the devastation of New Orleans and the coming age of superstorms. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown, 2006.

The author offers a comprehensive account of Hurricane Katrina and its devastating impact on the city of New Orleans, describing how the storm destroyed the city and revealed serious flaws in the government’s emergency response system and drawing on scientific research to explain why other equally destructive storms will happen in the future.

Please note: Some of the book descriptions have been excerpted from Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. They are most often based on Publisher's descriptions. Sources such as Booklist, the New York Times Book Reviews, Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus and others are specifically identified.