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New books & media for June 07


Ibrahim Abdel Megid Distant train : a novel. Syracuse : Syracuse University Press, 2007.

This fable from Egyptian novelist Megid, winner of the prestigious Naguib Mahfouz award, is more a combination of interconnected stories than a single narrative, but its characters are united in their yearning for the “distant train” - at once real and metaphorical.

Amick, Steve. The lake, the river & the other lake : a novel. 1st Anchor Books ed. New York : Anchor Books, 2006.

It is the summer of 2001, Roger Drinkwater, a ’Nam vet, an Ojibwe Indian, and lifelong resident of the resort town of Weneshkeen, nestled along Michigan’s Gold Coast, is plotting extra-legal revenge against the “idiot boy” jet-skiers polluting his beloved lake, even as he’s pursuing Janey Struska, the take-no-guff deputy sheriff. Meanwhile, Mark Starkey, a summer kid from downstate, stumbles into a danger-laced romance with the sexiest rich girl in town; the old-guard cherry farmer “Von” vonBushberger struggles with the legacy of his rapidly changing family; and the town’s retired reverend discovers the Internet in the aftermath of his wife’s death and finds a new friend in his computer tutor, Kimmy, a teenager who is having a challenging summer of her own. These lives intertwine in surprising ways as the summer blooms, becoming a season of crises both actual and averted, and of rewarding human connection. Finally, ‘The Lake, the River & the Other Lake’ is a moving testament to the homegrown Midwestern view that most people, when really pressed, will do the right thing.

Baldacci, David. Simple genius. 1st ed. New York : Warner Books, 2007.
Former Secret Service agents Sean King and Michelle Maxwell have reached a crisis in their relationship in this less than compelling Washington political thriller from bestseller Baldacci. When Maxwell instigates a fight with the most intimidating bruiser she could find at a local bar and lets herself be beaten unconscious, despite her superior fighting skills, her partner suggests she voluntarily commit herself to a psychiatric facility. While Maxwell reluctantly undergoes treatment to find the childhood roots of her death wish, King probes the suicide of a scientist found on the grounds of Virginia’s Camp Peary, a mysterious CIA facility. Publisher’s Weekly.

Berg, Elizabeth. Dream when you’re feeling blue : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Random House, 2007.

Set in the time of World War II, readers are introduced to the Heaney sisters, the eldest of six children of Irish parents. With sisters Kitty and Louise’s men off fighting the war, Tish enlists their help in writing to soldiers through the USO club. Through these exchanged letters, readers see love and war through the eyes of the young men who went away, and the evolution of something that will surprise Kitty and change the family’s life forever.

Binchy, Maeve. Whitethorn Woods. Waterville, Me. : Thorndike Press, 2007.
When a new highway threatens to bypass the town of Rossmore and cut through Whitethorn Woods, everyone has an opinion about whether the town will benefit or suffer. Father Flynn is most concerned with the fate of St. Ann’s Well, which is set at the edge of the woods. Not knowing which faction to favor, he listens to all those caught up in the conflict, and these are the voices we hear in the stories of Whitethorn Woods—men and women deciding between the traditions of the past and the promises of the future.

Box, C. J. Free fire. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2007.

Joe Pickett, having been fired from his job as a game warden, is working on his father-in-law’s ranch when he receives a special request from the Governor that he can’t refuse. Governor Rubin wants Joe to investigate a case in which an attorney has been accused of murdering four campers in Yellowstone National Park. With the promise of being reinstated as game warden, Joe and his partner, Nate Romanowski, set off for the beauty and danger of Yellowstone and find something even more dangerous.

Brown, Dale, 1956-. Strike force. New York : W. Morrow, 2007.

Brown takes the subject of his latest from current headlines: the rapprochement between Iran and Russia (the former wants to secure nuclear technology, the latter a new foothold in the Middle East). The emergence of an Iranian nuclear arsenal sets off a crisis which the usual high-tech weaponry and clean-cut American flyboys (and now girls) deal with as effectively as ever in Brown’s fictional world. The author presents his Iranian characters as more than cardboard villains, showing the influence of Islamic culture on their motivations. Of course, Brown also provides plenty of fast action and exotic hardware, like the XR-A9 space plane, plus such touches as a U.S. president who wants to make a space flight.

Butcher, Jim, 1971-. Storm front. New York : ROC : New American Library, 2000.
Harry Dresden is the best at what he does. Well, technically, he’s the only at what he does. So when the Chicago P.D. has a case that transcends mortal creativity or capability, they come to him for answers. For the “everyday” world is actually full of strange and magical things—and most of them don’t play too well with humans. That’s where Harry comes in. Takes a wizard to catch a—well, whatever.

Cherryh, C. J. Deliverer. New York, NY : DAW Books, Inc., 2007.

At the start of the stirring ninth entry in Cherryh’s much praised Foreigner series, the atevi ruler Tabini has thwarted an attempt to overthrow him, though the usurper, Murini, has not yet been captured. Things appear to have settled back into routine, except for the hijinks of Cajeiri, Tabini’s young heir, who has grown used to the liberties allowed a human child but not the heir to atevi rule. Then Cajeiri disappears and a troublesome Eastern lord is suspected of kidnapping him. Murini may also be involved. Human translator and diplomat Bren Cameron, along with the elderly but indomitable atevi matriarch Ilisidi and their deadly servants from the Assassins’ Guild, must set off cross country in the dead of winter to attempt a rescue, while Cajeiri must prove that he is indeed worthy to be Tabini’s heir.

Coben, Harlan, 1962-. The woods. New York : Dutton, 2007.

Twenty years ago, four teenagers at summer camp walked into the woods at night. Two were found murdered, and the others were never seen again. Four families had their lives changed forever. Now, two decades later, they are about to change again. For county prosecutor Paul Copeland, mourning the loss of his sister has only recently begun to subside. Balancing family life and a rapidly ascending career distracts him from his past traumas, but only for so long. When a homicide victim is found with evidence linking him to Cope, the well-buried family secrets are threatened. Is this victim one of the campers who disappeared with his sister? Could his sister be alive? Cope has to confront so much he left behind that summer—he must decide what is better left hidden in the dark and what truths can be brought to the light.—From publisher description.

Connelly, Michael. The overlook : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown, 2007.

The story centers around the idea that radioactive cesium stolen from a doctor might lead to terrorism.

Crater, Theresa, 1950-. Under the stone paw : a novel. Charlottesville, VA : Hampton Roads Pub. Co., 2006.

“When a secret family history is uncovered, Anne Le Clair finds herself at the center of an attempt to open a gateway to the knowledge of the galaxy before a shadowy consortium can claim the power for themselves”—Provided by publisher.

Crowley, John, 1942-. Endless things : a part of Ægypt. 1st ed.

Northampton, MA : Small Beer Press : Distributed to the trade by Consortium, 2007.
This is the fourth novel-and much-anticipated conclusion-of John Crowley's astonishing and lauded Aegypt sequence: a dense, lyrical meditation on history, alchemy, and memory. Spanning three centuries, and weaving together the stories of Renaissance magician John Dee, philosopher Giordano Bruno, and present-day itinerant historian and writer Pierce Moffitt, the Aegypt sequence is as richly significant as Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet or Anthony Powell's Dance to the Music of Time. Crowley, a master prose stylist, explores transformations physical, magical, alchemical, and personal in this epic, distinctly American novel where the past, present, and future reflect each other.

Dickey, Eric Jerome. Sleeping with strangers. New York : Dutton, 2007.

While trying to settle a personal vendetta in London and having affairs with three different women, African-American hitman Gideon worries that he may be the target of another contract killer who is seeking revenge for the death of the famous rapper Big Bad Wolf.

Dietrich, William, 1951-. Napoleon’s pyramids : a novel. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, 2007.

Expatriate American Ethan Gage wins an ancient and mysterious medallion in a card game that may hold the secrets of the pyramids, but must flee for his life when he is framed for a murder and forced to accompany Napoleon Bonaparte on his quest to conquer Egypt.

Drabble, Margaret, 1939-. The sea lady : a late romance. 1st U.S. ed. Orlando, Fla. : Harcourt, 2006.

Feminist scholar and television pundit Ailsa Kelman and marine biologist Humphrey Clark, once childhood friends who have not seen each other since a brief, disastrous marriage in the 1960s, head back to the scene of their happy youth to attend an awards ceremony and find they have unresolved feelings for each other.

Eriksson, Kjell, 1953-. The cruel stars of the night. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, 2007.

Laura Hindersten, 35, has reported her father, a local professor, missing. Police Inspector Ann Lindell investigates only to find the body of another man. When a second old man’s body is found, Lindell searches for a connection between the two cases. She soon realizes that a deranged killer may be closer than she thinks.

Flanagan, Richard, 1961-. The unknown terrorist. New York : Grove Press, 2006.

Gina Davies, a.k.a. the Doll, already leads a life in the margins. A pole dancer at the Chairman’s Lounge, she’s learned to embrace life’s disappointments, socking away hundred-dollar bills in a hole in her bedroom ceiling while allowing herself one dream: to buy her own home one day. A chance meeting with a handsome surfer leads to a night of drug-infused sex. When the Doll wakes up, her shot at a “normal” life has disappeared, along with her lover whose face can be seen all over the news, a suspected al Qaeda terrorist. The Doll is wanted for questioning, and soon the media and government propaganda machine is spinning lies about every aspect of her existence, sending her up as Australia’s first domestic terrorist.

Folsom, Allan. The Machiavelli covenant. 1st ed. New York : Forge, 2007, 2006.
Former Los Angeles detective Nicholas Martin begins to investigate the deaths of his ex-girlfriend and her child and husband and uncovers a secret organization established in the sixteenth century that is involved with weapons of mass destruction, assassinations of world leaders, and genocide.

Fraser, Anthea. Rogue in porcelain. Sutton : Severn House Paperbacks, 2007.

Writing an article on old family businesses, Rona Parish contacts Curzon, local manufacturers of fine bone china, when she learns they’re launching a spectacular new line. Little does she realize that she will directly precipitate a terrible tragedy, a tragedy whose roots stretch back to George Curzon, son of the firm’s founder and known to his contemporaries as ‘The Rogue in Porcelain’.

Gallagher, Nora, 1949-. Changing light. 1st ed. New York : Pantheon Books, 2007.

Eleanor, a successful painter, has relocated to New Mexico to escape a crumbling marriage. While walking by the river she meets Leo Kavan, who has gone AWOL from the Los Alamos project. As their past lives fold into their present they fall in love. Eleanor finally learns Leo’s true identity and of the situation he’s in.

Gordon, Alan (Alan R.). The lark’s lament. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2007.

A family of medieval Fools must solve a murder to protect their Guild from the Pope’s wrath. (From Kirkus Reviews, edited).

Gruber, Michael, 1940-. The book of air and shadows. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, 2007.

Intellectual property lawyer Jake Mishkin and bookstore employee Albert Crosetti discover a Jacobean document that suggests the existence of an unknown Shakespeare play, and realize their lives are in danger when the Shakespearean scholar they are working with is murdered.

Haddam, Jane, 1951-. Glass houses. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2007.

A serial killer has the people of Philadelphia living in fear. So, when Henry Tyder, an alcoholic, often homeless, albeit member of a socially prominent family, is arrested at the site of the most recent murder after being found covered in the victim’s blood, the populace breaths a sigh of relief. In spite of the fact that Tyder has confessed, his attorney doubts his guilt and asks Gregor Demarkian, a retired head of the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit, to look into the case.

Haig, Matt, 1975-. The dead fathers club. 1st American ed. New York : Viking, 2007, 2006.

Eleven-year-old Philip Noble finds himself with a dilemma on his hands when he is contacted by a ghost that claims to be his father and tells him he must kill his Uncle Alan—his dad’s supposed killer—sometime within the next ten weeks or doom dear old dad to an eternity of unrest.

Hart, Carolyn G. Set sail for murder. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, 2007.

When retired newspaper reporter Henrietta O’Dwyer Collins, Henrie O to her friends, receives a call for help, she discovers that love once kindled never burns to ashes. Although she refused Jimmy Lennox’s marriage proposal, there is still a special place for him in her heart. She wished him well when he found happiness with Sophia Montgomery, world-famous documentary filmmaker and stepmother to the now grown heirs of a great fortune. Sophia is at odds with the heirs, and Jimmy fears for her safety. He asks Henrie O to come along with the family on a Baltic cruise. Henrie O can’t turn down her old friend, though old passions are stirred when he calls.

Hearon, Shelby, 1931-. Year of the dog. 1st ed. Austin : University of Texas Press, 2007.

When her husband dumps her for an old girlfriend and sets all of Peachland, South Carolina, gossiping, Janey Daniels has to get away—far away—for a “sabbatical” year. She flees to Burlington, Vermont, home of Aunt May, her mother’s only living relative. There she adopts Beulah, a Labrador puppy in training to become a companion dog for the blind. Not for a moment does Janey suspect that this “year of the dog” will change her life forever.

Hirshberg, Glen. American morons : stories. 1st ed. Northborough, MA : Earthling Publications, 2006.

American morons—Like a lily in a flood—Flowers in their bridles, hooves in the air—Safety clowns—Devil’s smile -- Transitway—The muldoon. A collection of short fiction stories by Glen Hirshberg that explore the everyday losses that create vengeful ghosts.

Iggulden, Conn. Genghis : birth of an empire. New York : Delacorte Press, 2007.
Author of the bestselling Emperor series on the life of Julius Caesar, Iggulden turns to another of history’s great conquerors, Genghis Khan, for a new series of historical fiction. (From Publisher’s Weekly, edited).

Jordan, R. T. Remains to be scene : a Polly Pepper mystery. New York : Kensington Books, 2007.

Full of “Hollywood types” focused on success and willing to do anything to get it, Jordan’s comedic, name-dropping tale is full of snide comments and sniping at what has become the norm in the movie capital of the world.

Kerrigan, Gene. The midnight choir. New York : Europa Editions, 2007, 2006.

The current Irish economic and real estate boom forms the backdrop for the second novel from Irish journalist Kerrigan (after Little Criminals). Any smalltime hood with an entrepreneurial bent and a workable scam can quickly work himself into the ranks of the millionaires produced by the boom, forcing police departments all over the country to scramble to keep up. In Dublin, Det. Insp. Harry Synnot, a man with an acute sense of morality and justice, is working a rape and a jewelry store robbery, manipulating his snitch, Dixie Peyton, and being groomed for a job in the Serious Crime Department of Europol. Meanwhile in Galway, policeman Joe Mills is investigating a mysterious double murder, probably committed by a man he’s just rescued from a rooftop suicide attempt.

Kleypas, Lisa. It happened one autumn. New York : Avon Books, 2005.

Lillian Bowman is one of the four young ladies that enters London society in hopes of finding a man, and her American ways are disapproved of, especially by Marcus, Lord Westcliff. When Marcus grabs Lillian in the garden, she is smitten. Marcus is left wondering if Lillian is suitable to be his bride.

Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-. The good guy. New York : Bantam Books, 2007.

Timothy Carrier is sitting in a bar when the man next to him mistakes him for someone else and hands him an envelope with $10,000. The man leaves after handing Tim a photo of a woman marked for death and her address. Soon the killer arrives believing Tim is the one who wants to hire him.

Luckey, William A. The English horses : a western story. 1st ed. Waterville, Me. : Five Star, 2007.

Luckey’s 12th western is a lively horse opera set in 1889 New Mexico. Wealthy Englishman Gordon Meiklejon buys the giant L Slash ranch and proceeds to enclose it in barbed wire. His pasture-deprived neighbors are more than just unhappy; his biggest problems, however, are cattle rustler and horse thief Jack Holden (an outlaw and despoiler of young women) and mustanger Burn English.

Lutz, Lisa. The Spellman files. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2007.

While deciding if she should quit working for her family’s private investigation firm, Izzy Spellman copes with meddling parents, an alcoholic uncle, the disappearance of her younger sister, and her own problems with men and drinking.

McCall Smith, Alexander, [R. Alexander], 1948-. The good husband of Zebra Drive. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Pantheon Books, 2007.
Mme Ramotswe’s husband, J.L.B. Matekoni, has been hinting for some time now that he intends to do something special for their adopted daughter, Motholeli. Of course, his plans have a way of hitting a snag. That’s when he’s glad he married the ever-resourceful, ever understanding Precious Ramotswe.

McCall Smith, Alexander, [R. Alexander], 1948-. Love over Scotland : a 44 Scotland Street novel. Edinburgh : Polygon, 2006.

‘Love Over Scotland’ is the third in the series and revolves around the many characters that come and go at No. 44 Scotland Street: the stalwart Tory chartered surveyor, the pushy mother, most importantly in this novel, the Italian-speaking prodigy, Bertie.

Morrison, Toni. The bluest eye : a novel. 1st Vintage International ed. New York : Vintage International, Vintage Books, 2007.

An eleven-year-old African-American girl in Ohio, in the early 1940s, prays for her eyes to turn blue so that she will be beautiful.

Novik, Naomi. Black powder war. New York : Del Rey/Ballantine Books, 2006.

Captain Will Laurence and his dragon, Temeraire, are waylaid by a mysterious envoy bearing urgent orders for Britain that send them to the Ottoman Empire, where they must escort three valuable dragon eggs back to England.

Olsson, Linda. Astrid & Veronika. New York : Penguin Books, 2007.

With extraordinary emotional power, Linda Olsson’s stunningly well-crafted debut novel recounts the unusual and unexpected friendship that develops between two women. Veronika, a young writer, rents a house in a small Swedish village as she tries to come to terms with a recent tragedy while also finishing a novel. Her arrival is silently observed by Astrid, an older, reclusive neighbor who slowly becomes a presence in Veronika’s life, offering comfort in the form of companionship and lovingly prepared home-cooked meals. Set against a haunting Swedish landscape, Astrid & Veronika is a lyrical and meditative novel of love and loss, and a story that will remain with readers long after the characters’ secrets are revealed.

Patterson, James, 1947-. 6th target. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown, 2007.

A vicious attack on one of the members of the Women’s Murder Club leaves the woman fighting for her life, while the other members attempt to keep a madman behind bars. Meanwhile, Lindsay Boxer and her new partner in the San Francisco police department, are concerned about the rash of kidnappings of children and their nannies, for which there are no ransom demands. With the entire city on edge, Lindsay must make a choice she never dreamed she’d face.

Pérez-Reverte, Arturo. The sun over Breda. New York : Putnam’s, 2007.

Captain Alatriste rejoins his elite Cartagena regiment along with his aide, fifteen-year-old Inigo Balboa, in the battles and siege of Breda.

Perry, Anne. We shall not sleep : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Ballantine Books, 2007.

Chaplain Joseph Reavley and his sister Judith struggle to bring peace to the Western Front in the final days of World War I while their sibling, Matthew, brings startling news from a sinister ideologue who may undermine their efforts.

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth. Natural born charmer. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, 2007.

While on his way to his farmhouse, injured football star Dean Robillard picks up stranded portrait artist Blue Bailey, and together the two spend a summer trying to deny their attraction to each other and resolving personal issues.

Quick, Amanda. The river knows. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2007.

Anthony Stalbridge and Louisa Bryce are caught in a place they don’t belong in their search for secrets hidden by Elwin Hastings, a prominent member of society. Anthony grabs Louisa and kisses her, making it look like they’re two lovers in a dimly-lit hallway. Continuing their search, their instincts about Hastings are verified when they crack his safe, finding more than jewels and ledger books. Now, fighting a growing attraction for one another, they’re determined to bring Hastings to justice.

Restrepo, Laura. Delirium. New York : Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, 2007.

Lyrical, thought-provoking, and remarkably nuanced, Delirium is a masterful novel about a man’s attempt to discover the root of the madness that has overtaken the wife he so deeply loves.

Robards, Karen. Obsession. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2007.

Katharine Lawrence recovered consciousness on her kitchen floor. Or, was it her kitchen? Staring into a mirror following the attempt on her life, the 29-year-old special assistant to the head of the National Security Agency knows she’s lucky to be alive, but doesn’t know who she is. CIA Agent Nick Huston, investigating Katharine’s boss, has been assigned to keep an eye on Jenna Hill, the Katharine look-alike being used while the real Katharine Lawrence is being debriefed.

7 Nora Roberts Classics are now available in the Hidden Gems series!
These titles include:

Roberts, Nora. Rules of the game. New York : Silhouette Books, 1984.
Roberts, Nora. Treasures lost, treasures found. New York, NY : Silhouette Books, [2003], 1986.
Roberts, Nora. Once more with feeling. New York, NY : Silhouette Books, [2003], 1983.
Roberts, Nora. The law is a lady. New York, NY : Silhouette Books, [2003], 1984.
Roberts, Nora. The name of the game. New York, NY : Silhouette Books, [2003], 1988.
Roberts, Nora. Opposites attract. New York, NY : Silhouette Books, [2003], 1984.
Roberts, Nora. The heart’s victory. New York : Silhouette Books, [2005?], 1982.

Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor. Revenge of innocents. New York : Kensington Pub. Corp., 2007.

Looking down at her friend Veronica lying on the morgue table, California probation officer Carolyn Sullivan knows there’s no way Veronica would have killed herself, as others are saying. When she receives a threatening note to not delve into the case, she knows she’s right and that there’s a killer out there somewhere. Continuing to investigate, she learns things about her friend that the woman chose to keep hidden from others. She’s also growing closer to Veronica’s daughter. Meanwhile, the killer is coming closer, as well.

Sandford, John, 1944 Feb. 23-. Invisible prey. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2007.

Lucas Davenport has to wonder if there isn’t some other motive besides robbery behind the murder of two elderly women whose home was then ransacked. While it would make perfect sense to blame it on the act of someone looking for money to support their drug habit, the longer Lucas examines the case, the more a pattern begins to emerge that leads him to something he never expected. That in itself is bad, because the killers are expecting ‘him.’

Schwegel, Theresa. Probable cause. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2007, 2006.

Rookie officer Ray Weiss, a third generation cop in Chicago, is anxious to be accepted as one of the guys, so he reluctantly agrees when his senior partner tells him he must break into a local jewelry store as an initiation stunt, but everything goes wrong when he gets inside and discovers the owner has been murdered.

Sharpe, Matthew, 1962-. Jamestown : a novel. Brooklyn, NY : Soft Skull Press : Distributed by Publishers Group West, 2007.
‘Jamestown’ chronicles a group of “settlers” (more like survivors) from the ravaged island of Manhattan, departing just as the Chrysler Building has mysteriously plummeted to the earth. This ragged band is heading down what’s left of I-95 in a half-school bus, half-Millennium Falcon. Their goal is to establish an outpost in southern Virginia, find oil, and exploit the Indians controlling the area. Based on actual accounts of the Jamestown settlement from 1607 to 1617, Jamestown features historical characters including John Smith, Pocahontas, and others enacting an imaginative re-version of life in the pioneer colony. In this retelling, Pocahontas’s father Powhatan is half-Falstaff, half-Henry V, while his consigliere is a psychiatrist named Sidney Feingold. John Martin gradually loses body parts in a series of violent encounters, and John Smith is a ruthless and pragmatic redhead continually undermining the aristocratic leadership. Communication is by text-messaging, IMing, and, ultimately, telepathy. Punctuated by jokes, rhymes, “rim shot” dialogue, and bloody black-comic tableaux, Jamestown is a trenchant commentary on America’s past and present that confirms Matthew Sharpe’s status as a major talent in contemporary fiction.

Stott, Rebecca. Ghostwalk. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Spiegel & Grau, 2007.

When the body of a Cambridge historian is found floating in the river, the question arises as to whether her death had anything to do with the unfinished magnum opus on Sir Isaac Newton’s alchemy and the suspicious circumstances under which he gained the appointment. After Lydia Brooke steps in to finish the book, strange things begin happening in her home. Soon, the present is entangled with the 17th century, with Isaac Newton at the center of the mystery.

Thomas, Donald Serrell. The execution of Sherlock Holmes. 1st Pegasus Books ed. New York : Pegasus, 2007.

The execution of Sherlock Holmes—The case of the Greek key—The case of the Peasenhall murder—The case of the Phantom chambermaid—The queen of the night. Holmes and Watson are out of retirement and into another adventure in the third of the series. (From Library Journal).

Tóibín, Colm, 1955-. Mothers and sons : stories. New York : Scribner, 2007.

The use of reason—A song—The name of the game—Famous blue raincoat—A priest in the family -- A journey—Three friends—A summer job—A long winter. A collection of nine short stories by Colm Tóibin that explore the delicate balance of power between mothers and sons.

Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973. Narn i chin Hurin : the tale of the children of Hurin. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2007.

Presented for the first time as a fully continuous and stand-alone story, ‘The Children of Hurin’ reunites readers with Elves and Men, dragons and Dwarves, and the landscape and characters unique to Tolkien. It was something that Tolkien worked on throughout his life and never lived to see published, and now has been reconstructed by Christopher Tolkien to culminate a 30-year endeavor to bring his father’s body of unpublished work to his fans.

Tolstaia, Tat’iana, 1951 May 3-. White walls : collected stories. New York : New York Review Books, 2007.
Loves me, loves me not—Okkervil river—Sweet shura—On the golden porch—Hunting the wooly mammoth—The circle—A clean sheet—Fire and dust—Date with a bird—Sweet dreams, son—Sonya—The fakir—Peters—Sleepwalker in a fog—Serafim—The moon came out—Night—Heavenly flame—Most beloved—The poet and the muse—Limpopo—White walls—Yorick. Angels, imaginary friends, near-saints, shades and über-ogres fall to Earth among ordinary Russians and routinely succeed in whetting the imagination in this sparkling collection from Tolstoy’s great-grandniece, a longtime New Yorker fiction contributor. It includes her two previous story collections, ‘On the Golden Porch’ and ‘Sleepwalker in a Fog,’ along with more recent work.

Westlake, Donald E. What’s so funny? 1st ed. New York, NY : Warner Books, 2007.

Hapless crook John Dortmunder cares nothing about righting ancient wrongs or for the game of chess. He is however, interested in finding a highly valuable, 700-pound chess set which was said to have been a planned gift for the last Russian czar. As he reunites his merry band of crooks, the treasure hunt is troubled from the beginning. There are few leads, so Dortmunder turns to ex-cop Johnny Eppick for help.

White, Randy Wayne. Hunter’s moon. New York : Putnam’s, 2007.

Doc Ford, a marine biologist with links to the intelligence community, places his own life in jeopardy when he agrees to help Kal Wilson, an ex-president dying of a fatal illness, escape his security detail long enough to hunt down the people he believes responsible for the death of his wife in a plane crash that has officially been ruled an accident.

Willett, Marcia. Echoes of the dance. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Thomas Dunne Books, 2007.

In the mellow stone house of his childhood, Roly Carradine has found refuge in the stream running past the garden where a heron makes his nest. A broken marriage and a terrible burden of guilt made Roly remove himself from his busy London life; here in Cornwall he welcomes Kate, who also seeks refuge from the grief of losing her husband, and young Daisy Quin, a dancer recovering from a back injury. Roly’s son Nat, a garden designer with his own secret, lives not far away, and is plagued by the unsympathetic visits of his mother Monica, Roly’s ex-wife. Daisy, her burgeoning talent frustrated by her back problems, has been taken in by Mim, Roly’s sister and a brilliant ballerina until an accident forced her into early retirement. Living in Bath, Daisy thinks she has found love with the attractive schoolmaster in the nearby flat—but her dreams prove to be false ones.

Zeffer, Andy. Going down in La-La Land. New York : Southern Tier Editions, Harrington Park Press, 2006.
Going Down in La-La Land is a candid, sexy, and outrageously funny look at what an actor can-and will-do to survive in Hollywood. Young, ambitious, and gay, Adam Zeller arrives from New York with the looks and talent to become a star but soon finds himself lost in a seamy (and steamy) underworld of gay porn and male prostitution, dealing with down-and-out directors, washed up starlets, crystal meth addicts, and the pretty boy Hollywood "A" list.

Pierce, Bethany, 1983-. Feeling for bones. Chicago : Moody Publishers, 2007.
Pressurized family dynamics and a dysfunctional church experience force 16-year-old Olivia to seek her own reality. Hounded by the distorted reflections of mirrors, car doors, and shop windows, she sets things in order by papering her bedroom wall with glossy clippings from glamour magazines. . .Olivia’s baggy clothes and exhaustive calorie scrutiny can’t cover up the fact that she is allowing her body to wither away. . .This novel opens a window to the thought processes and struggles of teen and college-aged women who struggle with eating disorders. Young women will find a friend who thinks like they do and mothers will find a compatriot in the battle to help their daughters deal with body image. (From the publisher, edited).


005.4 THO
Thomas, Keir. Beginning Ubuntu Linux. 2nd ed. Berkeley, CA : New York : Apress ; Distributed to the Book trade worldwide by Springer-Verlag New York, 2007.

A guide to Ubuntu Linux covers such topics as installation, hardware components, the BASH shell, multimedia, office tasks, software installation and removal, and data backup.

005.7 TIT
Tittel, Ed. HTML 4 for dummies. 3rd ed. Foster City, CA : IDG Books Worldwide, 2000.
This friendly guide delivers the most recent updates to HTML tags and scripting so you can start publishing Web-savvy documents -- fast! Whether you want to create simple or complex Web pages, these easy-to-follow explanations will help you plan your content and carry your concept through to get the results you want.

032 GUI
Guinness World Records, 2007. Bantam ed., Rev. American ed. New York : Bantam Books, 2007.
Presents the biggests, smallests, fastests, longests, and other world records in such categories as the human body, human achievement, life on Earth, engineering, science and technology, arts and media, and sports and games.

155.2 TIE
Tieger, Paul D. Do what you are : discover the perfect career for you through the secrets of personality type. 4th ed. New York : Little, Brown, 2007.

Presents a step-by-step guide for determining personality types in order to customize job searches, and includes a number of case studies and simple exercises.

200.71 PRO
Prothero, Stephen R. Religious literacy : what every American needs to know and doesn’t. 1st ed. [San Francisco] : HarperSanFrancisco, 2007.

Explores the author’s belief that religion should become a mandatory subject in American public schools maintaining that major domestic and foreign challenges can be better addressed with faith-based resolutions.

297 HIR
Hirsi Ali, Ayaan, 1967-. The caged virgin : an emancipation proclamation for women and Islam. First Free Press ed. New York : Free Press, 2006.
Dutch parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an activist for the rights of women and against religious fundamentalism who was raised Muslim in Somalia, discusses the treatment of women in Islamic countries, freedom, domestic violence, and Western governments’ relations with countries in which genital mutilation and forced marriages of minors are practiced, and provides practical advice for women who want to leave Islamic countries.

303.3 GOL
Goldberg, Bernard, 1945-. Crazies to the left of me, wimps to the right : how one side lost its mind and the other lost its nerve. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, 2007.

Bernard Goldberg argues that American politics is at risk from fanatics on both sides of the political divide and offers advice on how Americans can reclaim their government and start making wise decisions about the country’s future.

303.3 IAC
Iacocca, Lee A. Where have all the leaders gone? 1st Scribner hardcover ed. New York : Scribner, 2007.

Where have all the leaders gone? -- Had enough? -- People and priorities : its that simple—Can you show me where it’s working? --Aren’t we supposed to be the good guys? -- How much do we love democracy? -- Where have all our friends gone? -- Will the real leader of the free world please stand up? -- Meet the coalition of the unwilling—What will we do for oil? Free trade must be fair trade—Don’t fence me in - or out—Is capitalism letting us down? -- Where does all the money go? -- Will we ever trust Corporate America again? -- Chrysler’s lesson : resist the urge to merge—Can anyone around here run a car company? -- Who will save the middle class? -- The blame game is killing us—Can America be great again? -- Are we too fat and satisfied for our own good? -- Bring back brain power—Three men who taught me how to lead—Get off the golf course and do something—2008: a call to action. Auto executive Lee Iacocca examines the difficult questions today’s political leaders are failing to address and offers his own thoughts on how the country can be improved.

305.24 CRO
Croker, Richard, 1946-. The boomer century, 1946-2046 : how America’s most influential generation changed everything. 1st ed. New York : Springboard Press, 2007.

The Baby Boom generation has always been known as a demographic anomaly and these 77 million Americans have dominated our society for the past 60 years, setting trends and revolutionizing entire industries. They didn’t just date, they transformed sex roles and practices. They didn’t just go to the doctor, they reinvented healthcare. And now retirement and aging will never be the same as the oldest boomers move into their 60s with no thoughts of traditional retirement or old-age homes! Featuring insightful interviews and essays from Baby Boomers like Dr. Andrew Weill, Erica Jong, Eve Ensler, Rob Reiner, Alvin Toffler, Lester Thurow, and Tony Snow.

320.52 BOO
Boortz, Neal. Sombody’s gotta say it. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, 2007.

Talk radio host Neal Boortz shares his somewhat controversial opinions on a wide range of topics related to politics, pop culture, and American society in the twenty-first century.

327.73 BRZ
Brzezinski, Zbigniew. Second chance : three presidents and the crisis of American superpower. New York : Basic Books, 2007.
Brzezinski provides a critical analysis of the leadership styles and performance of Presidents George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush; and maintains that America has lost a great deal of its power and prestige over the past two decades.

332.660944 COH
Cohan, William D. The last tycoons : the secret history of Lazard Frères & Co. 1st ed. New York : Doubleday, 2007.
A former investigative reporter who has also done time on Wall Street (including six years at Lazard Frères) explains how the seemingly indestructible Lazard hit the skids. (From Library Journal).

333.78 BLE
Blehm, Eric. The last season. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollinsPublishers, 2006.

Chronicles the life of backcounty ranger Randy Morgenson, focusing on his years in the wilderness, career as a National Park Service ranger, solitary life, mysterious disappearance in California’s Sierra Nevada, and other related topics.

355.3 SCA
Scahill, Jeremy. Blackwater : the rise of the world’s most powerful mercenary army. New York : [S.l.] : Nation Books ; Distributed by Publishers Group West, 2007.

Examines the history and actions of Blackwater USA, a private mercenary army hired by the United States to carry out missions all over the world; focusing on the firm’s role in the War on Terrorism.

363.7 KER
Kerry, John, 1943-. This moment on Earth : today’s new environmentalists and their vision for the future. 1st ed. New York : BBS/PublicAffairs, 2007.

Examines the environmental crisis facing everyone on Earth, profiles men and women trying to stop the crisis and protect the environment, and identifies practical, simple steps people can take to lessen their impact on the world around them.

363.7 STE
Steinman, David. Safe trip to Eden : 10 steps to save planet Earth from the global warming meltdown. New York : [Berkeley, Calif.] : Thunder’s Mouth Press ; Distributed by Publishers Group West, 2007.

The author presents a comprehensive analysis of the effects of global warming and climate changes that he maintains pose a greater threat to the planet than the war on terror.

371.102 CLA
Clark, Ron, 1971-. The essential 55 : an award-winning educator’s rules for discovering the successful student in every child. 1st ed. New York : Hyperion, 2003.

Ron Clark shares fifty-five ideas that can help educators uncover the potential in every student.

392.1 KOR
Korn, Fadumo, 1964-. Born in the big rains : a memoir of Somalia and survival. New York : Feminist Press at the City University of New York, 2006.

A nomad’s life—In Mogadishu—In Germany. Fadumo Korn recalls her experiences after undergoing female genital mutilation at the age of seven, a common ritual in her Somali tribe, discusses the complications that led her to Mogadishu, Rome, and Germany where she had reconstructive surgery, and urges anti-FGM activists to be sensitive to traditional practices.

509 GRI
Gribbin, John R. The fellowship : Gilbert, Bacon, Harvey, Wren, Newton, and the story of a scientific revolution. Woodstock, NY : Overlook Press, 2007, 2005.

John Gribbin examines the lives and obsessions of the men associated with the scientific revolution and the birth of the Royal Society in seventeenth-century England including William Gilbert, Francis Bacon, William Harvey, Christopher Wren, and Isaac Newton.

616 GAW
Gawande, Atul. Better : a surgeon’s notes on performance. 1st ed. New York : Metropolitan Books/Holt, 2007.

Dr. Atul Gawande explores how doctors struggle to achieve optimum performance in the face of obstacles, recounting true stories of doctors trying to do right by their patients in the face of insurmountable challenges and conditions.

641.0973 KIN
Kingsolver, Barbara. Animal, vegetable, miracle : a year of food life. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, 2007.

Novelist Barbara Kingsolver once wrote, “If we can’t, as artists, improve on real life, we should put down our pencils and go bake bread.” In Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, she manages to do both, applying her literary skills to a new food environment. In her seamless diary narrative, Kingsolver tells how she and her family relocated to southern Appalachia after suffering through years of drought in Arizona. The purpose of the move was simple: The Kingsolvers sought to “live in a place that could feed us” by growing their own food and living among a community of local organic growers.

646.7 ASL
Aslett, Don, 1935-. Clutter’s last stand : it’s time to de-junk your life! 2nd ed. Avon, MA : Adams Media, 2005.

Okay, I’ll confess first -- 101 feeble excuses for hanging on to clutter—Committing junkicide—The economy of clutter—Home sweet home-- (full of junk!) -- Those personal treasures—might some be clutter? -- Taming the paper tiger and other dejunking adventures—Dress less for success (so your clothes don’t wear you out) -- Junk on wheels (some junk—drives you mad) -- Junk danger zones—You can take it with you (clutter!) -- Getting off the excess express—There is a solution to clutter—Judging junk—How to leave it and love it (clutter!) -- Clutter’s last stand. Presents humorous guidance for eliminating and preventing clutter, covering such topics as papers, mementos, clothing, car clutter, and “junk rooms,” as well as unwanted friendships.

648 ASL
Aslett, Don, 1935-. Help! around the house : a mother’s guide to getting the family to pitch in and clean up. Avon, Mass. : Adams Media, 2006.

With this guide you no longer have to spend all your time and energy cleaning house and picking up after the kids. This homecare book outlines specific strategies for involving the family in keeping your home clean and clutter to a minimum.

648 ASL
Aslett, Don, 1935-. Do I dust or vacuum first? : answers to the 100 toughest, most frequently asked questions about housecleaning. 2nd ed. Avon, Mass. : Adams Media, 2005.
Answers to the 100 questions asked most often in the author’s housecleaning seminars and by mail.

648 ASL
Aslett, Don, 1935-. Done! 2nd ed. Avon, MA : Adams Media, 2005.

Forget “todo” lists. All they do, says multitasker extraordinaire Don Aslett, is remind you of all you have to do they don’t help you get anything DONE! Don, a selfmade millionaire entrepreneur who’s founded several successful businesses, written more than a dozen bestselling books, raised five kids, and still vacations in Hawaii every year, knows how to get the most done in the least amount of time. In DONE!, Don reveals the secrets behind his time management philosophy.

796.357 MCI
McIntosh, Ned. Managing Little League baseball. Rev. ed. Chicago : Contemporary Books, 2000.

Presents a guide to coaching Little League baseball, including advice on helping teach the fundamentals of the game, covering rules, hitting, baserunning, defense, and pitching, with additional information on motivation, strategy, and handling competitive pressure.

811 HAD
Hadas, Rachel. Laws : poems. 1st ed. Lincoln, Neb. : Zoo Press : Distributed to the trade by The University of Nebraska Press, 2004.

Laws is a capacious collection by one of America’s most renowned poets.

813 PAR
Paretsky, Sara. Writing in an age of silence. London ; New York : Verso, 2007.

In this brief, potent memoir, bestselling novelist Paretsky (Fire Sale) proves as sharp and straight shooting as V.I. Warshawski, the female private investigator she’s made famous in 12 novels. Carefully sketching her conjoined lives as an artist and activist who cut her political teeth on the civil rights and feminist movements of the 1960s, she paints a moving portrait of herself as an engaged intellectual looking to make a substantive and life-affirming mark on society. (From Publishers Weekly).

823 WIN
Winder, Simon. The man who saved Britain : a personal journey into the disturbing world of James Bond. 1st American ed. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006.
Simon Winder presents a comprehensive study of the character of James Bond by author Ian Fleming in the context of post-World War II England, describing its influence on British attitudes and behaviors.

839 BER
Berliner, Yizhak, 1899-1957. City of palaces : poems. Basking Ridge, NJ : Jacoby Press, 1996.

A collection of poems by Isaac Berliner, with illustrations by Diego Rivera.

920 CHE
Cheever, Susan. American Bloomsbury : Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Henry David Thoreau : their lives, their loves, their work. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2006.

Cheever offers a revealing look at the tumultuous, often scandalous lives of five of the greatest authors in nineteenth-century American literature.

Alther, Lisa. Kinfolks : falling off the family tree : the search for my Melungeon ancestors. 1st ed. New York : [S.l.] : Arcade Pub. ; Distributed by Hachette Book Group USA, 2007.

Lisa Alther chronicles her quest to discover the truth about the Melungeons, a group of six-fingered men and women who hid in cliff caves outside of town in the years following the Civil War, who were linked to Alther’s own family history.

921 BYER
Byer, Heather. Sweet : an eight-ball odyssey. New York : Riverhead Books, 2007.

In ‘Sweet,’ Byer recounts her first fumbling attempts to learn a game that beckoned to her for years. She describes the hypnotic pull that surrounds the sport of pool: the netherworld of bars that serve as dens for substance abuse; the troubled players who lose themselves in the game; the constant quest for the win. As her game improves, she finds her persona changing, becoming less verbal and analytical and more intuitive and physical as she meets a series of people who leave lasting impressions: a lanky, country-boy pool instructor; a good-hearted lawyer with a drinking problem; a strange South American bank-shot specialist; a hot-tempered woman with a nose-ring and an endless supply of sex appeal; mentors and hustlers; friends and lovers. As she moves through this beguiling, sometimes treacherous subculture, Byer vividly describes her progress and mishaps on the tables. Ultimately, the humiliating losses and exhilarating wins - both in the pool bars and her personal life - alter how she thinks of the game and herself.

Isaacson, Walter. Einstein : his life and universe. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2007.
Einstein’s brain and Einstein’s mind. The first full biography of Albert Einstein since all of his papers have become available shows how his scientific imagination sprang from the rebellious nature of his personality. Biographer Isaacson explores how an imaginative, impertinent patent clerk—a struggling father in a difficult marriage who couldn’t get a teaching job or a doctorate—became the locksmith of the mysteries of the atom and the universe. His success came from questioning conventional wisdom and marveling at mysteries that struck others as mundane. This led him to embrace a morality and politics based on respect for free minds, free spirits, and free individuals. These traits are just as vital for this new century of globalization, in which our success will depend on our creativity, as they were for the beginning of the last century, when Einstein helped usher in the modern age.—From publisher description.

Foley, Mick. The hardcore diaries. New York : Pocket Books/World Wrestling Entertainment Books, 2007.

Three-time WWE champion Mick Foley knows about the hard-knocks world of pro wrestling, and he has the scars to prove it. . .his Hardcore Diaries presents this challenging sport in all its excitement and violence. (From Amazon.com).

Tammet, Daniel, 1979-. Born on a blue day : inside the extraordinary mind of an autistic savant. 1st Free Press ed. New York : Free Press, 2007, 2006.

Daniel Tammet, an autistic savant, offers an inside look at his life, describing how his rare condition, which gives him incredible mental powers and a compulsive need for order and routine, has influenced every aspect of his life and what challenges he has faced while trying to be independent.

Woodruff, Lee. In an instant : a family’s journey of love and healing. 1st ed. New York : Random House, 2007.

Lee and Bob Woodruff share the story of their life together and tell of their experiences after Bob suffered a critical head injury in an attack while covering the war in Iraq for ABC News.

956.7044 CLA
Clancy, Tom, 1947-. Into the storm : a study in command. 2nd Berkley trade paperback ed. New York, N.Y. : Berkley Publishing Group, 2007.

Having conquered the best sellers lists in both the fiction and nonfiction arenas, Clancy now offers the first in a series of historical accounts of American military leaders in times of war. His first target: the Gulf War. (From Library Journal).

956.7044 KOP
Kopelman, Jay. From Baghdad, with love : a Marine, the war, and a dog named Lava. Guilford, CT : The Lyons Press, 2006.

During a tour of duty in Iraq, Marine Lt. Col. Jay Kopelman suffered the emotional ravages common to those involved in the bloody battle for Fallujah. Then amidst the pockmarked buildings, with the words ‘Jihad, Jihad, Jihad’ plastered on every wall still standing, he and a group of brother Marines found a puppy. Breaking strict military rules forbidding pets, Kopelman and his comrades adopted the dog which he named Lava and eventually smuggled out of Iraq. It’s a touching story of hope in the face of war.

972.904 TAL
Talty, Stephan. Empire of blue water : Captain Morgan’s great pirate army, the epic battle for the Americas, and the catastrophe that ended the outlaws’ bloody reign. 1st ed. New York : Crown, 2007.

Stephan Talty chronicles the adventures of seventeenth-century privateer Captain Henry Morgan and his crew as they traveled through the Caribbean raiding ports and attacking Spanish ships in the name of England.

973.7 MAN
Manning, Chandra. What this cruel war was over : soldiers, slavery, and the Civil War. 1st ed. New York : Knopf, 2007.

The author presents a comprehensive account of how both Union and Confederate soldiers felt about the Civil War, how many on both sides eventually identified slavery as the root cause, and how the conflict changed the fabric of the nation.

973.931 BRA
Bradley, Bill, 1943-. The new American story. New York : Random House, 2007.
Bill Bradley shares his analysis of the state of America in the twenty-first century, exploring why the government is failing to protect the American people and their way of life and offering his suggestions for improving the country.


CD 305.48 ROD
Rodriguez, Deborah. Kabul Beauty School : an American woman goes behind the veil. [Ashland, Oregon : Blackstone Audio, 2007.

Read by Bernadette Dunne. With warmthand humor, Rodriguez details the lushness of a seemingly desolate region and reveals the magnificence behind the burqa. Kabul Beauty School is a remarkable tale of an extraordinary community of women who come together and learn the arts of perms, friendship, and freedom.

CD 600 WIL
Wilson, Daniel H. (Daniel Howard), 1978-. Where’s my jetpack? : a guide to the amazing science fiction future that never arrived. Ashland, Or. : Blackstone Audio, 2007.

Read by Stefan Rudnicki. Offers a whimsical look at the science behind the great inventions and technology that still do not exist, covering everything from teleportation to self-contained skyscraper cities, hoverboards, and moon colonies.

Cyber war! [Alexandria, Va.] : distributed by PBS Home Video : PBS DVD Video, 2003.

1. Warning messages -- 2. Warriors in an invisible war -- 3. Wake up calls -- 4. Power grid -- 5. How real is the threat? -- 6. Public-private partnership. Reporter: Jim Gilmore; narrator: Will Lyman. The Slammer hit on Super Bowl Sunday. Nimda struck one week after 9/11. Code Red had ripped through the system that summer. Moonlight Maze moved from the Russian Academy of Science and into the U.S. Department of Defense. A new form of warfare has broken out and the battleground is cyberspace. With weapons like embedded malicious code, probes and pings, there are surgical strikes, reverse neutron bombs, and the potential for massive assaults aimed directly at America’s infrastructure—the power grid, the water supply, the complex air traffic control system, and the nation’s railroads. FRONTLINE investigates just how real the threat of war in cyberspace is and reveals what the White House knows that the rest of us don’t.

The Coast Guard ships. Burlington, VT : New York : A&E Home Video ; Distributed by New Video, 2005.

This in-depth program goes aboard some of the many craft employed by the Coast Guard, from the small boats used for shoreline rescue operations, to the deep-sea patrol ships that form the vanguard in America’s war against drugs.

The new heroes : their bottom line is lives. Portland, Ore. : Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2005.

Host: Robert Redford. Narrators: Robert Redford, Charles C. Stuart, Linda Hunt, Andrew Gersh, Bonni Cohen. The New Heroes tells the dramatic stories of 14 daring people from all corners of the globe who, against all odds, are successfully alleviating poverty and illness, combating unemployment and violence, and bringing education, light, opportunity and freedom to poor and marginalized people around the world.

God, the universe and everything else. West Long Branch, NJ : Distributed by Kultur International, 2007.

Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Arthur C. Clarke. Presenter, Magnus Magnusson. An educational colloquium that attempts to uncover that unified grand theory of the laws that govern the universe. Delves deep into topics such as the Big Bang Theory, the expansion of the universe, black holes, and more.

Building your first model railroad. [S.l.] : World’s Greatest Hobby, 2003?.

Narrated by Michael Gross. Teaches you everything you need to know to build a 4x8 foot scale model railroad layout. Describes building the table and laying the track, building structures and scenery, and wiring techniques.

Great model railroads. Host: Allen Keller.
New episodes to the library include 44, 46, & 47.
All DVDs focus on a particularly outstanding railroad layout. The format consists of a tour of the layout using a train and trackplan to help familiarize you with the railroad. Then we feature an operating segment to show you how the railroad earns its keep.

Scenery & airbrushing made easy. [Waukesha, Wis.] : Kalmbach Pub., 2006?.
Presented by the staff of Model Railroader magazine; third work hosted by Michael Gross. The expert staff of Model Railroader magazine shows you everything you need to know about building fantastic layout scenery and the art of airbrushing with acrylic paints. From start to finish, you’ll learn about the tools, applications, and special techniques you can use to create realistic-looking model railroad scenery and detailing projects.

Fried green tomatoes. Collector’s ed. Universal City, CA : Universal Home Video, [2004], 1998.

Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy, Mary Stuart Masterson, Mary-Louise Parker, Cicely Tyson. A chance encounter in a nursing home leads to an unexpected friendship between a dowdy housewife and a spry octagenarian who tells her the story of a fiercely independent woman half a century ago, inspiring the housewife to change her life, often with hilarious results.

Please note: Some of the book descriptions have been excerpted from Bibz.com, Amazon.com, and Barnesandnoble.com. They are most often based on Publisher's descriptions. Sources such as Booklist, the New York Times Book Reviews, Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus and others are specifically identified.