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New books and media for March 08

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Ault, Sandi. Wild inferno. 1st ed. New York : Berkley Prime Crime, c2008.
Wild Indigo introduced rough and ready Bureau of Land Management agent Jamaica Wild. Now she returns—deployed to a wildfire on the Southern Ute reservation, where a puzzling plea whispered by a burning man points to a mystery more menacing than murder.

Balzo, Sandra. Grounds for murder : a Maggy Thorsen mystery. 1st world ed. New York : Severn House, 2008, c2007.
Coffee shop owner Maggy Thorsen, while at a coffee convention in Milwaukee, discovers the dead body of her top competitor and decides she better do some investigating on her own—before police start to suspect she is the murderer.

Banks, Russell. The Reserve : a novel. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, c2008.

Part love story, part murder mystery, set on the cusp of the Second World War, Russell Banks’s sharp-witted and deeply engaging new novel raises dangerous questions about class, politics, art, love, and madness - and explores what happens when two powerful personalities, trapped at opposite ends of a social divide, begin to break the rules.

Barnes, Jonathan. The somnambulist. 1st U.S. edition. New York : William Morrow, c2007.
Edward Moon, “a conjuror by profession” whose act has fallen on hard times, has cracked some of the city’s most notorious murders. Now, he’s leading the investigation into a shadowy religious group aiming to overtake London and do away with its oppressive, bourgeois tendencies. (from Publisher’s Weekly).

Barrett, Jo. This is how it happened : (not a love story). 1st ed. New York : Avon, c2007.
Madeline Piatro devises a plan for revenge after her boyfriend Carlton steals her business idea and dumps her, leaving Madeline broke and broken hearted, and with the help of a bumbling hit man and her best friends, Madeline sets out to make Carlton pay for his actions, with surprising results.

Bass, Jefferson. The devil’s bones : a novel. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, c2008.
Two cases occupy Dr. Bass’s fictional alter ego, Dr. Bill Brockton—the death of Mary Latham, a 47-year-old Knoxville native, whose charred remains were found in a burned-out car, and a disreputable Georgia crematorium that simply dumped bodies on its grounds. These probes soon take a backseat to a cat-and-mouse game with the doctor’s arch nemesis, Garland Hamilton, who tried to frame him for murder in Flesh and Bone. (from Publishers Weekly).

Beaton, M. C. Death of a gentle lady. 1st ed. New York : Warner Books, c2008.
Scotland’s most laconic and low-tech policeman, Hamish MacBeth, is back and this time he must investigate the death of a gentle lady. (from the publisher).

Berenson, Alex. The ghost war. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, c2008.
When the CIA’s efforts to extract Dr. Sung Kwan, a North Korean scientist and an invaluable source on Kim Jong Il’s nuclear ambitions, result in the deaths of Kwan and the rescue team, Wells’s significant other, Jennifer Exley, searches to identify the person in U.S. intelligence who compromised Kwan’s security. Meanwhile, Wells returns to Afghanistan, the scene of much of the action in The Faithful Spy, to find out what outside country has been helping the Taliban reassert itself. (from Publishers Weekly).

Berry, Steve. The Venetian betrayal : a novel. 1st Large Print ed. New York : Random House Large Print, c2007.

Cotton Malone, a retired intelligence officer turned rare book dealer, is thrown into the middle of a diabolical plot for world domination. Irina Zovastina, the Supreme Minister of a powerful collective of old Soviet republics, has an insidious plan to use biological weapons, at the cost of millions of lives, in a maniacal attempt to conquer the world. For her stratagem to succeed, she must unearth a secret hidden within the final resting place of Alexander the Great, a burial site whose location has been shrouded in mystery for millennia. (from Publishers Weekly).

Black, Cara. Murder in the rue de Paradis. New York : Soho, c2008.

Parisian private investigator Aimée Leduc accepts the marriage proposal of her former lover, Yves, and then finds herself trying to avenge his murder, which is connected to Turkish-Kurdish politics and Islamic terrorism.

Bohjalian, Christopher A. The double bind. 1st large print ed. New York : Random House Large Print in association with Vintage Books : Distributed by Random Books, c2008.
When college sophomore Laurel Estabrook is attacked while riding her bicycle through Vermont’s back roads, her life is forever changed. Formerly outgoing, Laurel withdraws into her photography and begins to work at a homeless shelter. There she meets Bobbie Crocker, a man with a history of mental illness and a box of photographs that he won’t let anyone see. When Bobbie dies suddenly, Laurel discovers that he was telling the truth: before he was homeless, Bobbie Crocker was a successful photographer who had indeed worked with such legends as Chuck Berry, Robert Frost, and Eartha Kitt. As Laurel’s fascination with Bobbie’s former life begins to merge into obsession, she becomes convinced that some of his photographs reveal a deeply hidden, dark family secret.

Carey, Peter. His illegal self. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2008.

When the boy was almost eight, a woman stepped out of the elevator into the apartment on East Sixty-second Street and he recognized her straightaway. No one had told him to expect it. That was pretty typical of growing up with Grandma Selkirk . . . No one would dream of saying, Here is your mother returned to you.

Coetzee, J. M.. Diary of a bad year. 1st American ed. New York : Viking, 2008, c2007.
Senor C, an aging author, sets out to write his opinions on the changing world and draws the criticisms and ire of world leaders, ordinary citizens, and friends and family from around the world.

Coonts, Stephen. The traitor. Center Point large print ed. Thorndike, Me. : Center Point Pub., c2006.

Within the European Union, national espionage agencies are fiercely competing for supremacy against each other and against the CIA. When the Americans discover that the director of the French spy agency has secret investments in the Bank of Palestine, alarm bells go off. Jake Grafton is sent to investigate, with the help of Tommy Carmellini. Together they uncover an elaborate strategy to infiltrate the highest levels of Al Qaeda and even more frightening, a plan to shake the West as never before.

Delinsky, Barbara. The secret between us. 1st large print ed. New York : Random House Large Print, c2008.
Deborah Monroe makes a split-second decision to take the blame for a car accident that left a man dead, hiding the fact that her daughter, Grace, was driving, and as the lie seems to overshadow everything else, Grace and Deborah find their relationship tested and their futures changed forever.

Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee. The palace of illusions : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Doubleday, c2008.

A reinterpretation of the ancient Indian epic the “Mahabharat,” in which Panchaali, a child destined to change history, marries all five Pandava brothers and builds the magnificent Palace of Illusions, only to have her spiritual failings lead them all to the brink of disaster.

Doherty, P. C. The poisoner of Ptah : a story of intrigue and murder set in ancient Egypt. 1st U.S. ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2008, c2007.
Amerotke, Chief Judge of the Halls of Two Truths in Pharoah Hatusu’s Egypt, is called in to find a killer known as the Poisoner of Ptah, who has been targeting leading scribes in ancient Egypt.

Motrocycle Man : Voodoo Moon. Pub Works, c2006.

Book two of the Motorcycleman series.

Evanovich, Janet. Plum lucky. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, 2008, c2007.

New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum wades into the middle of a confusing case of stolen race horses and dirty money when her Grandma Mazur finds a duffle bag full of cash on St. Patrick’s Day, buys a Winnebago, and heads to Atlantic City.

Evanovich, Janet. Plum lucky. 1st large print ed. New York : Random House Large Print, c2007.

New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum wades into the middle of a confusing case of stolen race horses and dirty money when her Grandma Mazur finds a duffle bag full of cash on St. Patrick’s Day, buys a Winnebago, and heads to Atlantic City.

Evans, Harriet. A hopeless romantic. New York : Downtown Press, c2007.
Laura Foster is a hopeless romantic. Her friends know it, her parents know it - even Laura acknowledges she lives either with her head in the clouds or buried in a romance novel. It’s proved harmless enough, even if it hasn’t delivered her a real-life dashing hero yet. But when her latest relationship ends in a disaster that costs her friendships, her job, and nearly her sanity, Laura swears off men and hopeless romantic fantasies for good. With her life in tatters around her, Laura agrees to go on vacation with her parents. After a few days of visiting craft shops and touring the stately homes of England, Laura is ready to tear her hair out. And then, while visiting grand Chartley Hall, she crosses paths with Nick.

Farmer, Philip José. Venus on the half-shell. New York : Dell Publishing, 1975, 1976 printing.

Farmer appends his own name at last to his stories written under pen names borrowed from other authors’ characters, most famously Venus on the Half-Shell, a novel allegedly by Kurt Vonnegut’s fictional science fiction writer, Kilgore Trout. As Harry Manders, created by E.W. Horning, Farmer pens the suspenseful “The Problem of the Sore Bridge-Among Others.” As Rex Stout’s psychologically and physically maimed Paul Chapin, he offers the violent “The Volcano.” A story by Harlan Ellison’s Cordwainer Bird, “The Last Rise of Nick Adams,” discloses that Bird was related to Farmerian heroes the Shadow and the Spider. Finally, after demonstrating how Tarzan might have sounded had he been written by William S. rather than Edgar Rice, Farmer dons the mantle of Conan Doyle’s Dr. Watson and introduces Tarzan to Holmes in “The Adventure of the Peerless Peer.” (from Publishers Weekly).

Faust, Christa. Money shot. New York : Enfield : Hard Case Crime ; Publishers Group UK [distributor], c2008.
It all began with the phone call asking former porn star Angel Dare to do one more movie. Before she knew it, she’d been shot and left for dead in the trunk of a car. However, Angel is a survivor and that means she’ll get to the bottom of what’s been done to her even if she has to leave a trail of bodies along the way. (from the publisher, edited).

Ferrigno, Robert. Sins of the assassin : a novel. 1st Scribner hardcover ed. New York : Scribner, c2008.

In 2043, almost 30 years after a series of suitcase nukes destroyed New York City and Washington, D.C., the U.S. is divided into two major regions—the Islamic Republic and the Bible Belt. Islam and fundamentalist Christianity have respectively filled the spiritual vacuum caused by the mass destruction and the subsequent imposition of martial law. The underdeveloped plot focuses on the efforts of master killer Rakkim Epps to keep a powerful weapon out of the hands of the Colonel, a leader of the Bible Belt.

Freeman, Brian. Stalked. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, c2008
When Maggie Sorenson, a cop in Duluth, MN, finds her husband murdered in their home, she knows the spouse is always the prime suspect. Jonathan Stride, her partner, her best friend, and the chief of detectives, is off the case but trying to help, as is his lover, Serena, an ex-cop from Las Vegas and now a private investigator. Stride also is busy with an old murder case and a newly missing woman, while Serena is in the middle of a disturbing blackmail case. (from Library Journal).

Garwood, Julie. Shadow music : a novel. 1st large print ed. New York : Random House Large Print, c2007.
Princess Gabrielle of St. Biel is sent to Scotland by King John of England to marry a Highland chieftain in hopes of deterring conflict along the border, and while on her way, she saves the life of a man, resulting in her marrying the man’s brother and the start of a war.

Gould, Judith. The secret heiress. Center Point large print ed. Thorndike, Me. : Center Point Pub., c2006.

Ariadne and Nikoletta are identical twins but opposite in every way that matters. Nikoletta has been groomed to take over her father’s empire, while Ariadne, who was raised in obscurity and unaware of her vast family fortune, is generous and naive. When Ariadne agrees to a shady scheme orchestrated by her late father’s board of advisors to take the place of the twin she’s never met, she becomes involved in a web of passion, deception, and danger.

Grisham, John. Playing for pizza. 1st large print ed. New York : Random House Large Print : Distributed by Random House, c2007.

After losing an important game for his team, NFL backup quarterback Rick Dockery is fired; but his agent finds him an opportunity to play for the Panthers of Parma, and he moves to Italy hoping for a second chance.

Hall, James W. (James Wilson). Hell’s Bay. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, c2008.
Descended from pioneer stock, the Bateses are an aristocratic Floridian family with vast holdings in real estate and mining. When matriarch Abigail Bates is discovered drowned in the Peace River, a chain of events is set into motion, embroiling Thorn with a family he never knew he had and a fortune he doesn’t necessarily want. Thorn is leading a fishing expedition into the isolated lakes and mangrove swamps of Hell’s Bay when Abigail’s son and beautiful granddaughter arrive, claiming Thorn as a long-lost relative and asking him to solve the woman’s murder. Little do they know that the killer is already on their trail.

Harris, Rosemary. Pushing up daisies : a dirty business mystery. 1st ed. New York : Thomas Dunne Books, c2008.

Meet Paula Holliday, a transplanted media exec who trades her stilettos for garden clogs when she makes the move from the big city to the suburbs to start a gardening business. Paula can handle deer, slugs, and the occasional human pest—but she’s not prepared for the mummified body she finds while restoring the gardens at Halcyon, a local landmark.

Harris, Charlaine. All together dead. Waterville, Me. : Wheeler Pub., c2007.

Louisiana cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse has her hands full dealing with every sort of undead and paranormal creature imaginable. And after being betrayed by her longtime vampire love, Sookie must not only deal with a new man in her life—the shapeshifter Quinn—but also contend with the long-planned vampire summit.

Hockensmith, Steve. The black dove : a Holmes on the range mystery. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, c2008.

In the summer of 1893, Gustav “Old Red” Amlingmeyer and his brother Otto (a.k.a. “Big Red”) find themselves down and out in San Francisco. Though cowpokes by training, the brothers are devotees of the late, great Sherlock Holmes and his trademark method of “deducifying.” But when they set out to land jobs as professional detectives, they land themselves in hot water, instead.

Hunter, Faith. Host. New York : Roc, c2007.
Thorn St. Croix attempts to rally the people of Mineral City together in order to combat the forces of the Dark.

Huston, Charlie. Half the blood of Brooklyn : a novel. New York : Del Rey/Ballantine Books, c2007.
Joe Pitt, a private investigator in a New York in which people have been infected by a “vyrus” that condemns them to a near-eternal life in darkness and a need for human blood, is drawn into a dangerous web of family feuds and personal grudges when he sets out on behalf of the Society Clan to discover why the lower classes in the outlying boroughs are trying to infiltrate Manhattan.

Kinsella, Sophie. Remember me? New York, N.Y. : Dial Press, c2008.

After taking a nasty bump on the head, Lexi Smart awakens in a hospital convinced that it’s 2004 and that she’s just missed her father’s funeral. It’s actually three years later, and she no longer has crooked teeth, frizzy hair and a loser boyfriend. Initially wowed by what she’s become—a gorgeous, cut-throat businesswoman—Lexi soon finds herself attempting to figure out how it happened. (from Publishers Weekly).

Kramer, Pascale. The living : (Les vivants). Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2007.

The lives of a young mother, her teenage brother, and her husband unravel after her two young sons fall from a gondola and drown.

Krentz, Jayne Ann. Sizzle and burn. New York : G. P. Putnam’s Sons, c2008.

When Raine Tallentyre made the mistake of revealing her paranormal abilities, her most recent romantic relationship came to a hasty end. Her Aunt Vella, a gifted but troubled soul, had told her years ago to keep her talents a secret. And now that poor Aunt Vella—her last blood relative—has died, Raine has resigned herself to a lonely life. But when she journeys to Shelbyville, Washington, to clear out Aunt Vella’s house, Raine’s highly developed sensitivity leads her to a horrifying discovery: a young woman bound and terrified in a basement storage locker. The victim has survived, but the culprit is still on the loose. Without warning, a new man enters Raine’s life—investigator Zack Jones. Surprisingly, Zack isn’t repelled by her powers: in fact, he has them himself. While Raine hears voices, Zack sees visions and within hours of their meeting, Raine experiences an intense, thrilling intimacy—-mental, emotional, and physical—she never dared to expect.

L’Amour, Louis, 1908-1988. The rider of Lost Creek. Thorndike, Me. : Center Point Pub., c2007.

Lance Kilkenny has a debt to pay, and he isn’t about to let the friend who saved his life go down in a range war. But when Kilkenny tries to stop the fighting, he finds there’s more at stake than land or wire. Whoever is stirring up trouble has big ideas for the Live Oak country—and an army of hired guns to back them up.

Martinez, A. Lee. The automatic detective. 1st trade paperback ed. New York : Tom Doherty Associates, 2008.

Mack Megaton drives a cab in the mutant-infested “technotopia” of Empire City. It’s a step down for a massive killing machine created for world domination, but kindhearted Megaton has bucked his programming, and when his secretive neighbors, the Bleakers, go missing, he begins a search. Young Holt Bleaker has something in his mutant blood that makes him valuable to aliens poised to invade Empire City, and only a giant robot—a robot like Mack Megaton—can break him out of the fortress where he’s held prisoner. Soon plans go awry when sinister psychic Grey subverts Megaton’s programming, but he finds an unlikely ally in Lucia Napier, an outrageously beautiful and talented media star and roboticist. (from Publishers Weekly).

McBride, James. Song yet sung. New York : Riverhead Books, c2008.
Escaped slaves, free blacks, slave-catchers and plantation owners weave a tangled web of intrigue and adventure in bestselling memoirist (The Color of Water) McBride’s intricately constructed and impressive second novel, set in pre-Civil War Maryland. (from Publishers Weekly).

Miller, Sue. The senator’s wife. 1st ed. New York : Knopf, c2008.

Two neighbors, Meri, a recently married thirty-seven-year-old, and Delia, the wife of an adulterous senator, find their lives and marriages are not as different as they once thought.

Mina, Denise. Slip of the knife : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown and Co., c2008.
Paddy Meehan is no stranger to murder—as a reporter she lives at crime scenes—but nothing has prepared her for this visit from the police. Her former boyfriend and fellow journalist Terry Patterson has been found hooded and shot through the head. Paddy knows she will be of little help—she had not seen Terry in more than six months. So she is bewildered to learn that in his will he has left her his house and several suitcases full of notes. Drawn into a maze of secrets and lies, Paddy begins making connections to Terry’s murder that no one else has seen, and soon finds herself trapped in the most important—and dangerous—story of her career.

Nicholson, William. The society of others : a novel. 1st American ed. New York : Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, [2005], c2004.

A cynical young Englishman, newly graduated from college, has decided there is no reason ever to leave his room, but he is finally persuaded out into the world where he soon finds himself fighting for his life after hitching a ride with a truck driver hauling banned literature into Eastern Europe and being labeled a terrorist.

Parker, Robert B.. Stranger in paradise. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, c2008.
The last time Jesse Stone, chief of police of Paradise, Massachusetts, saw Wilson “Crow” Cromartie, the Apache Indian hit man was racing away in a speedboat after executing one of the most lucrative and deadly heists in the town’s history. Crow was part of a team of ex-cons who plotted to capture Stiles Island, the wealthy enclave off the Paradise coast, by blowing up the connecting bridge. Residents were kidnapped, some were killed, and Crow managed to escape with a boatload of cash, never to be seen again. Until now. (from

Parker, T. Jefferson. L.A. outlaws : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Dutton, c2008.
Los Angeles is gripped by the exploding celebrity of Allison Murietta, her real identity unknown, a modern-day Jesse James with the compulsion to steal beautiful things, the vanity to invite the media along, and the conscience to donate much of her bounty to charity. Nobody ever gets hurt—until a job ends with ten gangsters lying dead and a half-million dollars worth of glittering diamonds missing.

Patterson, James. 7th heaven. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown and Co., c2008.
A terrible fire in a wealthy suburban home leaves a married couple dead and Detective Lindsay Boxer and her partner Rich Conklin searching for clues. And after California’s golden boy, Michael Campion has been missing for a month, there finally seems to be a lead in his case—a very devastating lead. As fire after fire consume couples in wealthy, comfortable homes, Lindsay and the Murder Club must race to find the arsonists responsible and get to the bottom of Michael Campion’s disappearance. But suddenly the fires are raging too close to home. Frightened for her life and torn between two men, Lindsay must find a way to solve the most daunting dilemmas she’s ever faced—at work and at home.

Picoult, Jodi. Plain truth : a novel. Washington Square Press trade pbk. ed. New York : Washington Square Press, 2007, c2000.

Philadelphia defense attorney Ellie Hathaway, unsatisfied with the course of her career and personal life, leaves her job for an open ended stay at her great aunt’s home in Paradise, Pennsylvania, arriving just in time to become embroiled in the case of a young, unmarried Amish woman accused of killing her newborn baby.

Rice, Luanne. Light of the moon. 1st large print ed. New York : Random House Large Print, c2008.
Anthropologist Susannah Connolly, having been inspired by her mother’s dying wish, travels to the French Camargue in search of a saint and starts a romantic relationship with a man whose wife abandoned him and his daughter, and forms a bond with the female gypsy community.

Robb, J. D.. Strangers in death. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, c2008.
In 2060 New York, Lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates the murder of a prominent businessman and finds that the facts don’t seem to add up and that the killer may be closer than she originally thought.

Samuels, Mina. The queen of cups. [Bloomington, IN : Unlimited Publishing LLC, c2006].
From the gypsy camps of Russia, to glittering Paris and New York, to her final exile to obscurity in the countryside of Pennsylvania, Juliette’s journey traces the life of an independent woman, who, betrayed by those she loves, finds her way forward by forging new identities. Through it all, she never loses her belief in the possibility of redemption, and in the power of love and loyalty.”—Author’s website. “Based on true historical figures, The Queen of Cups is the fictionalized journals of Juliette, an enigmatic woman with a past she must hide, who marries the brilliant post-Civil War philosopher, Charles Peirce, a man plagued by devastatingly painful facial neuralgia, drug addiction, and manic depression, whose place in the pantheon of great American minds is lost to his illness.

Scottoline, Lisa. Lady killer. 1st ed. New York : Harper, c2008.
Philadelphia attorney Mary DiNunzio is surprised when her high school rival Trish Gambone shows up in her office looking for help getting out of an abusive relationship with the possibly Mob-connected Bobby Mancuso, and she is forced to investigate on her own when Trish and Bobby disappear, and the FBI cuts her out of the loop for failing to tell what she knows about Bobby—a former crush.

Smith, April. Judas horse : an FBI special agent Ana Grey mystery. 1st ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2008.
Emotionally vulnerable after a shooting incident, Ana has just returned to the job when she learns that a fellow agent has been murdered by a group of hard-core anarchists operating behind the façade of FAN (Free Animals Now). Dispatched to the FBI’s infamous undercover school to learn the art of deceit, Ana takes on the identity of a down-on-her-luck animal lover determined to save the wild mustangs of the West. Now she’s ready to work her way into the inner circle of Julius Emerson Phelps, the unstable, charismatic leader of a “family” of outcasts who live on an isolated farm in Oregon, and who are preparing an act of terrorism Phelps has dubbed “the Big One.”

Steel, Danielle. Honor thyself. 1st large print ed. New York : Random House Large Print, c2008.
Actress and author Carole Barber is caught in a Paris terrorist attack and awakens from a coma with no memory of who she is, and as she struggles to rebuild her life, she finds happiness with a man from her past who never stopped loving her.

West, Michael Lee. Mermaids in the basement. 1st ed. New York : Harper, c2008.
Renata DeChavannes, still reeling from the deaths of her mother and stepfather in a plane crash five months earlier, leaves Hollywood and rumors that her movie director boyfriend is having an affair, and heads to her hometown in Alabama to think about the future and confront her past—including her estranged father who is about to marry for the fourth time.

Whyte, Jack. Standard of honor. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, c2007.
This second entry in Whyte’s Templar trilogy (after Knights of the Black and White), covering Richard the Lionhearted’s crusade, finds the author in top form. Alexander Sinclair, a Knight of the Temple, is part of a 50,000-man army headed to battle in the Lower Galilee. At stake for the Christian army is its claim to the Holy Land, now under the jurisdiction of Kurdish Saracen leader Saladin. The coming disaster will force English King Richard to raise an even larger army and set sail from England himself, along with Henry St. Clair, the English army’s master-at-arms, and Henry’s son, Andre, a member of the secret Templar society, Brotherhood of Sion. (from Publishers Weekly).

Wick, Lori. Leave a candle burning. Eugene, Or. : Harvest House, c2006.
Dannan MacKay arrives in Tucker Mills prepared to take over his uncle’s medical practice, where he is welcomed by the town’s residents and begins to make a new life for himself, but that new life is soon interrupted by a beautiful young woman and an orphaned cousin who help Dannan realize what his life is missing.

Wideman, John Edgar. Fanon. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, c2008.

An African-American novelist researches the life of Frantz Fanon while trying to write a biographical novel about his life and dealing with an aging mother and a brother who is incarcerated.

Willig, Lauren. The seduction of the crimson rose. New York : Dutton, c2008.
Determined to secure another London season without assistance from her new brother-in-law, Mary accepts a secret assignment from Lord Vaughn on behalf of the Pink Carnation: to infiltrate the ranks of the dreaded French spy, the Black Tulip, before he and his master can stage their planned invasion of England. Every spy has a weakness, and for the Black Tulip that weakness is black-haired women—his “petals” of the Tulip. A natural at the art of seduction, Mary easily catches the attention of the French spy, but Lord Vaughn never anticipates that his own heart will be caught as well. Fighting their growing attraction, impediments from their past, and, of course, the French, Mary and Vaughn find themselves lost in the shadows of a treacherous garden of lies.

Winspear, Jacqueline. An incomplete revenge : a Maisie Dobbs novel. 1st ed. New York : H. Holt, c2008
The psychologist/investigator digs deep into a village’s long-buried secrets. Maisie’s benefactor, tycoon James Compton, wants to buy an estate in the bucolic hamlet of Heronsdene, but is wary after a string of mysterious fires. Maisie soon proves Compton’s suspicions correct when she encounters the shady current landowner and a vaguely menacing band of Gypsies in town for the seasonal harvest. The locals are also curiously tight-lipped about Heronsdene’s wartime tragedy, when a zeppelin raid wiped out a family. Teasing out Heronsdene’s secrets will take all the intrepid former nurse’s psychological skills and test her ability to navigate between the Gypsy and gorja (non-Gypsy) worlds. (from Publishers Weekly).

Wodicka, Tod. All shall be well; and all shall be well; and all manner of things shall be well. New York : Pantheon Books, c2007
Meet Burt Hecker: a mead-drinking, tunic-wearing medieval re-enactor from upstate New York. He prefers oat gruel to French fries because potatoes were unavailable in Europe before 1200 AD; and, at war with the modern world, he enjoys hosting large-scale re-enactments at the Victorian bed and breakfast he calls home. But Burt has some serious problems. After an incident involving the New York State police and an illegally borrowed car, Burt is forced to join a local music therapy workshop to manage his anger. He gallantly accompanies the group to Germany for a festival celebrating the music of the visionary saint Hildegard von Bingen—but he has no plan to return home. His real destination is Prague: he must find his estranged son Tristan, who, he believes, has lost his way in the Bohemian city.


021.7 WOO
Woodward, Jeannette A. Creating the customer-driven library : building on the bookstore model. Chicago : American Library Association, c2005
Presents a comprehensive guide that addresses specific problems with libraries and why library attendance has diminished, and offers suggestions for changing library interiors based upon the decors of popular bookstores.

133.4 MAC
MacCoun, Catherine. On becoming an alchemist : a guide for the modern magician. 1st ed. Boston : Trumpeter, c2008
On Becoming an Alchemist helps readers to understand how the alchemical transmutation is achieved - not through trying to change circumstances, but through changing ourselves. At its essence, practicing alchemy involves developing an understanding of our relationship to the situation, person, or object in question - and realizing that by changing our viewpoint, we can exert influence over people and events. The alchemical principles presented by MacCoun can be applied to all the ordinary challenges of life including relationships, family life, work, health, finances, and creative endeavors.

158.2 KLA
Klatte, Bill. It’s so hard to love you : staying sane when your loved one is manipulative, needy, dishonest, or addicted. Oakland, CA : New Harbinger Publications, c2007
This book offers a program for anyone who feels anguished by loving a difficult person but wants to maintain a sane relationship with him or her. Using it, you’ll become aware of the negative effects your loved one’s behavior is having on your life and learn to accept that your loved one will probably not change. The book helps you shift your focus from changing the difficult person to changing your reaction to them. Once you learn to relate to your difficult loved one on your own terms, the book helps you find ways to deal with possible negative reactions that might arise from the new dynamic of the relationship.

158.2 URY
Ury, William. The power of a positive no : how to say no and still get to yes. New York : Bantam Books, c2007
Describes the art of the “Positive No,” a three-step method for saying “no” to people at work, home, and in the community without destroying relationships.

305.42 EIC VT
Eickhoff, Diane. Revolutionary heart : the life of Clarina Nichols and the pioneering crusade for women’s rights. Kansas City, KS : Quindaro Press, c2006
Chronicles the life of Clarina I. H. Nichols, the country’s first female newspaper editor and stump speaker, focusing on her role in the American women’s movement and her desire to end the mistreatment of women.

323.6 DOB
Dobbs, Lou. Independents day : awakening the American spirit. New York, N.Y. : Viking, c2007
In Independents Day, Dobbs descries domestic and foreign policy decisions that he believes have undermined individual liberties and the quality of life in our country. (from Barnes and Noble, edited)

323.623 CIV
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Civics and citizenship toolkit : a collection of educational resources for immigrants. Rev. ed. Washington D.C. : U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Institute of Museum and Library Services, U.S. Govt. Printing Office, : For sale by the U.S. G.P.O., Supt. Of Docs., c2007
Welcome to the United States: a guide for new immigrants—Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos de América: guía para inmigrantes nuevos—Civics flash cards—Learn about the United States: quick civics lessons (includes audio CD)—Citizen’s almanac—Pocket size Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States—Library services for immigrants: a report on current practices—(DVD) A promise of freedom: an introduction to U. S. history and civics for immigrants—(Flash presentation) Becoming a U. S. citizen: an overview of the naturalization process—CD-ROM with electronic versions of the publications listed above—Civics and citizenship toolkit quick start guide—2 posters.

330.12 KLE
Klein, Naomi. The shock doctrine : the rise of disaster capitalism. 1st ed. New York : Metropolitan Books/Holt, c2007
Reveals how the American government is using public disorientation after massive shocks such as wars, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters, to push through unpopular and controversial decisions and policies, creating an atmosphere of “disaster capitalism” that has shaped the global market in recent years.

338.7 YUN
Yunus, Muhammad, . Creating a world without poverty : social business and the future of capitalism. New York : PublicAffairs, c2007
Nobel Peace Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus argues that the problems of hunger, poverty, and inequality can be solved by harnessing the power of the free market, explaining how, by using basic business dynamics and theories, countries can work together to solve the world’s greatest problems.

338.973 JOH
Johnston, David C. Free lunch : how the wealthiest Americans enrich themselves at government expense (and stick you with the bill). New York : Portfolio, c2007
Investigative reporter David Cay Johnston reveals how industry and commerce repeatedly shift risks and costs to the taxpayer, government attempts to manipulate or adjust the market, and how the wealthiest Americans continue to get richer at government expense.

363.738 VOL
Voluntary carbon markets : an international business guide to what they are and how they work. London ; Sterling, VA : Earthscan, c2007
The book covers all aspects of voluntary carbon markets in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Asia: what they are, how they work and, most critically, their business potential to help slow climate change. (from the publisher).

597.0974 LAN VT
Langdon, Richard W. Fishes of Vermont. Waterbury : Vermont Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, c2006
The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department published this field guide, Fishes of Vermont, a comprehensive handbook for identifying fishes across the state. (from the publisher, edited).

613.2 ORN
Ornish, Dean. The spectrum : a scientifically proven program to feel better, live longer, lose weight, and gain health. 1st ed. New York : Ballantine Books, c2007
Ornish’s spectrum consists of nutrition (extremely low in fat, vegetarian), exercise (aerobic, resistance training and flexibility), stress management (yoga, meditation) and nurturing relationships, and he describes how they influence specific conditions. Recipes contributed by Oprah Winfrey’s personal chef, Art Smith, ground Ornish’s principles with dishes based on fresh, seasonal ingredients and ways to adapt them to a person’s place along the spectrum. (from Publishers Weekly).

616 COH
Cohen, Richard M. Strong at the broken places : lifting lives above illness. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins Publishers, c2008
In Strong at the Broken Places, Richard M. Cohen describes the day-to-day lives of five people with serious chronic illnesses. His subjects cover a range of illness types and severity, ages, races, and socioeconomic position. (from Barnes & Noble, edited).

Circ-Williston environmental assessment : Chittenden County Circumferential Highway. [Manchester, Vt. : Louis Berger Group, Inc., c2005].

Local assessment materials - complete in a binder.

641.509743 PAS
Pasanen, Melissa. Cooking with Shelburne Farms : food and stories from Vermont. New York, NY : Viking Studio, c2007
Recipes from Shelburne Farms, a historic working farm, inn, and restaurant in Shelburne, VT.

643 BEC
Becker, Norman. The complete book of home inspection. 3rd ed. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2002
Originally intended to be for buyers and owners, many professional home inspectors use this home inspection guide as well. (from the publisher, edited).

737.4 STA
Standard catalog of world coins. Eighteenth century, 1701-1800. Iola, Wis. : Krause Publications. New edition.
Standard Catalog of World Coins: 1701-1800 delivers the complete coverage of coinage from every nation existing during the 18th century, with up-to-date pricing in five grades of condition.

737.4 STA
Krause, Chester L. Standard catalog of world coins, 1801-1900. 3rd ed. Iola, Wis. : Krause Publications, c2001.
A reference for collectors of 19th century coins, this guide delivers descriptive and metallic details plus invaluable pricing, in five grades of condition, for everything from tokens and patterns to sets and standard issues.

741.5 AME
Amend, Bill. Think iFruity : a Fox trot collection. Kansas City, Mo. : Andrews and McMeel, c2000.

Presents a selection of “Fox Trot” comic strips depicting the humorous side of technology.

741.5 AME
Amend, Bill. May the force be with us, please : a FoxTrot collection. Kansas City : Andrews and McMeel, c1994.

Presents a collection of comics from the FoxTrot collection of Bill Amend.

748.8 KOV
Kovel, Ralph M. Kovels’ bottles price list. 13th ed. New York : Random House Reference, c2006.
Written by Ralph and Terry Kovel, this handbook includes the most accurate current prices and histories of more than 90 categories from the 1700s to the 2000s, from flasks and fruit jars to miniature pottery bottles, and from medicine and perfume bottles to Avon, Coca-Cola, and Jim Beam and Ezra Brooks. (from the publisher, edited).

749.2 FLE
Flea market trader. Paducah, Ky. : Collector Books. 16th edition, c2007.

Containing over 10,000 alphabetical listings with current values, this unique and completely revised price guide provides information on the latest market trends. Hundreds of crisp photographs have been added to make identification even easier. Designed specifically for the flea market enthusiast, it includes the well-established collectibles subjects, plus many items that are unique to flea markets. This book is organized into categories from advertising to World’s Fair collectibles. It covers many current, modern categories like Strawberry Shortcake and Anchor Hocking’s Fire-King glassware. (publisher’s description refers to the 16th edition).

796.5109742 APP
The Appalachian Mountain Club’s White Mountain guide : hiking trails in the White Mountain National Forest. 28th ed. Boston, Mass. : Appalachian Mountain Club Books, c2007.
This is an all-purpose guide that includes maps.

796.58 BRA
Bratt, Ian. Orienteering. 1st ed. Mechanicsburg, PA : Stackpole Books, c2002.

Orienteering is a sport that combines a variety of physical and mental skills and appeals to people of all ages and fitness levels. In this introductory guide, four well-known competitors explain why they love the sport. The book explains the different levels of events—cross-country, score, relay, and night orienteering—for the novice and the advanced athlete. Perfect for the beginner, this book covers every basic detail, from what to wear to how to read a map, use a compass, and cope with different terrain. Covered are the four different types of orienteering recognized by the International Orienteering Federation: foot, ski, mountain bike, and trail orienteering.

796.93 HAR
Harb, Harald R. Harald Harb’s essentials of skiing. Long Island City, NY : Hatherleigh Press, c2006.
Describes the essential movements of skiing as taught by Harald Harb, designed for skiers at any level from beginner to expert, discussing tipping, flexing and extending, counterbalancing, counteracting, the complete upper body, and fore/aft balance. Includes a companion DVD.

796.93 HIN
Hindman, Steve, . Cross-country skiing : building skills for fun and fitness. 1st ed. Seattle : Mountaineers Books, c2005.
For the novice to intermediate cross-country skier: instruction by a member of the national Nordic Demonstration Team.

796.93 SMI
Smith, Jim. The art of snowboarding : kickers, carving, halfpipes, and more. Camden, ME : Ragged Mountain Press, c2007.
A comprehensive guide to snowboarding that explains the sport’s basic and more advanced techniques, offers tips on how to push the limits and create a unique style on the slopes, and includes expert tips and stop-action photos.

799.2 BOW
Bowhunting tactics of the pros : strategies for deer and big game. Paperback ed. Guilford, CT : Lyons Press, c2002.
This is a manual about bowhunting.

799.3 ARC
Engh, Douglas. Archery fundamentals. Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, c2005.

Presents a comprehensive instruction manual that teaches the essentials of archery and provides information on equipment and accessories, recurve and compound bows, and entering and competing in tournaments.

813 HAL VT
Hall, John S. The west window : a novel. Lincoln, NE : iUniverse, c2006.
A sixty-year-old farmer and a nineteen-year-old orphan struggle to find compatibility on a Vermont hill farm in 1948.

813.01 BRI
Bridges, Karl. 100 great American novels you’ve (probably) never read. Westport, CT : Libraries Unlimited, c2007.
Profiles one hundred American novels published between 1797 and 1997 that are accessible to readers despite their relative obscurity, with quotes, plot summaries, author biographies, and critical reviews for each novel.

920 SMI
Smith, Sally Bedell. For love of politics : Bill and Hillary Clinton : the White House years. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2007.

The author presents a comprehensive expose of the Clinton marriage and political life, describing the inner workings of their eight years in the White House, their personal and professional crises, and just how much Bill Clinton relied on Hillary for advice on foreign and domestic issues.

Pelletier, Joyce. A Vermont woman’s life in 1883. Baltimore, [Md.] : PublishAmerica, c2007.
Adaline Turner, born in Duxbury, Vermont, in 1833, married George Crandall in 1857. In the early 1880s they purchased a farm in Berlin, near Montpelier. In 1883, Addie began what is believed to be her first diary for her children’s sake. Her diary accounts are included in this book along with personal reflections from the author.

921 RICE
Kessler, Glenn. The confidante : Condoleezza Rice and the creation of the Bush legacy. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, c2007.
Chronicles the life of Condoleezza Rice, focusing on her political career, the role she has played in President George W. Bush’s administration, her years as Secretary of State, her interactions with world leaders, and other related topics.

Robison, John Elder. Look me in the eye : my life with Asperger’s. Large print edition. Waterville, Me. : Thorndike Press, c2007.
The author describes life growing up different in an odd family, his unusual talents, his struggle to live a “normal” life, his diagnosis at the age of forty with Asperger’s syndrome, and the dramatic changes that have occurred since that diagnosis.

Sonnenberg, Susanna. Her last death : a memoir. 1st Scribner hardcover ed. New York : Scribner, c2008.
The author shares details of her traumatic childhood and relationship with her mother, a charismatic, pathological liar with a history of drug abuse and sexual misconduct; discusses her determination to break the pattern and live a normal life; and seeks to justify her decision not to rush off to Barbados after receiving a call that her mother was in a coma and not expected to survive.

951.904 HAL
Halberstam, David. The coldest winter : America and the Korean War. 1st ed. New York : Hyperion, c2007.
Tells the story of the Second Infantry Division and their terrible defeat by forces of the People’s Republic Army in 1950.

951.904 HAL LP
Halberstam, David. The coldest winter : America and the Korean War. Large print ed. Waterville, Me. : Thorndike Press, c2007.

Tells the story of the Second Infantry Division and their terrible defeat by forces of the People’s Republic Army in 1950.

973.7 PEL VT
Péladeau, Marius B. Willie Johnston : youngest medal of honor recipient, drummer, 3rd Vermont Regiment. Newport, Vt. : Vermont Civil War Enterprises, c2005.
A historical account of Willie Johnston, the youngest medal-of-honor recipient.

973.7092 MAH VT
Maharay, George S. Vermont hero : Major General Lewis A. Grant. New York : iUniverse, c2006.
Major General Lewis A. Grant organized the Fifth Vermont in 1861 and led the First Vermont Brigade from February 1863 to June 1865. He participated in 22 battles; most notable were Savage’s Station in 1862, Marye’s Heights and Bank’s Ford in 1863, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, and Cedar Creek in 1864, and the breakthrough of the Confederate lines in 1865. He was selected by General Meade to lead the brigade to suppress the Draft Riots in New York after Gettysburg, and also to defend the Brock Road in the Battle of the Wilderness. He personally discovered the weak point in the Confederate lines at Petersburg and was honored by having his brigade lead the assault on April 2, 1865, action which quickly led to the end of the war.

973.771 BRO VT
Harris, Luther B. Luther B. Harris : a prison story : a Vermont soldier’s memoir of Andersonville and other rebel camps. [Newport, Vt.] : Vermont Civil War Enterprises and Lyndon Historical Society, c2006.
A Civil War memoir of Vermont soldier Luther B. Harris, who spent time as a prisoner in the notorious Andersonville prison.

973.92 BRO LP
Brokaw, Tom. Boom! : voices of the sixties. 1st large print ed. New York : Random House Large Print, c2007.
Journalist Tom Brokaw looks back on life in the United States during the 1960s, sharing the perspectives and experiences of famous and ordinary people who were affected by the tumultuous times, discussing changes that occurred in politics, culture, and society, and looking at how the era influenced events to come.

974.302 BOO
Book, J. David. “It is sweet and honorable to die for the fatherland” : Latin inscription on Cabot’s Civil War monument ; Civil War soldiers from Cabot, Vermont. Newport, Vt. : Vermont Civil War Enterprises, c2007.
Provides information on soldiers from Cabot, Vermont who served during the American Civil War.

974.302 CHA VT
Chase, Harriet M. Randolph, Vermont, 1777-1927 : its discovery, creation & development, with emphasis on the industries & businesses of Slab City and West Randolph (now known as Randolph). Randolph, Vt. : The authors, c2006.
This is a history of Randolph Vermont, encompassing the years 1777-1927.

974.302 DAV VT
Davis, Thomas C. Beyond depot square : more central Vermont memories. Barre, Vt. : The author, c2006.
The author writes about small town life in central Vermont.


REF 378.73 PET
Peterson’s graduate and professional programs, an overview. Princeton, N.J. : Peterson’s Guides, c1988-.
Complete details on more than 44,000 master, doctoral, and first-professional degree programs in 476 disciplines at more than 2,000 accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. (from the publisher, edited - description refers to the 2008 edition).


McCullough, David G. John Adams. Prince Frederick, MD : Recorded Books, p2001.
Narrated by Nelson Runger. The book reexamines both the most famous and least well known stories of Adams’s contribution to the experiment in American democracy—from his complex and often troubled relationships to Thomas Jefferson and the manipulative Benjamin Franklin to a brilliant interweaving of some of the most moving of the now-famous conversations on paper between John and his beloved wife, Abigail. (from Barnes & Noble).

Morton, Andrew. Tom Cruise : an unauthorized biography. New York : Macmillan Audio, p2008.
Read by John Hinch. Presents the life of controversial actor and Scientologist Tom Cruise.

Card, Orson Scott. Speaker for the dead. Unabridged. New York : Audio Renaissance, p2005.

Read by David Birney, Stefan Rudnicki, and a full cast. Ender Wiggin, the young military genius, discovers that a second alien war is inevitable and that he must dismiss his fears to make peace with humanity’s strange new brothers.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791. The late string quartets, nos. 14-23. Germany : Teldec, 1994.

No. 14 in G major, K. 387 (“Spring”)—No. 17 in B flat major, K. 458 (“Hunting”)—No. 15 in D minor, K. 421—No. 16 in E flat major, K. 428—No. 20 in D major, K. 499 “Hoffmeister”—No. 18 in A major, K. 464—No. 19 in C major, K. 465 “Dissonant”— No. 21 in D major, K. 575—No. 22 in B flat major, K. 589—No. 23 in F major, K. 590. Alban Berg Quartett. Previously released performances of some of Mozart’s works by the Alban Berg Quartett.

Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828.
Forellenquintett, D. 667 : Quartett, D. 810, “Der Tod und das Mädchen” Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, p1976. Emil Gilels, piano, Norbert Brainin, violin, Peter Schidlof, viola, Martin Lovett, violoncello, Ranier Zepperitz, double bass (in the 1st work) ; Amadeus-Quartett (in the 2d).

Vivaldi, Antonio, 1678-1741. Vivaldi, Vier jaargetijden, Mutter, Mutter. [S.l. : s.n.], 1999.
Bevat De vier jaargetijden, op 8 no 1-4 / Antonio Vivaldi. de Duivelstrillersonate van Giuseppe Tartini.

Weber, Carl Maria von, 1786-1826. Clarinet concertos : Concertino & clarinet quintet. England : EMI Classics, p1985, c2003.

Sabine Meyer, clarinet ; Staatskapelle Dresden ; Herbert Blomstedt, conductor ; Württembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn ; Jörg Faerber, conductor (Quintet). Sabine Meyer’s 1985 recordings of Weber’s clarinet works were controversial in their time—some thought her too dramatic, some too polished, some too reserved—but time was on Meyer’s side and her performances have come to be regarded as classic recordings, poised, polished, and yet still passionate. (from Barnes & Noble).

Copland, Aaron. The young pioneers : the complete music for solo piano. [S.l.] : Sony Music, c p1994.

A collection of works by Aaron Copland that were both previously released and newly recorded for this two disc set.

Dion, Céline. The collector’s series. New York : 550 Music, p2000.

The power of the dream—Where does my heart beat now—Us—The reason—Seduces me—With this tear—Falling into you—Pour que tu m’aimes encore—Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)—Be the man (on this night)—Tell him (duet with Barbra Streisand)—The prayer (duet with Andrea Bocelli)—All by myself : Spanish version— Amar haciendo el amor—Only one road—That’s the way it is. Celine Dion performs some of her earlier hits, with several recorded in languages other than English.

Carter, Elliott. The complete music for piano. New York : Bridge Records, P 1997.
Music from the famous pianist.

Moravec, Paul. The time gallery : Protean fantasy ; Ariel fantasy. [Hong Kong] : Naxos, p2006.
The time gallery. Bells: Devotional hours; Time machine; Pulse: The feeling of what happens; Overtime: Memory sings. Eighth Blackbird (Molly Alicia Barth, flute ; Michael J. Maccaferri, clarinet; Matt Albert, violin; Nicholas Photinos, violoncello; Matthew Duvall, percussion; Lisa Kaplan, piano) (1st work); Peter Sheppard-Skærved, violin; Aaron Shorr, piano (2nd-3rd works).

Cat Power. The greatest. N[ew] Y[ork] C[ity] : Matador, p2006.

Cat Power (Chan Marshall), vocals, guitar, piano ; with assisting instrumentalists. Recorded in Memphis, The Greatest could be described, in shorthand, as Cat Power’s soul album, but that’s only part of the story. Employing Al Green’s stalwart rhythm section—and a passel of the town’s better horn players—adds a burnished, Hi Records feel to soul struts like the misty “Lived in Bars,” but that’s only one of the ways Marshall dips into the essential Memphis zeitgeist. Sounding far more assured than usual, she forays into the blues on the austere (and aptly titled) strummer “Hate” and even allows herself a moment of basking in the sunshine—during “Love and Communication,” an organ-tinged ditty that could’ve appeared on a lost Box Tops album. (from Barnes & Noble).

Horse Feathers (Musical group). Words are dead. Portland, OR : Lucky Madison Records, p2006.

Hardwood pews—Finch on Saturday—Dustbowl—Blood on the snow—Honest doubters—In our blood—Untitled—Falling through the roof—Like lavender—Walking & running—Eyes full of rose—Mother’s sick. Justin Ringle: vocals, guitar, percussion ; Peter Broderick: violin, banjo, mandolin, cello, viola, piano, saw, percussion, vocals. Words are Dead is a debut album from the Portland folk-songwriter duo Horse Feathers.

Newsom, Joanna. Ys. Chicago : Drag City, p2006.

Emily—Monkey & bear—Sawdust & diamonds—Only skin—Cosmia. Joanna Newsom, harp, vocals; with accompanying instrumentalists and orchestra; Van Dyke Parks, conductor. Folk rock artist Joanna Newsom sings to a diverse accompaniment of instruments.

Mitchell, Joni. Songs of a prairie girl. United States : Asylum, p2005.
Urge for going—The tea leaf prophecy (Lay down your arms)—Cherokee Louise (orchestral version, 2002)—Ray’s dad’s Cadillac—Let the wind carry me—Don Juan’s reckless daughter—Raised on robbery—Paprika Plains (remix)—Song for Sharon—River—Chinese Cafe/Unchained melody—Harlem in Havana—Come in from the cold. Joni Mitchell, vocals ; with accompanying musicians. Folk artist Joni Mitchell sings 13 songs.

Frigo, John, 1916-2007. Johnny Frigo : collected works. Newport Beach, CA : Luv N’ Haight/Ubiquity, p2001.

Gazebo—The happening—The Arabian—Appollo—Thank you—Do whatever sets you free—Walk from Regios—Dance of love—Garden of the moon—Scorpio—Lennox—Funky 42—Eye of the needle—Them changes. Dick Marx (perhaps), piano, organ; Rick Frigo, drums; Ron Steele, guitar; Bobby Christian, percussion; Rudy Stauber, trumpet; Mike Simpson, sax/flute. Life-long jazz artist Johnny Frigo performs on this collection of works.

Jones, Norah, 1979- prf. Not too late. [S.l.] : Blue Note, 2007.

Norah Jones; with additional musicians. Nora Jones and several guest artists perform a variety of jazz songs.

Bernstein, Steven. MTO. [S.l.] : Sunnyside, p2006.

Steve Bernstein, Clark Gayton, Charlie Burnham, Doug Wieselman, Peter Apfelbaum, Erik Lawrence, Matthew Munisteri, Ben Allison, Ben Perowsky, and Doug Wamble. Trumpeter Steven Bernstein’s Millenial Territory orchestra is inspired by the leader hearing some of the exciting late ‘20s and early ‘30s recordings of territory bands. While some of the music performed is taken from that early period, including “Boy In the Boat,” “Happy Hour Blues” and “Toby,” they alternate with originals that are sometimes only loosely connected to the style.

Bizet, Georges, 1838-1875. Carmen. [England] : EMI Classics, c2000, p1960.

Victoria de los Angeles, Janine Micheau, sopranos; Nicolai Gedda, tenor; Ernest Blanc, baritone; supporting soloists; Petits chanteurs de Versailles; Churs, Maîtrise & Orchestre nationale de la Radiodiffusion francaise; Sir Thomas Beecham, conductor. Sir Thomas Beecham directed this 1960 version of the Opera Carmen.

Rossini, Gioacchino. Il barbiere di Siviglia.
The recording is one of conductor Claudio Abbado’s early efforts and one of his most successful. (from Barnes & Noble).

Bellini, Vincenzo, 1801-1835. Norma. New York : EMI Classics, c1997, p1961.
Maria Callas, Edda Vincenzi, sopranos; Christa Ludwig, mezzo-soprano; Franco Correlli, Piero De Palma, tenors; Nicola Zaccaria, bass; Orchestra e Corro del Teatro alla Scala di Milano, Tullio Serafin, condu. This new remastering of an already excellent 1960 production also allows one to appreciate the expressive orchestral contribution led by veteran maestro Tullio Serafin. (from Barnes & Noble).

Rankin, Ian. The naming of the dead. New York : Hachette Audio, p2007.

Read by James Gale. “When the leaders of the free world descend on Scotland for an international conference, every cop in the country is needed to control the mob of protestors in Edinburgh’s streets—except one. Inspector John Rebus’s reputation precedes him, so while Presidents Bush and Putin confer in isolated splendor, Rebus mans an empty police station, safely out of the way where he can’t offend any visiting dignitaries. Then a delegate falls to his death during a preconference dinner at Edinburgh Castle, and Rebus is given what looks like a simple suicide to write up. But even as he keeps it out of the headlines, Rebus probes where no probing is wanted—and doesn’t like the sidesteps and powerplays his questions engender. And this week Edinburgh is a dangerous place to be: Rebus also investigates the death of a recently paroled rapist, murdered in a particularly grisly fashion. The discovery of more bodies leads Rebus to consider an unexpected and politically unacceptable possibility. (from the publisher).

Adem (Musical group) prf. Love and other planets. [S.l.] : Domino, p2006.

Warning call—Something’s going to come—X is for kisses—Launch yourself—Love and other planets—Crashlander—Sea of tranquility—You and moon—Last transmission from the lost mission—These lights are meaningful—Spirals - Human beings gathered ‘round.

Decemberists (Musical group). The crane wife. Hollywood, Calif. : Capitol, p2006.

The Decemberists (Nate Query, bass, violoncello, vocal, percussion; Colin Meloy, vocal, guitar, bouzouki, percussion; Jenny Conlee, keyboards, accordion, glockenspiel, vocal, percussion; John Moen, drums, vocal, percussion; Chris Funk, guitar, bouzouki, banjo, hurdy-gurdy, hammered dulcimer, percussion, vocal); Laura Veirs, Ezra Holbrook, vocal; Eyvind Kang, viola, violin; Christopher Walla, vocal, keyboards; Steve Drizos, percussion. The Crane Wife is loosely based on a Japanese folk tale that concerns a crane, an arrow, a beautiful woman, and a whole lot of clandestine weaving. The record’s spirited opener and namesake picks off almost exactly where Picaresque left off, building slowly off a simple folk melody before exploding into some serious Who power chords. This is the first indication that the band itself was ready to take the loosely ornate, reverb-heavy Decemberists sound to a new sonic level, or rather that producers Tucker Martine and Chris Walla were. (from All Music Guide).

Annie. New York : Columbia, c1982.

Tomorrow—It’s the hard-knock life—Maybe—Dumb dog—Sandy—I think I’m gonna like it here—Little girls—We got Annie—Let’s go to the movies—Sign—You’re never fully dressed without a smile—Easy street—Tomorrow (white house version)—Maybe (Reprise)—Finale: I don’t need anything but you/We got Annie/Tomorrow. Starring Albert Finney, Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters, Ann Reinking, Tim Curry, Geoffrey Holder, Edward Herrmann, Aileen Quinn. The soundtrack to John Houston’s movie adaptation of the Broadway blockbuster Annie. (from Barnes & Noble).

Layer cake : music from the motion picture. [London] : EMI, c2004.

Various performers. This is the soundtrack from the motion picture “Layer Cake,” with songs and music from various artists.

Zimmer, Hans. Pearl Harbor : music from the motion picture. Burbank, CA : Hollywood Records/Warner Bros., p2001.
Orchestra; Gavin Greenaway, conductor. Music from the 2001 motion picture Pearl Harbor.

DVD 310
3:10 to Yuma. [Widescreen ed.]. Santa Monica, Calif. : Lionsgate, c2008.

Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Logan Lerman, Dallas Roberts, Ben Foster, Peter Fonda, Vinessa Shaw, Alan Tudyk, Luce Rains, Gretchen Mol, Lennie Loftin, Rio Alexander, Johnny Whitworth. Arizona in the late 1800s. Infamous outlaw Ben Wade and his vicious gang of thieves and murderers have plagued the Southern Railroad. When Wade is captured, Civil War veteran Dan Evans, struggling to survive on his drought-plagued ranch, volunteers to deliver him alive to the train that will take the killer to trial. On the trail, Evans and Wade, from very different worlds, begin to earn each other’s respect. But with Wade’s outfit on their trail, and dangers at every turn, the mission soon becomes a violent, impossible journey toward each man’s destiny.

DVD 956.70443 NOE
No end in sight. [New York, N.Y.] : Magnolia Home Entertainment, c2007.
An insider’s look at the decisions that led to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq and the handling of the occupation. Based on over 200 hours of footage, the film provides a candid retelling of the events following the fall of Baghdad in 2003 by high ranking officals, as well as Iraqi civilians, American soldiers and prominent analysts. Examines the manner in which the principal errors of U.S. policy—the use of insufficient troop levels, allowing the looting of Baghdad, the purging of professionals from the Iraqi government and the disbanding of the Iraqi military—largely created the insurgency and chaos that engulf Iraq today.

The cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Restored authorized ed., [fullscreen version]. New York, NY : Kino on Video, c2002.

Werner Krauss, Conrad Veidt, Friedrich Fehér, Lil Dagover, Hans Hainz v. Twardowsky, Rudolph Lettinger. A carnival sleepwalker commits murders under a hypnotist’s influence.

Citizen Kane. [S.l.] : Warner Bros., c2001.
Citizen Kane (119 min.)—The battle over Citizen Kane (113 min.) Feature film: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton, Dorothy Comingore, Agnes Moorehead, Everett Sloane. Documentary: Host and narrator, David McCullough. Feature film: An all-powerful press magnate, Kane, dies in his fabulous castle Xanadu, his last word being “Rosebud”, which leads a reporter to seek the meaning behind the word and find the meaning of Kane. Prominant publisher, William Randolph Hearst, saw the film as a thinly disguised version of his career and attempted to suppress it. Documentary: Looks at the lives and careers of Orson Welles and William Randolph Hearst, and how Hearst tried to suppress the film Citizen Kane and destroy Welles.

A clockwork orange. Two-disc special ed. [Burbank, CA] : Distributed by Warner Home Video, c2007.

Disc 1: Digitally remastered movie—Disc 2: Special features. Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Adrienne Corri, Miriam Karlin. “Stamping, whomping, stealing, singing, tap-dancing, violating, Derby-topped hooligan Alex has a good time—at the tragic expense of others. His journey from amoral punk to brainwashed proper citizen and back again forms the dynamic arc of Stanley Kubrick’s future-shock vision of the Anthony Burgess novel.” (from the container).

Doctor Who. [London] : Burbank, CA : BBC Video : Distributed by BBC Worldwide Americas ; Distributed by Warner Home Video, c2007.

Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Ian Marter. Mortally weakened by the Spider Queen on Metebilis 3, the Doctor is forced to regenerate. His recuperation is cut short as UNIT investigates a spate of robberies involving components for a top-secret disintegrator gun. The culprit is quickly identified as a highly sophisticated robot built by Professor Kettlewell, which is being ordered to act against its Prime Directive.

Flags of our fathers. [Universal City, CA] : Dreamworks Home Entertainment, c2007.

Ryan Phillippe, Jesse Bradford, Adam Beach, John Benjamin Hickey, Barry Pepper, Jamie Bell, Paul Walker, Joseph Cross, Benjamin Walker, Tom McCarthy, George Grizzard, Harve Presnell, George Hearn, Len Cariou. The story of the five Marines and one Navy corpsman that were forever immortalized as a symbol of WWII by raising the American flag at the battle of Iwo Jima. When Joe Rosenthal’s photograph of the event becomes a symbol of hope for the families at home, the three surviving men are pulled from combat and sent on a tour across America to raise desperately-needed bond money. It is a trip that brings out the truths of both that symbolic act, and of their lives during war.

Groundhog Day. 15th anniversary special ed. Culver City, Calif. : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, c2008.
Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott. Teamed with a relentlessly cheerful producer and a smart-aleck cameraman, TV weatherman Phil Connors is sent to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to cover the annual Groundhog Day festivities. But on his way out of town, Phil is caught in a giant blizzard, which he failed to predict, and finds himself stuck in small-town hell. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, they do. Phil wakes the next morning to find it’s Groundhog Day all over again—and again—and again.

Jaws. 30th Anniversary ed. Universal City, CA : Universal Home Video, c2005.

Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton. The 30th anniversary edition of the classic ‘I’m-Never-Going-In-The-Water-Again’ story of a killer shark that has taken over the waters near a seaside community, and the three men who set out to kill it.

Knight rider. Universal City, CA : Universal, [2004], c1982.

David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Patricia McPherson. K.I.T.T. voice: William Daniels. Michael Knight is recruited by the dying billionaire Wilton Knight to work for the Foundation of Law and Government. He works along side with K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand), a supercar outfitted with outrageous gadgets and a personality. Michael Knight is a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, and the powerless in a world of criminals who think that they can operate above the law.

On Golden Pond. Special ed. [Santa Monica, Calif.] : Artisan Home Entertainment, c2003.
Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda, Doug McKeon, Dabney Coleman, William Lanteau, Christopher Rydell, Troy Garity. Shows the conflicts between three generations as the Thayers, a crotchety old professor and his wife, spend their summer together on a lake in New England. The couple agrees to mind their estranged daughter’s boyfriend’s child, while daughter and boyfriend go on a trip. The boy bonds with the old man in a way his daughter never did. Shows the terrors and graces of aging.

Rocky. Santa Monica, CA. : MGM/UA Home Video, c1997.
Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Carl Weathers, Burgess Meredith. Rocky Balboa (Stallone), the underdog, gets his million-to-one shot at love, self-respect and the world heavyweight boxing crown ... and comes out a winner.

Spartacus. [Widescreen version]. Universal City, CA : Universal, c1998.
Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons, Charles Laughton, Peter Ustinov, John Gavin, Tony Curtis. Spartacus is the bold gladiator slave who leads a massive slave revolt against Imperial Rome in this epic true account of man’s eternal struggle for freedom.

Stardust. Widescreen [ed.]. Hollywood, Calif. : Paramount Home Entertainment, c2007.
Charlie Cox, Sienna Miller, Henry Cavill, Nathaniel Parker, Peter O’Toole, Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, Robert De Niro. Narrator, Ian McKellen.
Tristan hopes to win the heart of his beautiful, but shallow love, Victoria. He promises to recover a star that fell somewhere beyond the stony Wall that sets between the mundane England and the fantasy kingdom of Stormhold. So Tristan sets forth on his own journey in Stormhold. Meanwhile in that magical land, the dying king has set his four surviving sons on a quest for the crown. And the witch Lamia is seeking the heart of the star for an entirely different purpose, one that involves her secret power.

Suffocationh[videorecording] /cCinevision International : production ; producer, Cao Biao ; director, Zhang. [English subtitled, widescreen version]. Chatsworth, CA :bImage Entertainment, c2007.

Ge You, Qin Hailu, Li Bin, Li Mengnan, Wang Ning, Wang Qianhuan, Le Geng. A cello case becomes an instrument of terror for a photographer convinced he murdered his cheating wife. The lines between the subconscious and conscious, the dead and the living, horrifically blur in this intense, atmospheric, psychological thriller.