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New books and media for June 08



Ahern, Cecelia. If you could see me now. New York : Hyperion, c2007.
In a small Irish village, Elizabeth Egan appears cold and distant to everyone in her life, including her young nephew, who is in her care. Her attitude starts to change, however, when she meets Ivan, who teaches her how to relax and enjoy the people around her. (from Audiofile).

Arnoldi, Katie. The Wentworths : a novel. Woodstock, NY : Overlook Press, c2008.

A powerful, dysfunctional Southern California family—comprised of father and son philanderers; cold, cruel mother and daughter compulsive dieters, two troubled grandchildren, and a gay son who provides biting commentary on the others—is threatened by two wronged women.

Arruda, Suzanne Middendorf. The serpent’s daughter : a Jade Del Cameron mystery. New York : Obsidian, c2008.
Jade and her exceedingly proper mother, Inez, have agreed to meet in Tangier to try to mend their contentious relationship. When Inez is kidnapped, Jade’s desperate search leads her first to Marrakech and then to a Berber village high in the Atlas Mountains, dodging drug smugglers, slave traders and Jade’s old nemesis, Lilith Worthy. (from Publishers Weekly).

Arruda, Suzanne Middendorf. Stalking ivory. New York : New American Library, c2007.

In Arruda’s spunky second throwback adventure to feature Jade del Cameron (after 2006’s Mark of the Lion), the former WWI ambulance driver travels to British East Africa in 1920, to photograph and write about elephants. En route to an elephant sanctuary in remote Mount Marsabit-accompanied by her friend Beverly; Bev’s husband, Lord Avery Dunbury; and a 12-year-old Kikuyu boy, Jelani, whom Jade is mentoring-Jade discovers the corpses of four elephants, slain for ivory, and the dead King’s African Rifle soldier who evidently tried to stop the poachers. Jade swears to find the killers. (from Publishers Weekly).

Balogh, Mary. Simply magic. New York : Delacorte Press, c2007.

Susanna Osbourne is enjoying a perfectly lovely holiday in the countryside until she meets the wealthy nobleman Peter Edgeworth. Despite Susanna’s best efforts to let Peter know she has no interest whatsoever in him, the viscount, who is visiting a friend at a neighboring estate, insists on flirting with her. (from Booklist).

Barr, Nevada. Winter study. New York : Putnam’s, c2008.

Anna Pigeon, Rocky Mountain National Park ranger, runs across a large wolf and strange wolf DNA while studying a wolfpack on a Lake Superior island with two Homeland Security scientists, and fights for survival after a female scientist turns up missing.

Beaton, M. C. Kissing Christmas goodbye : an Agatha Raisin mystery. Waterville, Me. : Thorndike Press, c2007.
The indestructible Agatha Raisin, still at the top of her game in her darkly droll 17th whodunit (after Love, Lies and Liquor), is feeling woefully middle-aged after hiring Toni Gilmour, an endearing U.K.-style Nancy Drew full of teen energy and charm. As Toni takes over the pet recovery end of the sleuthing business, Agatha looks into a mysterious letter from Phyllis Tamworthy, the rich matriarch of the Manor House in the idyllic Cotswolds, who suspects family members of plotting to kill her before she can change her will to disinherit them. Agatha and her friend Sir Charles Fraith attend Phyllis’s 80th birthday party, only to see the lady keel over, poisoned by hemlock in her salad. Digging into Phyllis’s past yields an even darker mystery. (from Publishers Weekly).

Blair, Emma. Three bites of the cherry. Large print ed. Anstey, Leicester : Charnwood, c2006.
Georgie Mair’s first husband’s dies tragically from leukaemia. Three years later love comes once more into her life. Charlie Gunn saves her after an explosion in the factory at work. Like her, Charlie is widowed with a young child. As their relationship blossoms into marriage, it seems to Georgie that this second chance is almost too good to be true. . .it is. . .soon Georgie finds herself taking the only route possible. Shocking the staid community, she separates from him. But the community would have been far more shocked if they know what Lena was now up to. For in the new era of jazz and at the dawn of a Labour government, life is changing all around...And then it changes again for Georgie. She meets Bill Bailey.

Bohjalian, Christopher A. Skeletons at the feast : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Shaye Areheart Books, c2008.

In his 12th novel, Bohjalian (The Double Bind) paints the brutal landscape of Nazi Germany as German refugees struggle westward ahead of the advancing Russian army. (from Publishers Weekly).

Branch, Pamela. The wooden overcoat. 1st American ed. Lyons, [Colo.] : Rue Morgue Press, c2006.

Branch’s tongue-in-cheek 1951 outing is set in a posh British club for wrongfully acquitted murderers. There’s no honor among thieves or killers, and soon the murderers start turning up dead.

Brennan, Allison. Fear no evil : a novel. New York : Ballantine Books, c2007.
FBI agent Kate Donovan finds herself facing her worst nightmare when the sadistic killer responsible for the deaths of her boyfriend and her best friend years earlier snatches high school senior Lucy Kincaid and threatens to torture and murder her during a live Internet telecast.

Brown, Dale. Shadow command. New York : William Morrow, c2008.
General Patrick McLanahan, commander of the new Aerospace Battle Force, ignores directives from the White House and Pentagon to stand down and orders the ABF to attack secret Russian bases in Iran in an attempt to thwart Russian aggression.

Butcher, Jim. Small favor : a novel of the Dresden files. New York : Roc, c2008.
Just as wizard Harry Dresden’s life begins to calm down, an old bargain comes back to haunt Harry, forcing him to help the Queen of Air and Darkness battle an old foe and trapping him in a nightmare that stretches his skills and loyalties to their limits.

Clark, Carol Higgins. Zapped : a Regan Reilly mystery. 1st Scribner hardcover ed. New York : Scribner, c2008.

Returning home from their honeymoon to discover that their neighbor has put his Manhattan apartment up for sale, Regan Reilly and her husband Jack decide to buy it to enlarge their own loft, but the renovation process spawns its own set of problems and an unexpected case.

Clark, Clare. The nature of monsters. 1st ed. Orlando, Fla. : Harcourt, c2007.

In 1718, sixteen-year-old Eliza Tally becomes an apothecary’s maid in order to protect the father of her unborn child from scandal, but as she learns more about her new master’s work, she fears for her unborn child’s life and her own fate.

Clemens, James. Hinterland. New York : Roc, c2006.

Tylar, former knight and new regent to Chrismferry, is called upon to unravel the mystery surrounding the discovery of an ominous artifact that suggests a faction of daemonic naethryn are intent on destroying the Nine Lands.

Coble, Colleen. Midnight sea. Nashville, Tenn. : Thomas Nelson, c2007.
A seemingly random shooting at her aunt’s coffee farm has left Lani Tagama blind. Now she must learn to navigate in a world of darkness. With the help of an embittered ex-cop, Ben, and a half-trained guide dog, Fisher, Lani discovers she can regain a shadow of her former independence. But strange and dangerous secrets lurk behind the beauty of this seaside paradise. Suspicion grows that this was not a random shooting, but an attempted murder, one with its roots in a hippie commune burned over thirty year ago. Lani realizes she is a target, and that she must find the shooter before he strikes again.

Conant-Park, Jessica. Turn up the heat. 1st ed. New York : Berkley Prime Crime, c2008.
Chloe Carter has her hands full when a waitress at her boyfriend’s restaurant is found dead and police suspect the fiance of Chloe’s best friend, leaving Chloe to clear the man’s name and find the real killer before it is too late.

Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. The front. New York : Putnams, c2008.
Massachusetts state investigator Win Garano is dispatched to Watertown by District Attorney Monique Lamont to look into a cold case that just may be the Boston Strangler’s first victim, but he runs up against opposition from the Front, an unofficial coalition of police departments who are suspicious of Lamont, her minions, and her motivations.

Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. Predator. Doubleday Large Print Home Library ed. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, c2005.

Kay Scarpetta and her colleagues, Benton Wesley, Pete Marino, and her niece Lucy Farinelli, return to a series of forensic cases as haunting as any they have ever tackled. Working with the National Forensic Institute in Florida, Scarpetta and Marino examine the X-rays of a man who has died from a shotgun blast to the chest. But the pellets embedded show a strange pinball pattern and the two can’t help but wonder if this points to suicide or murder.

Dahlie, Michael. A gentleman’s guide to graceful living : a novel. 1st ed. New York : W.W. Norton, c2008.

Arthur Camden’s greatest talents are for packing and unpacking suitcases, making coleslaw, and second-guessing every decision in his life. When his business fails and his wife leaves him to pursue more aggressive men Arthur finds that he has none of the talents and finesse that everyone else seems to possess for navigating New York society. Arthur tries to reinvigorate his life with comic and tragic results: He dates women with no interest in him, burns down his Catskills fly-fishing club, runs afoul of the law in France, and disgraces himself before family members. Just when Arthur hits the depths of despair, an eccentric suitor (a woman who happens to resemble the model on Arthur’s vitamin bottles) helps him take a leap into a wonderful unknown.

Davis, Bryan. Beyond the reflection’s edge. Grand Rapids, Mich. : Zondervan, c2008.

After losing his parents, sixteen-year-old Nathan teams up with the daughter of a family friend to carry on his father’s investigative work, which leads them through a strange mirror into another world where dark forces await.

Enoch, Suzanne. Billionaires prefer blondes. New York : Avon Books, c2006.

Even though she has decided to retire from her life as a thief, Samantha gets almost uncontrollable urges to break into posh places and take expensive things. Missing the adrenaline rush of criminal activity, she hangs onto her legitimate life with her fingernails. But now, Samantha has a much larger problem than her self-control—her supposedly dead father (and fellow thief) has shown up very much alive at a Sotheby’s auction.

Frazier, Kit. Scoop : a Cauley MacKinnon novel. 1st ed. Woodbury, Minn. : Midnight Ink, c2006.

Banished to the “death page” at the Austin Sentinel after sleeping with her boss, Cauley Mackinnon is eager to shed her shameful title as the obituary Babe and put her new journalism degree to good use. When her childhood friend Scooter Barnes, exotic pet storeowner and former Dallas Cowboy, threatens suicide, she sneaks into the crime scene and manages to talk him out of it. But Scooter is later found dead and everyone-a hot FBI agent, a menacing one-eared maniac, the Argentinean mafia, and a flirtatious customs agent-wants the scoop on what he told Cauley in his last hours.

George, Elizabeth. Careless in red : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Harper, c2008.

Thomas Lynley of Scotland Yard, who walks the rugged coastline to contemplate his wife’s senseless murder, discovers the body of a young man at the base of a cliff and becomes a witness and suspect in the case instead of an investigator.

Gien, Pamela. The syringa tree : a novel. Random House Trade Paperback ed. New York : Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2007.
Young Elizabeth Grace, the privileged daughter of a part-Jewish doctor and his wife in South Africa in the 1960s, learns firsthand about the cruelties of apartheid when her beloved Xhosa nanny, Salamina, is forced to carry permission papers to enter white areas, and must hide her newborn baby from authorities.

Gramont, Nina de. Gossip of the starlings : a novel. 1st ed. Chapel Hill, N.C. : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, c2008.

When Catherine Morrow is admitted to the Esther Percy School for Girls, it’s on the condition that she reform her ways. But that’s before the charismatic and beautiful Skye Butterfield, daughter of the famous Senator Butterfield, chooses Catherine for her best friend. Skye is a young woman hell-bent on a trajectory of self-destruction, and she doesn’t care who is taken down with her.

Greeley, Andrew M.. Irish tiger : a Nuala Anne McGrail novel. 1st ed. New York : Forge Books, c2008.

Nuala Anne McGrail, a wife, mother, lover, singer, and problem solver, takes tender care of people who have won her heart, but she becomes a fierce protector when two loving senior citizens who have found unexpected romance late in life become the targets of an unknown enemy.

Grimes, Martha. Dakota : a novel. New York : Viking, c2008.
Hired at a pig farm, Andi Oliver, the amnesiac heroine of Biting the Moon, discovers some foul-smelling secrets even as she dodges strangers from her past trailing her for reasons she can’t comprehend.

Hart, Kendall. Charm! : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Hyperion, c2008.

Thirty-year-old Avery Wilkins struggles to put her Manhattan-based cosmetics company, Flair, on the map, while dealing with a playboy partner, a cheating boyfriend, the possibility of new love, and a shocking truth about her mother.

Hubbard, Susan. The Society of S. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2007.
After discovering that her father is a vampire and her estranged mother is a mortal, twelve-year-old Ariella Montero has the choice of becoming undead or staying human and sets out on a quest that leads her to her mom and her answer.

Johnson, Dolores. Pressed to kill. 1st ed. New York : Thomas Dunne Books, c2007.
Mandy Dyer, owner of a Denver dry cleaning service, and her employees investigate the murders of two of their female patrons and try to figure out which one of their male clients may be guilty of the crimes.

Kenson, Stephen. Poison agendas. New York : ROC : New American Library, c2006.
During the year 2063 in Seattle, shadowrunner Kellan Colt journeys into the Awakened wilderness to recover a supply of military weapons she plans on selling, but runs into trouble when her enemies decide they want the stash too.

Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray). Odd hours. New York : Bantam Books, 2008.

Haunted by dreams of a powerful red tide, Odd Thomas, accompanied by two otherworldly sidekicks—his dog Boo and the Chairman of the Board—is drawn to a small California coastal town, where nothing is at it appears and where he confronts overwhelming and sinister forces out to stop his quest.

Krentz, Jayne Ann. All night long. Doubleday large print home library ed. New York : Putnam, c2005.

A mysterious e-mail from a childhood friend, Pamela Webb, draws big-city reporter Irene Stenson home, but when Irene arrives, Pamela is dead, apparently of a drug overdose. Handsome but damaged ex-Marine Luke Danner, who owns the lodge where Irene is staying, helps her look into the case. (from Publishers Weekly).

Lackey, Mercedes. One good knight. [New York] : Luna, c2006.
Traditionally, marauding dragons are soothed only by a virgin sacrifice. And so the frightened people of Acadia devise a lottery system to choose the victims. Things are going fairly smoothly - except for the women chosen, of course - until practical-minded Princess Andromeda is picked. She accepts her duty, though she would prefer to defend herself.

Lahiri, Jhumpa. Unaccustomed earth. 1st North American ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2008.
Contains eight short stories, largely centered on themes of family and friendship, including the title story, “Unaccustomed Earth,” in which Ruma, a young mother, is visited by her father in Seattle.

Lescroart, John T. Betrayal : a novel. New York : Dutton, c2008.
When Dismas Hardy agrees to clean up the caseload of recently disappeared attorney Charlie Bowen, he thinks it will be easy. But one of the cases is far from small-time—the sensational clash between National Guard reservist Evan Scholler and an ex-Navy SEAL and private contractor named Ron Nolan. Two rapid-fire events in Iraq conspired to bring the men into fatal conflict: Nolan’s relationship with Evan’s girlfriend, Tara, a beautiful school-teacher back home in the states, followed by a deadly incident in which Nolan’s apparent mistake results in the death of an innocent Iraqi family as well as seven men in Evan’s platoon. As the murky relationship between the US government and its private contractors plays out in the personal drama of these two men, and the consequences become a desperate matter of life and death, Dismas Hardy begins to uncover a terrible and perilous truth that takes him far beyond the case and into the realm of assassination and treason.—From publisher description.

Lippman, Laura. Another thing to fall. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, c2008.
When the production of a Hollywood film in Baltimore brings mayhem and murder to the area, private investigator Tess Monaghan finds her job complicated by the acting skills of her numerous suspects.

Michaels, Fern. Collateral damage. New York : Kensington Books, c2008.

A mysterious political operative needs the Sisterhood to track down a computer hacker who stole a list of secret fundraisers’ names, but the job proves to be more dangerous than they thought.

Morgan, Richard K.. Woken furies. Del Rey Trade Pbk. ed. New York : Del Rey, c2007.

Morgan returns to his saga of betrayal, mystery, and revenge, as Takeshi Kovacs, in one fatal moment, joins forces with a mysterious woman who may have the power to shatter Harlan’s World forever.

Norton, Andre. Dark companion. Riverdale, NY : New York : Baen ; Distributed by Simon & Schuster, [2007], c2005.
Dark piper—Dread companion. Contains two novels by Andre Norton, including “Dark Piper” in which Vere Collis and his friends survive an explosion and believe they are the only humans among a group of mutant creatures; and “Dread Companion” in which a governess follows two young children into a dangerous other-dimensional world.

O’Shea, Patti. In the midnight hour. New York : Tor, c2007.
Ryne is a magical troubleshooter, sworn to protect the innocent from being harmed by magic—and she’s been chasing Anise, her former mentor, for six years. Deke is a private investigator who knows something key to defeating Anise. But Anise cast a dark spell over him, and even though Ryne has managed to temporarily lift the curse, Deke can’t remember what it is that he knows. Ryne has sworn to never get involved with a human, but Deke is sexy, charming, brave, and irresistible—and as Ryne and Deke are pulled further into Anise’s evil schemes, it’s harder and harder for Ryne to resist the attraction.

Parrish, P. J. A thousand bones. 1st Pocket Books pbk. ed. New York, N.Y. : Pocket Books, c2007.
Parrish uses his last, stunning Louis Kincaid novel (2006’s An Unquiet Grave) as a jumping-off point for Kincaid’s lover Joe Frye, the lone female homicide detective in the Miami-Dade Police Department. Told in flashback, Frye recounts her investigation of serial murders 13 years earlier, in 1975. Frye’s uneventful rookie year in the Leelanau County, Mich., sheriff’s department undergoes a drastic change with the discovery of human bones in the woods of Echo Bay. Soon, the discovery of more bones and a multitude of artifacts point police to the conclusion that the remains belong to more than one victim. (from Publishers Weekly).

Patterson, James. Sundays at Tiffany’s. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown and Company, c2008.

Jane grew up very rich and very lonely. Her mother was much too busy with her Broadway theater company to be close to her nervous, introspective daughter. In fact, Jane had only one true friend, and he was imaginary. (from Barnes and Noble).

Picoult, Jodi. Change of heart : a novel. 1st Atria Books hardcover ed. New York : Atria Books, c2008.
June Nealon’s life is shattered when Shay Bourne murders her husband and daughter, but when her eleven-year-old daughter, Claire, needs a heart transplant, Bourne decides that his only chance at redemption is to give Claire his heart after he is put to death, leaving June to decide if she wants to let the man who destroyed her life save her daughter’s.

Pinter, Jason. The mark. Don Mills, Ont. : Mira, c2007.
Twenty-four-year-old cub reporter Henry Parker shows up at the apartment of an ex-con for an interview, finds him being beaten by a Mob man, and soon finds himself on the run from the Mob, the New York City Police Department, and the FBI.

Pronzini, Bill. Fever : a Nameless Detective novel. 1st hardcover ed. New York : Forge, c2008.
Mitchell Krochek, who’s worried about the gambling addiction of his wife, Janice, hires Nameless to trace Janice, who’s disappeared for the fourth time in four years. (from Publishers Weekly).

Rabe, Jean. Aftershock. New York : New American Library, c2006.

The troll known as Hood and his fellow Shadowrunners steal some biotechnological agriculture from the Plantech Corporation-only to find themselves framed for murder and tied to an even greater conspiracy.

Reilly, Matthew. The 6 sacred stones. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.

After completing a 10-year mission to acquire the Golden Capstone of the Great Pyramid from what’s left of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Jack West Jr. has retired to the Australian outback to raise his adopted daughter, Lily. Jack’s pal, Professor Max T. Epper, known as Wizard, has discovered that the Dark Sun, a mysterious heavenly body, is due to emerge in nine days, triggering the Apocalypse. Ultimate disaster can only be averted if someone can locate the six legendary Pillars, cleanse them with the Philosopher’s Stone and insert them in the 6 Vertices, thereby causing the Great Machine to power on and negate the fatal blast from the Dark Sun. (from Publishers Weekly).

Robinson, Patrick. To the death : a new novel. New York : Vanguard Books, c2007.
When a terrorist bomb explodes in Boston’s Logan Airport, Admiral Arnold Morgan, the President’s most trusted advisor, moves quickly to break the cell in the United States and ship the Islamic fanatics to Guantanamo Bay. In response, the Hamas high command, meeting in a terrorist cell in Gaza, hatches a vicious plan to assassinate the Admiral the minute he leaves the United States. Morgan’s old nemesis, Ravi Rashood, leads this international attack and attempt to eliminate him.

Rosenberg, Joel C.. Dead heat. Carol Stream, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, c2008.

With a world war brewing and president James MacPherson completing his second term, the United States Secret Service races against time to stop a terrorist group from assassinating a presidential candidate.

Russell, Mary Doria. Dreamers of the day : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2008.
Schoolteacher Agnes Shanklin sets off on the trip of a lifetime, touring Egypt and the Holy Land in 1921, and finds herself pulled into the drama surrounding the Cairo Peace Conference, where she witnesses history being made as the fate of that Arab world is decided.

Sandford, John, 1944 Feb. 23-. Phantom prey. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, c2008.

A widow comes home to her large house in a wealthy, exclusive suburb to find blood everywhere, no body - and her college aged daughter missing.

Singer, Randy (Randy D.). By reason of insanity. Carol Stream, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, c2008.
Catherine O’Rourke is a seasoned reporter who covers trials for Norfolk, Virginia’s The Tidewater Times. The latest sexual abuse case she covers hits a little too close to home, and she has a series of disturbing “visions” that suggest first-hand details of the crimes. Soon she finds herself on trial as the “Avenger,” a Bible-quoting serial killer. Are her visions spiritual? Or does she have a split personality? She’s unsure of her innocence or guilt—and so are her lawyers, including the likeable high-rolling Vegas attorney, Quinn Newberg, who is famous for his insanity defenses.

Snyder, Michael. My name is Russell Fink : a novel. Grand Rapids, Mich. : Zondervan, c2008.
Aspiring artist Russell Fink, a copier salesman who is engaged to a women he dislikes, tries to cope with his troubled relationship with his televangelist father and the realities of life while searching for the person he believes killed his basset hound, Sonny.

Spedding, Sally. Prey silence. Large print ed. Long Preston [England] : Magna Large Print Books, c2006.

After enduring six years of his wife Kathy’s depression, Tom Wardle-Smith moves his family from England to Phoenix’s Nest in the South of France, in the hope of saving his marriage from the flames. Their new neighbor, farmer Samson Boeuf, has other ideas - he had failed to secure the land the Wardle-Smith’s purchased, and his hatred of these ‘rosbifs’ fuels his ill-will as he plots to destroy them.

Spindler, Erica. Last known victim. Don Mills, Ont. : Mira, c2007.

Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters failed to wash away evil in bestseller Spindler’s grim vision of New Orleans. In the storm’s aftermath, police discover a refrigerator stocked with severed right hands, evidence in a string of bizarre murders attributed to “The Handyman.” (from Publishers Weekly).

Stanley, Michael. A carrion death. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, c2008.

In investigating the case of a partially consumed human body found in a remote area of a game reserve, Kubu keeps running across tangential links to Botswana Cattle and Mining, the country’s largest company.

Staub, Wendy Corsi. Don’t scream. New York : Zebra Books, c2007.
Four sorority sisters, who had witnessed the death of a friend ten years earlier and swore never to reveal the true nature of the incident, are stalked by a psychopath who is out to seek revenge by killing each of them.

Vincenzi, Penny. Sheer abandon : a novel. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Doubleday, c2007.

Friends Martha, Clio, and Jocasta meet again after years apart and learn that each is hiding a shocking secret about their careers, marriages, and past.

Wolitzer, Meg. The ten-year nap. New York : Riverhead Books, c2008.
Amy and her friends, college educated women who pursued satisfying careers before taking time off for marriage and children, are forced at the age of forty to reassess the choices they have made after Amy befriends a charismatic and successful working mother of three who seems to really have it all.


004.092 PAU
Pausch, Randy. The last lecture. 1st ed. New York : Hyperion, c2008.

Computer science professor Randy Pausch, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, discusses how to overcome obstacles in one’s life and achieve one’s dreams.

128 FRA
Frayn, Michael. The human touch : our part in the creation of a universe. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Metropolitan Books, 2007, c2006.

Philosophizes on a variety of topics concerning humankind; including the structure of space and time, intention and purpose, the act of deciding, sense and syntax, idle thoughts, and more.

294.344 NGU
Nguyen, Anh Huong. Walking meditation. Boulder, CO : Sounds True, c2006.

With Walking Meditation, listeners enjoy the first comprehensive instructional program in this serene spiritual practice to help them walk with presence and peace of mind whether in nature or on a busy city street. Presented in a unique format that combines a book with a DVD and audio CD, Walking Meditation features esteemed Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh along with one of his principle students, Anh-Huong Nguyen, as they together illuminate the central tenets of this powerful art, including: How to recognize the miracle in simply walking - not as a means to an end, but as the opportunity to touch the fullness of life, Reversing “habit energy” through the unification of body and mind, Using walking meditation to work with difficult emotions such as anger and anxiety, and much more.

320.5209 HEI
Heilbrunn, Jacob. They knew they were right : the rise of the neocons. 1st ed. New York : Doubleday, c2008.

Discusses the rise, and role of, the neoconservatives, a group of officials and pundits grown out of the ideological split between Stalinists and Trotsky followers in the 1930s who later, according to the author, rallied behind Ronald Reagan and grew to power in George W. Bush’s administration to help advance democracy in the Arab world.

324.7082 KUN
Kunin, Madeleine. Pearls, politics, & power : how women can win and lead. White River Junction, Vt. : Chelsea Green Pub., c2008.
Elected women leaders—Governors, Senators, Congresswomen, state legislators and city officials—tell their stories to former three-term Vermont Governor and Ambassador Madeleine M. Kunin, who intersperses her candid observations.

330 ARI
Ariely, Dan. Predictably irrational : the hidden forces that shape our decisions. 1st ed. New York : Harper, c2008.
Shares scientific experiments, findings, and anecdotes that explain the forces that influence daily decisions, leading people to consistently overpay, underestimate, and procrastinate, and offers insights designed to help people stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

333.7932 SCH
Schewe, Phillip F. The grid : a journey through the heart of our electrified world. Washington, DC : J. Henry Press, c2007.

Traces the history of the electrical grid, exploring how it was created, how it has been used and misused around the world, how it has impacted various regions and cultures, and what its future may hold.

338.176 BAU
Baur, Gene. Farm sanctuary : changing hearts and minds about animals and food. 1st Touchstone hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.
Examines the ethical questions surrounding the production of beef, poultry, pork, milk, and eggs, describing the often horrifying conditions the animals are kept in before being slaughtered, and encourages people to begin promoting compassion for farm animals and refusing to buy animal products from farms that treat their animals badly.

338.4767 JAC
Jackson, Joe. The thief at the end of the world : rubber, power, and the seeds of empire. New York : Viking, c2008.

In 1876, a man named Henry Wickham smuggled seventy thousand rubber tree seeds out of the rainforests of Brazil and delivered them to Victorian England’s most prestigious scientists at Kew Gardens. Those seeds, planted around the world in England’s colonial outposts, gave rise to the great rubber boom of the early twentieth century. . .In this utterly engaging account of obsession, greed, bravery, and betrayal, author and journalist Joe Jackson brings to life a classic Victorian fortune hunter and the empire that fueled, then abandoned, him. (from the publisher, edited).

339.4709 BAR
Barber, Benjamin R.. Consumed : how markets corrupt children, infantilize adults, and swallow citizens whole. New York ; London : W. W. Norton, c2008.

Consumed offers a vivid portrait of an overproducing global economy that targets children as consumers in a market where there are never enough shoppers and where the primary goal is no longer to manufacture goods but needs.

342.730 DER
Dershowitz, Alan M. Finding Jefferson : a lost letter, a remarkable discovery, and the first amendment in an age of terrorism. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2008.

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz describes his love of collecting and his remarkable find at a flea market of an 1801 letter written by Thomas Jefferson that reveals Jefferson’s views on freedom of speech.

342.7308 LEW
Lewis, Anthony. Freedom for the thought that we hate : a biography of the First Amendment. New York : Basic Books, c2007.
Describes the legal and political controversies surrounding the implementation and enforcement of the free expression clauses of the First Amendment.

346.06622 MAN
Mancuso, Anthony. Incorporate your business. [4th ed.]. Berkeley, CA : Nolo, c2007.
Incorporate Your Business lays out everything the author believes you need to know about corporate laws and regulations in your state. (from the Publisher, edited).

352.230 ABS
Abshire, David M. A call to greatness : challenging our next president. Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers : Distributed by National Book Network, c2008.

Call to Greatness examines how our next President can learn from the successes and failures of past Presidents to be an effective leader during a time of tremendous challenges at home and abroad.

363.1246 COO
Cook, Richard C. Challenger revealed : an insider’s account of how the Reagan Administration caused the greatest tragedy of the space age. New York : [Berkeley, Calif.] : Thunder’s Mouth Press ; Distributed by Publishers Group West, c2006.

Reveals the political urgency the drove NASA to launch the disastrous Challenger mission on January 28, 1986, describing how NASA officials ignored repeated warnings that the shuttle was unsafe in order to stop the government’s plan to militarize the space program.

364.106 BRE
Breslin, Jimmy. The good rat : a true story. 1st ed. New York : Ecco, c2008.

A look at the trial of two New York detectives connected to the Mafia who committed kidnapping and murder and were convicted in 2006 on the testimony of Mob associate Burton Kaplan.

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Baez, John. The gay and lesbian guide to college life : a comprehensive resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender students and their allies. New York : Random House, c2007.

Offers gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students advice on how they can adapt to college life, with tips on finding a homosexual-friendly school, evaluating campus policies, dealing with homophobia on campus, finding support on campus, and more.

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Thompson, Jennifer Trainer. The joy of family traditions : a season-by-season companion of 400 celebrations and activities. Berkeley CA : Ten Speed Press, c2008.

“The Joy of Family Traditions” offers more than 400 fresh ideas and creative approaches to cultivating birthday, anniversary, holiday, and other rite-of-passage and seasonal traditions that strengthen personal bonds and reflect a family’s individual style, spirituality, and values.

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Bekoff, Marc. The emotional lives of animals : a leading scientist explores animal joy, sorrow, and empathy, and why they matter. Novato, Calif. : [S.l.] : New World Library ; Distributed by Publishers Group West, c2007.
Presents biological research to support the existence of animal emotions and why it is important to rethinking the human relationship to animals and how animals are treated.

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Bearzi, Maddalena. Beautiful minds : the parallel lives of great apes and dolphins. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, c2008.
Endowed through evolution with large brains, the great apes (chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangutans) and the cetaceans (dolphins and whales) are second only to humans in intelligence. In this book, dolphin specialist Bearzi and primatologist Stanford discuss the similarities between these groups. (from the publisher, edited).

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Hayes, Bill. The anatomist : a true story of Gray’s anatomy. 1st ed. New York : Ballantine, c2008.

The author presents a comprehensive biography of English anatomist and surgeon, Henry Gray, along with a scientific essay on human anatomy.

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Harvey-Berino, Jean. The EatingWell diet : introducing the university-tested Vtrim Weight-loss Program. Woodstock, Vermont : Countryman Press, c2007.
A science-based plan that brings together cutting-edge, university-tested weight-loss strategies with delicious, quick and easy recipes and an arsenal of self-help tools.

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Freytag, Chris. Prevention’s shortcuts to big weight loss : slim your belly, butt, and thighs—and get fit twice as fast. New York, NY : Rodale, 2008, c2007.
Prevention contributing fitness editor Chris Freytag details how you can lose up to 30 percent more weight than you can with traditional 40-minute exercise programs.

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Van Tilburg, Christopher. Mountain rescue doctor : wilderness medicine in the extremes of nature. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, c2007.

Dr. Christopher Van Tilburg offers firsthand accounts of some of his most harrowing missions as an emergency wilderness physician and a member of the oldest mountain rescue team in the country, describing the unique skills and courage needed to rescue and treat patients in the extreme conditions often found in the Mt. Hood region.

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Epstein, Lawrence J. (Lawrence L. J.). The Harvard Medical School guide to a good night’s sleep. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2007.

Offers a step-by-step program designed to help people overcome sleep problems such as snoring, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea.

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Johnson, W. Brad. Crazy love : dealing with your partner’s problem personality. Atascadero, Calif. : Impact Publishers, c2007.

This book offers an examination of personality disorders and their impact on intimate relationships, our attraction to these types, and how to live with them or know when it’s best to make a graceful exit. (from the publisher, edited).

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Jampolsky, Lee L.. Healing the addictive personality : freeing yourself from addictive patterns and relationships. Berkeley, Calif. : Celestial Arts, c2008.
Dr. Jampolsky’s straightforward approach, based on firsthand experience, presents ways of healing addictive thinking, behavior, and destructive relationship patterns with forgiveness, compassion, and the potential for limitless opportunity through an eleven-week action plan.

617.481 VAN
Mistaken identity : two families, one survivor, unwavering hope. New York : Howard Books, c2008.

The Van Ryn and Cerak families, who became part of a national news story when it was discovered that their daughters were misidentified after a tragic car accident, leaving one family grieving for their daughter while another cared for their comatose child, unaware their roles were about to be reversed, share how their faith in God helped them overcome the emotional upheaval of the accident and its aftermath.

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Mares, Bill. Bees besieged. Medina, Ohio : A.I. Root Company, c2005.

Bill Mares travels the U.S. interviewing hobby, sideline and commercial beekeepers, honey packers and importers, honey bee researchers and scientists and many others related to the beekeeping industry to identify the status of beekeeping in the U.S. and looks for answers to questions on varroa and tracheal mites, resistant diseases, cheap imported honey prices, research problems, the economics of American agriculture, and the decline in the number of beekeepers in America.

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Dolin, Eric Jay. Leviathan : the history of whaling in America. 1st ed. New York : W.W. Norton & Company, c2007.
The epic history of the “iron men in wooden boats” who built an industrial empire through the pursuit of whales. Few things can capture the sheer danger and desperation of men on the deep sea as dramatically as whaling. Environmental writer Dolin chronicles the rise of a burgeoning industry, from its brutal struggles during the Revolutionary period to its golden age in the mid-1800s when a fleet of more than 700 ships hunted the seas and American whale oil lit the world, to its decline as the twentieth century dawned. This sweeping social and economic history provides rich and often fantastic accounts of the men themselves, who mutinied, murdered, rioted, deserted, drank, scrimshawed, and recorded their experiences in journals and memoirs. The book also contains a wealth of naturalistic detail on whales. (from the publisher).

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Gavigan, Christopher. Healthy child, healthy world : creating a cleaner, greener, safer home. New York : Dutton/Penguin Group, c2008.

Offers advice on creating an ecologically friendly and safe home environment for children.

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Assaraf, John. The answer : grow any business, achieve financial freedom, and live an extraordinary life. New York : Atria Books, c2008.

By teaching readers how to attract and use newly discovered “uncommon” senses to achieve business success, the authors demonstrate the beliefs, habits, thoughts, and actions that they have used to build eighteen multimillion-dollar companies.

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Garnett, Larry W. Home plan doctor : the essential companion for anyone buying a home design plan. North Adams, MA : Storey Pub., c2008.
Larry W. Garnett, a home plan designer for 30 years, knows the dilemma of the buyer. In Home Plan Doctor he makes basic design principles accessible to buyers, explaining in clear language how to navigate every stage of the process, from selecting a plan to evaluating the suitability of the design room-by-room, and, finally, requesting needed modifications.

796.332 PIE
Pierce, Charles P. Moving the chains : Tom Brady and the pursuit of everything. 1st pbk. ed. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007, c2006.
Offers a biography of football star Tom Brady, discussing his upbringing, college career, and success as quarterback of the New England Patriots.

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Eig, Jonathan. Opening day : the story of Jackie Robinson’s first season. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2007.

Chronicles Jackie Robinson’s first season in major league baseball from behind the scenes, dispelling myths, examining the challenges Robinson faced, and tracing the Brooklyn Dodgers’ path to the World Series.

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Stanton, Tom. Ty and the Babe : baseball’s fiercest rivals : a surprising friendship and the 1941 has-beens golf championship. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, c2007.
Recounts the friendship and rivalry between baseball legends Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, describing how, twenty-five years after their initial rivalry on the baseball field the pair began a new rivalry on the golf course.

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Vonnegut, Kurt. Armageddon in retrospect : and other new and unpublished writings on war and peace. New York : Putnam’s, c2008.

A collection of twelve writings by twentieth-century American novelist Kurt Vonnegut that reflect war and peace, including his reflections on the destruction of Dresden during World War II.

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Wilder, Robert. Tales from the teachers’ lounge : what I learned in school the second time around—one man’s irreverent look at being a teacher. New York : Delacorte Press, c2007.
The author presents a collection of essays that chronicle his own personal adventures as an elementary and middle school teacher.

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Brown, Cynthia Stokes. Big history : from the Big Bang to the present. New York : New Press : Distributed by W.W. Norton, c2007.
Draws on a wide range of fields, including biology, sociology, anthropology, and geology, to examine the link between humans and the environment, describing the unique impact humans have had on the cosmos since the dawn of time.

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Beers, F. W. (Frederick W.). County atlas of Caledonia, Vermont : from actual surveys by and under the direction of F.W. Beers. CD-ROM ed. West Chesterfield, NH : Old Maps, c2006.

Barnet—Burke—Danville—Groton—Hardwick—Kirby—Lyndon—Newark—Peacham—Ryegate—Sheffield—St. Johnsbury—Stannard—Sutton—Walden—Waterford—Wheelock. “This CD-ROM contains all the maps and data from the original 64 page atlas ... There are 53 separate maps ... for the 17 towns of Caledonia County. There are also Business Directories, statistical data and 35 pictures”—insert.

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Beers, F. W. (Frederick W.). Atlas of Addison Co., Vermont : from actual surveys by and under the direction of F.W. Beers, assisted by W.S. Peet and others. CD-ROM ed. West Chesterfield, NH : Old Maps, c2006.

Addison—Avery’s Gore—Bridport—Bristol—Cornwall—Ferrisburgh—Goshen—Granville—Hancock—Leicester—Lincoln—Middlebury—Monkton—New Haven—Orwell—Panton—Ripton—Salisbury—Shoreham—Starksboro—Vergennes—Waltham—Weybridge—Whiting. “This CD-ROM contains all the maps and data from the original 50 page atlas ... There are 55 separate maps ... for the 24 towns of Addison County. There are also pages of Early History, Business Directories, statistical data”—insert.

912 BEE VT Beers, F. W. (Frederick W.). Atlas of the counties of Lamoille and Orleans, Vermont. CD-ROM ed. West Chesterfield, NH : Old Maps, c2006.
Albany—Barton—Belvidere—Brownington—Cambridge—Charleston—Coventry—Craftsbury—Derby—Eden—Elmore—Glover—Greensboro—Holland—Hyde Park—Irasburg—Jay—Johnson—Lowell—Morgan—Morristown—Newport—Salem—Stowe—Troy—Waterville—Westfield—Westmore—Wolcott. “This CD-ROM contains all the maps and data from the original 74 page atlas ... There are 83 separate maps ... for the 29 towns of Lamoille & Orleans Counties. There are also Business Directories and statistical data”—insert.

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Beers, F. W. (Frederick W.). Atlas of Orange Co., Vermont : from actual surveys by and under the direction of F.W. Beers, assisted by Geo. P. Sanford and others. CD-ROM ed. West Chesterfield, NH : Old Maps, c2006.

Bradford—Braintree—Brookfield—Chelsea—Corinth—Fairlee—Newbury—Orange—Randolph—Strafford—Thetford—Topsham—Tunbridge—Vershire—Washington—West Fairlee—Williamstown. “This CD-ROM contains all the maps and data from the original 48 page atlas ... There are 63 separate maps ... for the 17 towns of Orange County. There are also business Directories and statistical data”—insert.

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Beers, F. W. (Frederick W.). Atlas of Franklin and Grand Isle Cos., Vermont : from actual surveys by and under the direction of F.W. Beers. CD-ROM ed. West Chesterfield, NH : Old Maps, c2006.

Alburgh—Averys Gore—Bakersfield—Berkshire—Enosburgh—Fairfax—Fairfield—Fletcher—Franklin—Georgia—Grand Isle—Highgate—Isle La Motte—Montgomery—North Hero—Richford—Sheldon—South Hero—St. Albans—Swanton. “This CD-ROM contains all the maps and data from the original 46 page atlas ... There are 61 separate maps ... for the 20 towns of Franklin & Grand Isle Counties. There are also pages of Early History, Business Directories and statistical data”— insert.

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Presents guidance and tools for visitors to Belgium and Luxembourg, including trip planning information, lodging and dining suggestions for different budgets, and details on history, culture, and things to see and do.

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Istanbul. New ed. London ; New York : DK, c2007.

Presents a comprehensive travel guide to Istanbul, Turkey, with photographs, illustrations, and maps along with information on restaurants and hotels, nightlife and tourist sites, shopping, and history.

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Presents a comprehensive travel guide to Beijing and Shanghai with photographs, illustrations, and maps along with information on restaurants and hotels, nightlife and tourist sites, temples, and museums and history.

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Betty Levitov provides an account of her experiences as a teacher shepherding thirteen students from a small Nebraska college through a three-month safari in Africa.

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Presents eleven road trips across the U.S., north-south and east-west, describing towns and cities, parks, and things to see and do along the way, providing more than 125 maps as well as color-codes and cross-references to aid in planning unique routes.

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Tree, Christina. New Hampshire : an explorer’s guide. 6th ed. Woodstock, Vt. : New York : Countryman Press ; Distributed by W.W. Norton, c2006.

This guide includes opinionated listings of inns, B&Bs, hotels, vacation cottages, and campgrounds; hundreds of dining recommendations, from roadside diners to four-star cuisine; 16 up-to-date regional and downtown maps; an alphabetical "What's Where" subject guide to aid in trip planning; and handy icons that point out places of extra value, family- and pet-friendly establishments, wheelchair access, and popular wedding venues. 100 black & white photographs,16 maps, index.

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Morris, Jerry. The Boston globe guide to Boston. 7th ed. Guilford, Conn. : Insiders’ Guide, c2005.

Explore Boston past and present with this guide featuring eight walking tours, a three-hour driving tour, and 13 quick trips to nearby destinations outside the city. Attractions include Beacon Hill, Faneuil Hall, the Freedom Trail, the Black Heritage Trail, the North End, and much more.

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Morris, Marie. Frommer’s Boston 2008. Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, c2007.
Presents guidance and tools for visitors to Boston, including a foldout map, trip planning information, itineraries, lodging and dining suggestions for different budgets, and details on history, culture, and things to see and do.

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Laschever, Barnett D. Connecticut : an explorer’s guide. 6th ed. Woodstock, Vt. : Countryman Press, c2006.

This completely revised, expanded and updated guide features extensive listings of activities, attractions, and lodging and dining establishments; an alphabetical “What’s Where” guide to aid in trip planning; 20 regional and downtown maps; and helpful icons indicate places that are wheelchair-accessible, pet- and family-friendly, and places of special value. 20 maps, 100 black and white photographs, index.

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New England. Chicago, Ill. : Mobil Travel Guide, c2008.
Series description: Mobil Travel Guide offers 15 Regional Travel Planners for 2008, featuring extensive reviews of destinations to visit in the United States and Canada. Updated annually, each book features in depth profiles of the best lodgings, restaurants, sights and attractions that each easily drivable region has to offer.

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New York. Chicago, Ill. : Mobil Travel Guide, c2008.

see series description above

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Coastal Southeast. Chicago, IL : Mobil Travel Guide, c2008.

see series description above

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Mobil travel guide. Chicago, IL : Mobil Travel Guide, c2008.
see series description above

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Florida. Chicago, Ill. : Mobil Travel Guide, c2008.
see series description above

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South. Chicago, Ill. : Mobil Travel Guide, c2008.

see series description above

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Texas. Chicago, IL : Mobil Travel Guide, c2008.
see series description above

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Northern Great Lakes. Chicago, Ill. : Mobil Travel Guide, 2008.

see series description above

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Southern Great Lakes. Chicago, Ill : Mobil Travel Guide, c2008.

see series description above

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Great Plains. Chicago, Ill : Mobil Travel Guide, c2008.
see series description above

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Southwest. Chicago, Ill. : Mobil Travel Guide, c2008.

see series description above

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Northern California. Chicago, Ill. : Mobil Travel Guide, c2008.
see series description above

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Southern California & Hawaii. Chicago , Ill. : Mobil travel guide, c2008.

see series description above

917.9504 NOR
Northwest. Chicago, Ill. : Mobil Travel Guide, c2008.

see series description above

920 ROB
Roberts, Cokie. Ladies of liberty : the women who shaped our nation. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, c2008.

Contains biographical portraits of influential women in the period between the inauguration of John Adams and the end of James Monroe’s presidency, based largely on their personal correspondence, private journals, and other primary sources, including Abigail Adams, Martha Jefferson, Dolley Madison, Theodosia Burr, Sacajawea, and others.

American Crescent. c2007.
Imam Hassan Qazwini, the religious leader of the Islamic Center of America in Michigan, recounts the story of his life and faith and attempts to disprove common misconceptions Americans have about the nature and practices of Islam, arguing that the faith is based on peace and diversity.

Andrews, Julie. Home : a memoir of my early years. New York : Hyperion, c2008.

Actress Julie Andrews reflects on her early life, discussing her childhood in war-torn Britain, her move to America, early experiences on vaudeville and the Broadway stages, and her legendary role in the movie “Mary Poppins”.

Boylan, Jennifer Finney. I’m looking through you : growing up haunted. 1st ed. New York : Broadway Books, c2008.

A memoir in which the author recalls her childhood growing up in a reportedly haunted house in Pennsylvania, discusses how the situation reflected her own feelings of alienation, and tells about coming back to the house with a team of local ghostbusters as an adult, years after the surgery that changed her from male to female.

Burroughs, Augusten. A wolf at the table : a memoir of my father. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, c2008.
Burroughs focuses on the years he lived both in awe and fear of his philosophy professor father in Amherst, Mass. (from Publishers Weekly).

Lytle, Mark H. The gentle subversive : Rachel Carson, Silent spring, and the rise of the environmental movement. New York : Oxford University Press, c2007.
Presents a brief biography of the life of Rachel Carson, her love of nature and the sea, career as a biologist, and her role in advancing the cause of the modern environmental movement.

Cheney, Terri. Manic : a memoir. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, c2008.

Teri Cheney, a former entertainment lawyer in Beverly Hills, shares the story of her struggles with bipolar disorder, describing what she endured with mood swings, medications, and even shock treatments, before finally gaining control of her illness.

Repcheck, Jack. Copernicus’ secret : how the scientific revolution began. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2007.

Examines the life and work of Nicolaus Copernicus, focusing on his revolutionary theories, which changed how people viewed the universe, and explaining why his work was kept secret for more than twenty years and why it was almost never published.

Danticat, Edwidge. Brother, I’m dying. 1st ed. New York : Knopf, c2007
Edwidge Danticat describes the relationship between her father, Mira, and his older brother, Joseph, discussing how their relationship changed from their childhood in Haiti through their immigration to America to their eventual separation.

Ike : An American Hero. New York, N.Y. : Perennial, c2008.

This biography of Dwight D. Eisenhower places particular emphasis on his brilliant generalship and leadership in World War II, and provides, with the advantage of hindsight, a far more acute analysis of his character and personality than any previously available, reaching the conclusion that he was perhaps America’s greatest general and one of America’s best presidents. The book starts with the story of D-Day—it was Ike’s plan, Ike’s decision, Ike’s responsibility. But there is more to this book than military history. It is a full biography of a remarkable man, a late starter, a perfectionist, a brilliant leader of men, behind whose easy-going, affable persona was a very different man, fiercely ambitious, hot-tempered, shrewd, and tightly wound. It is as well the portrait of a tumultuous and often difficult marriage, for Mamie was every bit as stubborn and forceful as her husband.—From publisher description.

Hiaasen, Carl. The downhill lie : a hacker’s return to a ruinous sport. 1st ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2008.

Hiaasen interweaves passages about his return to the game with diary entries covering more than a year and a half on the links. He mixes childhood memories of playing with his father, who died prematurely, with anecdotes, including the time he and a friend ejected an invasion of poisonous toads from his friend’s patio with short irons. (from Publishers Weekly).

Woods, Randall Bennett. LBJ : architect of American ambition. New York : Free Press, c2006.

Drawing on declassified documents and interviews with key aides, the author presents a comprehensive biography of the life and political ambitions of former President Lyndon Johnson.

Capra, Fritjof. The science of Leonardo : inside the mind of the great genius of the Renaissance. 1st ed. New York : Doubleday, c2007.

The author draws upon the thousands of surviving documents to examine the science and art of Leonardo da Vinci including his understanding of weights and levers, the flight patterns of birds to create prototypes of flying machines, his designs for military weapons, and other scientific discoveries.

King, Ross. Machiavelli : philosopher of power. 1st ed. New York : Atlas Books/HarperCollins, c2007.
Ross King rescues Machiavelli’s legacy from caricature, detailing the vibrant political and social context that influenced his thought and underscoring the humanity of one of history’s finest political thinkers. (from

Mejía, Camilo. Road from Ar Ramadi : the private rebellion of Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejía. New York : New Press : Distributed by Norton, c2007.
Recounts Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejia’s experiences as the first publicly known conscientious objector to the Iraq war, exploring how he became a symbol of the antiwar movement in 2004 and choose to go to jail rather than fight in a war he did not believe in.

Mirren, Helen. In the frame : my life in words and pictures. 1st Atria Books hardcover ed. New York : Atria Books, c2008.

This is an illustrated memoir chronicling the life of actress Helen Mirren.

Nantz, Jim. Always by my side : a father’s grace and a sports journey unlike any other. 1st ed. New York, NY : Gotham Books, c2008.

America’s most visible sports commentator tells the stories of some of the most dramatic moments in American sports and pays tribute to the man who inspired him to pursue his broadcasting dream - his beloved father, who has fallen victim to the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Winchester, Simon. The man who loved China : the fantastic story of the eccentric scientist who unlocked the mysteries of the Middle Kingdom. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, c2008.

A comprehensive biography of Joseph Needham, a British biochemist best known for his works on the history of Chinese science.

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Taraborrelli, J. Randy. Diana Ross : an unauthorized biography. New York : Citadel Press/Kensington Pub. Corp., c2007.

Chronicles the life of singer Diana Ross, covering such topics as her start at Motown, the dynamics within the Supremes, her relationship with Berry Gordy Jr., and her solo career.

Shatner, William. Up till now : the autobiography. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, c2008
This autobiography covers both Shatner’s career and his personal life. The star of many Star Trek television series and movies, he has also written nine “Tek World” books that became 24 Marvel comics. He has directed, produced, written, and starred in other projects and has appeared on shows from Hollywood Squares to WWE. (from Library Journal).

Sheff, Nic. Tweak : growing up on methamphetamines. 1st ed. New York : Ginee Seo Books/Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c2007.
The author describes his childhood in California, his addiction to crystal meth and heroin at a young age, his relapse after eighteen months of sobriety, and his path to recovery.

Sorensen, Theodore C. Counselor : a life at the edge of history. 1st ed. New York, NY : Harper, c2008.
John F. Kennedy’s closest advisor recounts in full for the first time his experience counseling Kennedy through the most dramatic moments in American history.

Brown, Mick. Tearing down the wall of sound : the rise and fall of Phil Spector. 1st American ed. New York : Knopf, c2007.
Chronicles the life of legendary musical producer Phil Spector, exploring his troubled past, battles with addiction, influence on American music in the twentieth century, and the events surrounding the mysterious murder he is accused of committing.

Le Breton, Binka. The greatest gift : the courageous life and death of Sister Dorothy Stang. 1st ed. New York : Doubleday, [2008], c2007.
Chronicles the life of Sister Dorothy Stang, who devoted her life to helping poor farmers in the Amazon protect their land from loggers and land developers and was killed in 2005 by powerful companies who wanted her work stopped.

Walters, Barbara. Audition : a memoir. 1st ed. New York : A.A. Knopf, c2008.
After more than forty years of interviewing heads of state, world leaders, movie stars, criminals, murderers, inspirational figures, and celebrities of all kinds, Barbara Walters has turned her gift for examination onto herself to reveal the forces that shaped her extraordinary life.

Watson, James D.. Avoid boring people : lessons from a life in science. 1st ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2007.
Scientist James Watson shares the secrets he has learned throughout his career for getting along with others and getting ahead in highly competitive work settings, recounting how he managed to make friends and get ahead in the scientific world while researching the structure of DNA.

Woiwode, Larry. A step from death : a memoir. Berkeley, CA : Counterpoint, c2007.
Poet and novelist Woiwode (My Dinner with Auden, 2007, etc.) ponders matters of life, death and what lies between. (from Kirkus Reviews).

929.2097 BAL
Ball, Edward. The genetic strand : exploring a family history through DNA. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2007.
Chronicles Edward Ball’s investigation into his family history, discussing how his finding of hair in an old family desk prompted him to begin the research and what he was able to learn through DNA analysis and fingerprinting.

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Goodman, Martin. Rome and Jerusalem : the clash of ancient civilizations. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Knopf, c2007.
Traces the history of the struggle between the Roman and Jewish world that led to the eventual destruction of Jerusalem, recounting the rebellions, riots, and attacks that occurred between the two groups and exploring the influence those attacks had on the city of Jerusalem and its people.

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Blanning, T. C. W. The pursuit of glory : Europe, 1648-1815. 1st American ed. New York : Viking, c2007.
Chronicles the political and cultural events that transpired in Europe between the end of the Thirty Years’ War in 1648 to [and] the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, and examines how it [they] influenced Europe and the world in the years following.

940.5311 BAK
Baker, Nicholson. Human smoke : the beginnings of the World War II, the end of civilization. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.
A series of short vignettes and quotations that examine the words and actions of notable and lesser-known people around the world that influenced events leading up to World War II, beginning in 1892 with Alfred Nobel’s wish that his explosives would promote peace.

940.5421 NAG
Nagorski, Andrew. The greatest battle : Stalin, Hitler, and the desperate struggle for Moscow that changed the course of World War II. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2007.
Details the Battle of Moscow in which the Red Army drove the Wehrmacht from the Soviet capital and discusses mistakes made by both Hitler and Stalin during the battle. Includes photographs.

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Hastings, Max. Retribution : the battle for Japan, 1944-45. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Knopf, c2008.

Examines the final year of fighting between Japan and the U.S., China, Great Britain, and Russia during the Second World War, discussing such topics as the Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, the Soviet offensive in Manchuria, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the mind-set of the Japanese during the war.

940.5425 SLO
Sloan, Bill. The ultimate battle : Okinawa 1945-the last epic struggle of World War II. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2007.
Provides an account of the World War II battle at Okinawa, discussing the strategies employed by Japanese and Allied troops, featuring interviews with survivors, and contending that the massive loss of life was the deciding factor in convincing U.S. president Harry Truman to drop the atomic bomb on Japan.

940.5487 KUR
Kurzman, Dan. A special mission : Hitler’s secret plot to seize the Vatican and kidnap Pope Pius XII. Cambridge, MA : Da Capo Press, c2007.

Reveals Adolf Hitler’s secret plan to seize control of the Vatican and kidnap Pope Pius XII in September 1943 in order to return his friend and ally Benito Mussolini to power.

941.0099 PAX
Paxman, Jeremy. On royalty : a very polite inquiry into some strangely related families. New York : PublicAffairs, c2007.
Popular BBC broadcaster Paxman (The English, 2000, etc.) examines the monarchy’s relevance to contemporary British society. (from Kirkus Reviews).

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Freytag von Loringhoven, Bernd, Freiherr, 1914-2007. In the bunker with Hitler : 23 July 1944-29 April 1945. 1st Pegasus Books ed. New York : [S.l.] : Pegasus Books ; Distributed by Consortium, 2007, c2006.
The author reveals for the first time his wartime journals as a young army officer assigned as an aide-de-camp to Adolf Hitler’s last two army chiefs of staff.

956.7044 DRO
Drogin, Bob. Curveball : spies, lies and the con man who caused a war. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2007.
Bob Drogin draws on interviews with key government officials to reveal the true story behind the faulty intelligence that was used to justify the war in Iraq, explaining how the government relied on the testimony of an Iraqi informant given the code name Curveball to justify the war, despite the informant’s questionable credibility and claims.

956.7044 RAD
Raddatz, Martha. The long road home : a story of war and family. New York : Putnams, c2007.

Chronicles the events of an April 2004 surprise attack on American troops in Sadr City, Iraq; and provides personal accounts of soldiers in battle and their families and friends waiting for news at home.

963.07 HAI
Haile, Rebecca G.. Held at a distance : an Ethiopian journey. Chicago : Academy Chicago Publishers, c2007.
Haile’s parents fled Ethiopia in 1976, two years after a brutal coup and the beatings that resulted in her father’s paralysis. Her family relocated to central Minnesota, her father regained professional status as a scholar, and she eventually went to law school. The coup ended a centuries-old monarchy, replacing it with a dictatorship that was ousted by rebels in 1991. Twenty-five years after departing Ethiopia, Haile returns with her husband to explore the effect of the revolution and the upheaval that took away a sense of community. Although her family was reconstituted in the U.S., it was never the same. She gauges the change and measures the extent of her loss, even as she learns of her uncle’s valiant efforts to maintain his engineering business and create jobs in a nation suffering from a faltering economy. Haile also sees firsthand remnants of timeless tradition and culture as well as a multicultural nation torn by ethnic divisions that threaten its sense of nationhood. (from Booklist).

973.3 WIN
Winik, Jay. The great upheaval : America and the birth of the modern world, 1788 - 1800. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, c2007.

Presents a comprehensive history of how the events in England, France, and Russia between 1788 and 1800 influenced the political, social, and economic structure of the new American government.

973.92 LIS
Listening is an act of love : a celebration of American life from the StoryCorps Project. New York : Penguin Press, c2007.
Draws on thousands of interviews collected by the StoryCorps oral history project to explore the experiences of Americans from all walks of life and all ages and identify the emotions and experiences that define people from all backgrounds.

973.921 ALW
Alwood, Edward. Dark days in the newsroom : McCarthyism aimed at the press. Philadelphia, PA : Temple University Press, c2007.
Examines how journalists became the targets of Senator Joseph McCarthy and anti-Communist crusaders during the 1950s and explores how this targeting influenced the future of American journalism.

973.924 RES
Reston, James. The conviction of Richard Nixon : the untold story of the Frost/Nixon interviews. 1st ed. New York : Harmony Books, c2007.

Provides a behind-the-scenes account of the investigative data collected and procedures
used by David Frost in his famous interviews with Richard Nixon conducted three years after his resignation.

973.928 SCH
Schorr, Daniel. Come to think of it : notes on the end of the millennium. New York : Viking, c2007.

Noted American journalist, Daniel Schorr, shares his views on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, global warming, health care and welfare, the Clinton impeachment, and the War on Terror.

973.931 GOO
Goodman, Amy. Static : government liars, media cheerleaders, and the people who fight back. 1st ed. New York : Hyperion, c2006.

The authors present their perspective on the Bush administration’s handling of the Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina disaster, and other national and international situations.

976.336 SCH
Schaefer, Mikel. Lost in Katrina. Gretna, La. : Pelican Pub. Co., c2007.
Shares the stories of the people of St. Bernard Parish in southeast Louisiana, a community that took a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, discussing the hours leading up to the storm, the struggles to survive as streets turned to rivers and homes washed away, and the aftermath.

985.02 MAC
MacQuarrie, Kim. The last days of the Incas. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2007.

Presents a comprehensive history of the ancient Inca civilization in Peru, and chronicles its decline after the Spanish conquest of South America.


Guinness World Records, 2008. Bantam ed., Rev. American ed. New York : Bantam Books, 2008.
Presents the biggests, smallests, fastests, longests, and other world records in such categories as the human body, human achievement, life on Earth, engineering, science and technology, arts and media, and sports and games.

REF 331.7 OCC
Occupational outlook handbook. Washington, D.C. : U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics ; For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O. 2008.

Lists educational and training requirements, employment outlook, earnings, working conditions, and places of employment for over 700 occupations.


CD 304.2 WEI
Weisman, Alan. The World without us. Unabridged. New York : Audio Renaissance, p2007.

Read by Adam Grupper. A study of what would happen to Earth if the human presence was removed examines our legacy for the planet, from the objects that would vanish without human intervention to those that would become long-lasting remnants of humankind.

CD 320.973 OBA
Obama, Barack. The audacity of hope. Library ed. Santa Ana, CA : Books on Tape, p2006.

Read by the author. This compilation contains both Grammy award winning readings of rising political star Barack Obama’s two most notable works. (from the publisher).

CD 322.1097 DAN
Danforth, John C. Faith and politics : [how the “moral values” debate divides America and how to move forward together]. [Unabridged]. Roseland, NJ: Listen & Live Audio, p2006.
Read by the author. Senator Danforth takes on the wedge issues—abortion, stem cell research, gay marriage, the Schiavo case, displays of religion in the public square—forcefully and eloquently. (from the publisher).

DVD 158.1 POW
Dyer, Wayne W. The power of intention. [Carlsbad, CA] : Hay House, 2004.

Wayne Dyer, lecturer. Dyer takes the viewer through a journey into the seven faces of intention: creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansiveness, abundance, and receptivity. Includes 20 minutes of bonus material.

DVD 303.625 CUL
The cult of the suicide bomber. Widescreen format. New York : Disinformation Co., 2006.

Presenter, Robert Baer. Former CIA agent and terrorism expert Robert Baer tracks the history of suicide bombers from their origin in the Iran-Iraq war to their growing predominance in the post-9/11 world.

DVD 333.95 PLA
Planet Earth. [S.l.] : [New York, N.Y.] : Burbank, CA : British Broadcasting Corporation ; Distributed by BBC Worldwide Americas ; Warner Home Video, 2007.
A stunning 11-part series that captures rare action, impossible locations, and intimate moments with our planet’s best-loved, wildest, and most elusive creatures.

DVD 363.325 BOM
The bombing of America. [Boston] : WGBH Boston Video, 2006.

Narrator, Stacy Keach. Follows investigators on the trail of the Unabomber and the bombers of the World Trade Center, the Army of God, and other bombing cases. The smallest fragment of evidence or a psychological profile can be the key to stopping terrorists.

DVD 364.152 MIN
Mind of a serial killer. [Boston] : WGBH Boston Video, 2004.
Narrator, Patrick Stewart. This episode of Nova profiles the profilers, the FBI agents who track the most elusive killers.

Dan Burstein’s Secrets of angels, demons & masons. Port Washington, NY : Koch Vision, 2005.

This documentary investigates the Illuminati and the Freemasons, two mysterious organizations central to Dan Brown’s novel Angels & Demons and his upcoming sequel to The Da Vinci Code.

DVD 388.324 ICE
Ice road truckers. [New York, N.Y.] : A & E Television Networks : Distributed by New Video, 2007.
“Ice road truckers follows the competition and camaraderie of six truckers over a season on the ice road, as they brave white-outs, thin ice, and the deadly cold to perform one of the most dangerous jobs in the world”—Container.

DVD 613.7 DEN
Hit the spot core complete. Santa Monica, CA : Lions Gate Home Entertainment, 2006.
Instructor, Denise Austin. A fitness expert uses the stability ball to strengthen the core and build lean, fat-burning muscle. Includes four complete workouts that target tone your entire body for flatter abs, sculpted arms, leaner legs, and firmer buns.

DVD 615.5 NEW
The new medicine. Widescreen format. [New York] : First Run Features, 2006.
Host, Dana Reeve. A documentary exploring a burgeoning movement taking place in hospitals and clinics across the country: integrating the best of high-tech medicine with a new attitude that recognizes it is essential to the healing process to treat the patient as a whole person, and not a cog in an assembly line.

DVD 616.8 SEC
Secrets of the mind. [Boston] : WGBH Boston Video, 2007.

Follows neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran as he investigates four mysterious psychological cases involving blindness and sight, phantom limbs and pain, and delusional thinking, and delivers his astounding conclusions.

DVD 625.1 GRE
The great train story : the magnificent model railroad display at the Museum of Science and Industry. Standard format. New Buffalo, MI : TM Books & Video, 2006.

At the Museum of Science & Industry’s exhibition on railroading today in America, a panoramic journey between Chicago and Seattle is alive with 34 HO scale trains that traverse the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and the Cascades.

DVD 629.222 CLA
Clarkson. [United States] : Burbank, CA : BBC Video : 2 entertain : Distributed by BBC Worldwide Americas ; Distributed in the USA and Canada by Warner Home Video, 2007.

Jeremy Clarkson, host of Top Gear, brings you Heaven and hell. Clarkson brings you seven great cars and searches the undergrowth for seven automotive disasters.

DVD 641.8653 ACE

Ace of cakes takeout collection. 2007.
Chef Duff Goldman and his staff design unexpected and entertaining confections, from a seven tiered wedding cake to an almost perfect replica of Wrigley Field.

DVD 746.43 KNI
Knitting workshop : with Elizabeth Zimmermann. Pittsville, WI : Schoolhouse Press, c2005.
Disc 1. part 1. Beginnings, a hat (4 half-hour lessons). Winding wool, casting on, knitting and purling ; Gauge and increasing ; Two-color knitting and following a chart ; Decreasing, knitting on d.p. needles and finishing the hat—part 2. Intermediate, two sweaters (4 half-hour lessons). Starting a seamless yoke sweater; body and sleeves ; Uniting body and sleeves, yoke shaping and finishing ; Starting a Norwegian dropped-shoulder sweater ; Assembling sleeves and body; finishing --. Disc 2. part 3. Master classes (4 half-hour lessons). Seven seamless shoulder shapings ; Garter-stitch possibilities ; Lace knitting; shawls ; Arans, guernseys and fair isle sweaters; an exposition. Elizabeth Zimmermann, instructor. Twelve half-hour knitting lessons, from winding the yarn to creating complex sweaters and lacy shawls.

DVD 746.432 LEA
Learn to knit with Laura-Jean. Standard format; definitive director’s cut. [Ontario, Canada] : Fresh Baked Goods, 2005.
Instructor: Laura-Jean, the knitting queen. Teaches basic knitting techniques.

DVD 782.14 OHC
Oh! Calcutta! New York : New Video NYC, 2006, c1972.
Broadway musical comedy featuring nudity.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Bringin’ it home live. [Colchester, Vt.] : Vermont Public Television, 2006.
Grace Potter, organ, keyboard, acoustic guitar ; Scott Tournet, lead guitar ; Bryan Dondero, upright and electric bass; Matt Burr, drums. This program contains 13 of the band’s favorite songs, including Joey, Toothbrush and table, and Nothing but the water.

DVD 791.43 SWO
Sword of honor. La Crosse, Wis. : Echo Bridge Home Entertainment, 2006.

Officer Lee sets out to avenge the untimely death of his partner Alan, who was brutally murdered during an art gallery heist on the eve of his retirement.

DVD 791.45 TON
The ultimate Carson collection. Special ed. [United States?] : Carson Productions Group, c2002.
This collection of moments from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was culled from 30 years of material. (from, edited).

DVD 792.9 BRO
Broadway’s lost treasures collection. Full-screen ed. Silver Spring, MD : Acorn Media, 2006.
Broadway’s lost treasures (110 min.) : Broadway divas—Leading men—Dancin’—
Record breakers. Broadway’s lost treasures II (90 min.) : The leads—All singing, all dancing—Revivals and record breakers—Bonus performances. Broadway’s lost treasures III (95 min.) Act one—Act two—Act three—Act four—Bonus performances. Best of the Tony Awards (65 min.) : the plays. Various artists. A compilation of rare performances from the archives of the Tony Awards, produced as PBS specials. Legendary stars including Lauren Bacall, Bebe Neuwirth, Robert Goulet, Nell Carter, Ethel Merman, Julie Andrews, Angela Landsbury, Joel Grey, Annette Being, James Earl Jones, Morgen Freeman and many more, share Broadway and Tony memories. Also included are musical numbers from legendary shows including, Anything Goes, Man of La Mancha, Guys and Dolls, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Chicago, Fosse, Miss Saigon, and key scenes from celebrated plays including, The Great White Hope, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, M. Butterfly, The Heidi Chronicles, Fences, Hamlet, and As You Like It.

DVD 796.72 BAC
Back in the day with Dale Jr. [New York, N.Y.] : A&E Home Video : Distributed by New Video, 2006.

Host, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. A journey through the history of NASCAR with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Includes vintage racing footage, modern technology, and talk of Dale Earnhardt Sr., who embedded the family name in the racing history books over three decades.

DVD 796.82 NAS
Nascar - Driven to win. [United States] : A&E Home Video, 2006.
Thirteen electrifying up-and-coming drivers in NASCAR racing are shown in this collection of in-depth profiles. Includes 13 episodes and bonus features, with behind the scenes footage.

DVD 914.21 SAI
Saint Etienne presents Finisterre : a film about London. Widescreen. Brooklyn, NY : Plexifilm, 2005.
A hymn to London that takes the viewer on a visual journey from the suburbs to the heart of the city. This film evolved alongside the Saint Etienne album with the same title.

DVD 914.4 VIS
Visions of France. Widescreen format. Silver Spring, MD : Acorn Media, 2005.

A look at the architectural and geographical features of France, as filmed from the air by helicopters.

DVD 914.5 ISL
The island. [United States] : Janson Media, 2005.
Narrator, Cathal O’Shannon. This is a magical journey through the mythic and historical landscape of Ireland, filmed entirely from the air. The Island features an original music score, composed by Brian Byrne and performed by the RTE concert orchestra.

DVD 936.4 CEL
Celtic Britain. West Long Branch, NJ : Kultur, 2007.
This three-disc set tells the story of the Celtic lands of Britain, using location footage, authentic reenactments and dramatized constructions.

DVD 941.084 NIN
The 1940s house. Alexandria, VA : PBS Home Video, c2003, c2000.
Narrator, Geoffrey Palmer. One modern family takes on the challenge of domestic life on Britain’s home front in 1940s house, a re-creation of a World War II household. This time-travel experiment covers the period from the outbreak of war in 1939 to Victory Day in 1945, compressing the events of six wartime years into two months. Though the military threat is metaphorical, the privations are real and the pressures create tensions nonexistent in modern society.

Regency house party. Widescreen version. London : Alexandria, VA : Wall to Wall Television Ltd. ; PBS Home Video [distributor], 2004.

In the highly competitive, hot-house atmosphere of the Regency house party, marriage, money, and morals are all up for grabs. For nine sunny summer weeks, a group of eligible men and women take up residence in a magnificent English country estate to live exactly as they did two centuries ago - including the social hierarchy, the lavish lifestyle, the backroom intrigues, and the intricate courtship rituals. (from the container).

Catherine the Great : Empress of Russia. [Alexandria, VA] : Hollywood, Calif. : PBS Home Video ; Distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment, 2006.
Narrator, John Burgess. The story of Catherine the Great, a young girl who would transform herself from an obscure German Princess into Russia’s most powerful regent.

DVD 954.147 BOR
Born into brothels. Full frame. [United States] : Red Light Films, 2004.
Featuring Zana Briski. While living in the red light district of Calcutta, documenting life in the brothels, New York-based photographer Zana Briski embarked on a project by which she gave cameras to the children of prostitutes and taught them photography, awakening within them hidden talent and creativity and giving them a means to transform their lives.

DVD 956.704 INS
Inside Iraq : the untold stories. Portland, OR : Shidog Films, 2004.

The movie takes you through Mike Shiley’s adventures of finding his way into and around Iraq. Walking in the shoes of the soldiers and the Iraqi people he filmed, puts a unique perspective on this documentary.

DVD 956.704 MYC
My country my country. [New York, N.Y.] : Zeitgeist Films, 2007.
Working alone in Iraq over eight months, director/cinematographer Laura Poitras creates an extraordinarily intimate portrait of Iraqis living under U.S. occupation.

African American lives. Widescreen format. [Alexandria, Va.] : Hollywood, Calif. : PBS Home Video ; distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment, 2006.

A compelling combination of storytelling and science, this series uses genealogy, oral histories, family stories and DNA to trace roots of several accomplished African Americans down through American history and back to Africa.

DVD 973.3 REV
The Revolution. [New York, N.Y.] : A&E Television Networks : Distributed by New Video, 2006.

Narrator: Edward Herrmann. From the roots of the rebellion and the signing of the Declaration of Independence to victory on the battlefield at Yorktown and the adoption of the United States Constitution, this program tells the remarkable story of this important era in history. Venturing beyond the conventional list of generals and politicians, The History Channel introduces the full range of individuals who helped shape this great conflict, including some of the war’s most influential unsung heroes. Through cinematic recreations, intimate biographical investigations, and provocative political, military, and economic analysis, ‘The Revolution’ breathes new life into one of the most pivotal periods in American history.

DVD 973.931 WIT
With God on our side : George W. Bush & the rise of the Religious Right in America. Standard format. Brooklyn, NY : First Run Features, 2004.

Narrator: Ritchie Coster. Relates George Bush’s story in evangelical conservatives’ own words. What emerges is a parable of the complex ways religion and politics mingle in American life.

Alien vs. predator. [Fullscreen ed.]. [Beverly Hills, Calif.] : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2005.

A team of archaeologists heads toward a ‘hot zone’ in Antarctica and finds an underground pyramid. They wake up the Alien queen and chaos follows. The Predators are also there using the Aliens as bait for an ancient initiation ritual.

‘Allo ‘allo!. [United States] : Burbank, CA : BBC Video ; Distributed in the USA by Warner Home Video, 2007.

Still fixed in the center of illicit affairs, inane German officers, and French and Communist Resistance, Rene is now trying to save two captured British airmen and obtain a valuable painting. A superb comedy!

Brother. Letterboxed ed. New York : Kino on Video, 2007.

Danila returns from army service and looks up his older brother, who’s become a contract killer in post-Soviet St. Petersburg. Danila is drawn into the violent underworld culture but retains a kind of honor in his dealings with those he comes to know there.

The Diving bell and the butterfly. Widescreen. Burbank, CA : Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2007.
The French editor of Elle magazine, Jean-Dominique Bauby, in 1995 at the age of 43, suffered a stroke that paralyzed his entire body, except his left eye. Using that eye to blink out his memoir, Bauby eloquently described the aspects of his interior world, from the psychological torment of being trapped inside his body to his imagined stories from lands he’d only visited in his mind.

Doctor Who. Special ed. [S.l.] : Burbank, CA : BBC Video : Distributed by BBC Worldwide Americas ; Distributed by Warner Home Video, c2007.
Investigating the disappearance of an eminent scientist, the Doctor and his companions follow his trail to the London headquarters of International Electromatics, a global supplier of electronic equipment run by the formidable Tobias Vaughn. Teaming up with the newly formed United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT) under the command of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, the Doctor soon suspects that Vaughn is working to his own sinister agenda. As Cybermen invade in cities all over the world, can the Doctor convince Vaughn to help him defeat their plan for global domination?

Doctor Who. [S.l.] : Burbank, CA : BBC Video : Distributed by BBC Worldwide Americas ; Distributed by Warner Home Video, c2007.
Transmitting down from Nerva Beacon, the Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry find themselves on Earth in the far future, long since abandoned by the human race. Soon it becomes clear that they are not alone: a shipwrecked crew of human astronauts are being hunted down, one by one. What is the creature that lives in the rocks, and what is the purpose of the lethal tests it is conducting? Can the Doctor ensure the safety of the Earth for the future generations of humankind?

Doctor Who. Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, 2006.
Doctor Who reinvents itself into a hip new hit for a new generation. Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor is wise and funny, cheeky and brave. An alien and a loner, his detached logic gives him a vital edge when the world’s in danger.

Face/off. Widescreen ed. Hollywood, CA : Paramount, c1997, 1998.

FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) must go undercover to investigate the location of a lethal biological weapon planted by his arch rival, terrorist-for-hire Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage). After undergoing a radical surgical procedure, Archer literally “borrows” Troy’s face and identity to carry out his mission. But things go awry when Troy, emerging from a coma, is transformed into Archer and wreaks havoc upon his life, both at work and at home.

For love of the game. Widescreen ed. Universal City, Calif. : Universal, 2000.
An aging baseball pitcher, faced with the breakup of a relationship with his girlfriend, makes the most important decision of his life during the course of his last game.

Games of love & chance. New York : New Yorker Video, [2006], c2003.

Share in all the affections, quarrels, and jealousies as well as the budding romance between childhood friends Krimo, who is very shy, and Lydia, the fiery blonde star, during preparations for a school production.

Horatio Hornblower : the new adventures. New York : A&E, 2003.
Ioan Gruffudd, Robert Lindsay, Paul McGann.

Hustle. Widescreen ed. [United States] : British Broadcasting Corporation, 2006.
Follow the adventures of a gang of five expert con-artists let loose on the streets of London. They are specialists in liberating cash from the amoral and undeserving.

Juno. Beverly Hills, Calif. : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2008.

Juno MacGuff is sixteen years-old who after a one-time sexual encounter with her best friend Paulie, learns that she’s pregnant. Juno and Paulie like each other, but not enough to start a family, complete with a child. Paulie leaves all the decisions about the baby to Juno. Initially she decides to have an abortion, but can’t go through with it. So she decides to have the baby and give it up for adoption. The next step is to find prospective parents for the yet unborn child. In the Pennysaver ad section, Juno finds Mark and Vanessa Loring, a yuppie couple living in the suburbs. Juno likes the Lorings and of her own choosing, she enters into a closed adoption contract with the Lorings. During the second and third trimesters of Juno’s pregnancy, which she treats with care but detachment, her relationships with her family, with Paulie, and with the Lorings develop.

Kingdom of Heaven. [Widescreen version]. [Beverly Hills, Calif.] : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2005.
Orlando Bloom stars as Balian, a young Frenchman in Medieval Jerusalem during the Crusades, who, having lost everything, finds redemption in a heroic fight against overwhelming forces to save his people and fulfill his destiny as a knight.

Lars and the real girl. Beverly Hills, Calif. : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2008.
Lars is a sweet but quirky guy who thinks he’s found the girl of his dreams in a life-sized doll named Bianca. He is content with his artificial girlfriend until he develops feelings for Margo, an attractive co-worker. Now Lars finds himself in a unique love triangle, hoping to somehow discover the real meaning of true love.

La vie promise : The promised life. New York : Empire Pictures, 2002.

A prostitute and her estranged 14-year old daughter take to the road in hopes of putting their lives back together.

Loggerheads. Culver City, CA : Strand Releasing Home Video, 2006.

A handsome drifter makes a pilgrimage to the scenic coast of North Carolina; a woman searches for the son she gave up for adoption as a teenager; and a small town minister’s wife longs for her estranged adopted son. These three stories intertwine.

Midsomer murders : Set 5. Widescreen format. Silver Springs, MD : Acorn Media, 2004.

John Nettles, Daniel Casey.
Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby and his young assistant unravel mysteries and solve crimes in the villages of Midsomer County.

Midsomer murders : Set 8. Widescreen ed. Silver Spring, MD : Distributed by Acorn Media, 2007.

[Disc 1]: The straw woman / written by Jeff Dodds ; directed by Sarah Hellings—[Disc 2]: The Maid in Splendour / written by Andrew Payne ; directed by Richard Holthouse—[Disc 3]: Ghosts of Christmas past / written by David Hoskins ; directed by Renny Rye. John Nettles, John Hopkins, Jane Wymark, Laura Howard. The straw woman: When a curate dies tragically at a festival revival, some villagers of Midsomer Parva suspect black magic. Barnaby and Scott unravel a centuries-old mystery, complicated by Scott’s attraction to a schoolteacher who has been branded a witch by the village. The Maid in Splendour: Unrequited love, secret business deals, and passionate affairs threaten the lives of those connected to The Maid in Splendour, Midsomer Worthy’s beloved local pub. When one of the pub’s bartenders is found murdered in the nearby woods, Barnaby and Scott uncover a deadly clash of cultures in the gossipy village. Ghosts of Christmas past: The Villiers family has gathered to celebrate Christmas exactly nine years after Ferdy Villiers suicide. When another member of the family dies mysteriously, Barnaby and Scott find they must investigate the past as well as the present.

Mr Bean the animated series. [New York, N.Y.] : A & E Home Video : Distributed by New Video, 2003.

Mr. Bean is back, and more animated than ever. Watch Rowan Atkinson’s all-new sketches, in the role he was drawn to play.

My hero. [United States] : Alpha Video Distributors, Inc., 2005.
Bob Cummings portrays Bob Beanblossom, a “not so good” real estate salesman who gets in comical adventures with his unusual clients.

National treasure, book of secrets. [Collector’s ed.]. Burbank, CA : Walt Disney Home Entertainment, 2008.

When a missing page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth surfaces, Ben Gates’ great-great grandfather is suddenly implicated as a key conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The page is one of 18 pages missing from Booth’s diary. When doing more research, the conspiracy takes Ben, Abigail, and Riley from Buckingham Palace to the White House - both places they break into - and even stealing a page from a secret book. But in order to see more from the book, their choice is either get elected president or kidnap the President of the United States. So, Ben kidnaps the president. The conspiracy then crosses to Mount Rushmore. Now, Ben will have to clear his family’s name so they will no longer be linked to the assassination.

Ocean’s twelve. Widescreen ed. Burbank, CA : Distributed by Warner Home Video, 2005.

Ocean’s Twelve reintroduces Ocean and his perfectly trained team of con men. Dividing forces to hit Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome, the heist-meisters move beyond casinos to tackle new objectives, one of which involves stealing a famous painting.

Old joy. New York, N.Y. : Kino International, 2007.

Friends, Kurt and Mark, reunite for a weekend camping trip in the Cascade mountain range east of Portland, Oregon. For Mark, the weekend outing offers a respite from the pressure of his imminent fatherhood; for Kurt, a long series of carefree adventures.

One foot in the grave. [S.l.] : Burbank, CA : BBC Video ; Distributed in the USA and Canada by Warner Home Video, 2007.

disc 1. In Luton Airport no-one can hear you scream (Victor and Margaret return from holiday to find that though their house has been demolished, someone has still managed to post a sample of HP spicy sauce through the letter box.) -- We have put her living in the tomb (The Meldrews are entrusted with the responsibility of tortoise sitting and Victor helpfully informs the Secretary General of the United Nations that he’s been using TCP.)—Dramatic fever (Margaret is joining an amateur dramatics society. Meanwhile, Victor is writing a situation comedy -when he isn’t continuing a feud against a litterbug.)—Who will buy? (Victor fends off a toy dinosaur salesman and resurrects Cuthbert the ventriloquist’s dummy—Meanwhile Pippa thinks he is responsible for the murder of an elderly blind man--)—Love and death (A weekend with April and Vince, who run a boarding house at a seaside resort, finds Victor getting an unusual present, assaulting some midgets with insect repellent and making seagull noises in a public lavatory.)—Timeless time (As Victor is unable to sleep, he kindly ensures that Margaret also gets no peace. Things get so desperate that he even contemplates opening Ronnie and Mildred’s Christmas present from last year--) --. disc 2. Special feature: 1990 Christmas special, “Who’s listening.”. Annette Crosbie, Richard Wilson. Life continues to throw more slings and arrows at Victor as he and Margaret move to a new house. Next door, the cheerful but terminally boring Nick Swainey seems intent on disturbing Victor’s peaceful retirement, while on the other side Patrick and Pippa’s lives are made a misery from the moment they first meet the Meldrews. (from the container).

Overlord. Widescreen format. [Irving, N.Y.] : Criterion Collection, 2007,
Interweaving archival war footage and a fictional narrative, Cooper’s account of one 20-year-old’s journey from basic training to the battle front lines at D-day brings all the terrors of war to its viewers with jolting authenticity.

The Ozzie & Harriet TV collection. Fullscreen. [North Hollywood, CA] : Passport Video, 2006.
Disc 1. The pills ; Separate rooms ; David’s 17th birthday ; Be on time ; Bird’s nest—Disc 2. A day in bed ; The Kappa Sigma party ; Ozzie and the space age ; The exploding book ; Rick gets even—Disc 3. David’s car payment ; No news for Harriet ; Dave’s golf story ; David goes back to work ; Making Wally study—Disc 4. Lonesome parents ; Tigers go to the dance ; Women’s Club bazaar ; The swami ; A wife in the office—Disc 5. The pennies ; Kris plays Cupid ; Rick grows a beard ; The ghost town ; Dave’s other office. Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson, David Nelson, Ricky Nelson. The saga of the Nelson family.

The Royle family : the complete 1st season. Burbank, CA : BBC Video : Distributed by Warner Home Video, 2007, c1998.

A classic British comedy involving a seemly dysfunctional family with a skinflint patriach, his long-suffering wife, aspiring hairdresser daughter, and the youngest Royle, a surly teenage son.

Savages. Widescreen. Beverly Hills, Calif. : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2007.
Jon and Wendy Savage are two siblings who have spent their adult years trying to recover from their abusive father, Lenny. Suddenly, a call comes in that Lenny’s girlfriend has died and he cannot care for himself. Lenny suffers from dementia and her family dumps Lenny on his children. Despite the fact Jon and Wendy have not spoken to Lenny for twenty years and he is even more loathsome than ever, the Savage siblings feel obliged to take care of him. Now together, brother and sister must come to terms with the new and painful responsibilities with their father. The siblings are forced to face the struggle with their now personal demons.

Silas Marner. [S.l.] : Burbank, CA : BBC Video ; Warner Home Video, 2007.

Silas Marner was a man who had everything, until he lost it all. Falsely accused of theft and driven out of his town, Silas starts life anew. One day, upon arriving home, he discovers a child asleep on the hearth.

Terminator 2 : judgment day. Extreme DVD ed. ; widescreen
version. Santa Monica, Calif. : Artisan Home Entertainment, 2003.
Special features : Disc 1. Special ed. version of the feature film with 16 min. of additional scenes—Dolby headphone audio track—All new commentary with producer/director James Cameron and co-writer William Wisher—Extreme interactive mode with graphic commentary and rare behind-the-scenes footage ; Disc 2 (DVD-ROM). No feat but what we make, documentary—T2 : on the set, retrospective montage—T2 : high definition, the complete theatrical version of the film in Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series—Infiltration unit simulator and T2 FX studio—Skynet combat chassis designer. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, Joe Morton, Edward Furlong. A lethal cyborg, the T-1000, has been sent back from 2029 A.D. to present day Los Angeles on a mission to kill the boy destined to lead the freedom fighters of the future. The original Terminator cyborg is reprogrammed and sent to save the boy, assisted by the boy’s mother, a woman warrior whose warnings of a world headed toward nuclear disaster go unheeded.

The Thin man. New York : MGM/UA Home Video, 1986.

When an eccentric inventor disappears after threatening to slap his mistress with a lawsuit for embezzlement, Nick and Nora Charles must get to the bottom of the case.

A touch of Frost. Season 5. [United States] : MPI Home Video : Granada International, 2005.

Award-winning British actor David Jason is Jack Frost, a no-nonsense detective whose unorthodox methods fuel the tension between him and his superiors.

A touch of Frost. Season 6. [Oak Forest, Ill.] : MPI Home Video, 2005.
Award-winning British actor, David Jason, is Jack Frost, a no-nonsense detective whose unorthodox methods fuel the tension between him and his superiors. Includes: Appendix Man, One Man’s Meat, Private Lives, and Keys to the Car.

A touch of Frost. Seasons 7 & 8. [Oak Forest, Ill.] : MPI Home Video, 2005.
This 2 disc set includes season 7 and season 8 of ‘A touch of Frost’. Award-winning British actor, David Jason, is Jack Frost, a no-nonsense detective whose unorthodox methods fuel the tension between him and others.

A touch of Frost. Seasons 9 & 10. Full screen. Oak Forest, Ill. : MPI Home Video, 2006.
Detective Inspector Jack Frost tracks down criminals in the fictional town of Denton, England.

The village. Full screen. [United States] : Touchstone Home Entertainment ; Burbank, CA : Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2005.

In a quiet, isolated village in olde Pennsylvania, there lies a pact between the people of the village and the creatures who reside in the surrounding woods. The townspeople do not enter the woods, and the creatures do not enter the village. The pact stays intact for many years, that is until the headstrong Lucius Hunt seeks medical supplies from neighboring towns beyond the woods. Animal carcasses begin to appear around the village, causing the elders to fear for the safety of the village, the sanctity of the pact, and so much more.