Thursday, July 31, 2008

New books and media for August 2008


Alexie, Sherman . Flight : a novel. 1st ed. New York : [S.l.] : Black Cat ; Distributed by Publishers Group West, c2007.
Follows the life of a troubled teen as he is transported back and forth in time in a search for his true identity.

Allen, Sarah Addison. Garden spells. New York : Bantam Books, c2007.

Claire Waverley has used her unique gifts to cast a protective boundary around her home and life, but when her rebellious sister, Sydney, unexpectedly arrives on Claire’s doorstep, she finds her life turned upside down as they both struggle to heal the wounds of the past.

Asner, Jules. Whacked. 1st ed. New York : Weinstein Books, c2008.

Dani Hale, a writer for the television crime series “Flesh and Bone,” draws from her vast knowledge of Hollywood murders to get revenge when she learns that her boyfriend Dave, the show’s director, has been cheating on her.

Banks, L. A. The wicked : [a vampire huntress legend]. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Griffin, c2007.

Cain, the son of Eve, has escaped his banishment to ascend his father’s throne as the Chairman of the Vampire Council and resurrects the deadly Fallon Nuit to lead a powerful new army.

Belmond, C. A. A rather lovely inheritance. New York : New American Library, c2007.

Historical researcher Penny Nichols inherits her Aunt Penelope’s estate and sets out to uncover the truth about her aunt and other haunting family secrets.

Biddle, Cordelia Frances. The conjurer. 1st ed. New York : Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Minotaur, c2007.
Twenty-six-year-old spinster Martha Beale teams up with investigator Thomas Kelman in an attempt to learn what happened to her father, a Philadelphia financier who disappeared while on a hunting trip,and uncovers connections to a woman in an insane asylum, a shady psychic, and the serial murders of child prostitutes.

Black, Cara . Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis. New York : Soho, c2007.
Paris computer expert Aimee Leduc, alerted by an anonymous phone call to look in her courtyard, finds an abandoned infant, and her search for the baby’s mother leads her into a plot involving espionage, environmental degradation, and murder.

Bond, Stephanie. Body movers: 2 bodies for the price of 1. Don Mills, Ont. : Mira, c2008.
Rich girl-turned-Neiman’s shop girl Carlotta was left at 18 to raise her 10-year-old brother, Wesley, after their parents, Randolph and Valerie, skipped town to avoid investment fraud charges. Ten years later, snarky Atlanta DA Kelvin Lucas has reopened the case. Grouchy love interest Det. Jack Terry wants information that Carlotta’s afraid to divulge. Randolph makes a mysterious call to Carlotta and also gets in touch with Peter Ashford, her attentive ex-fiancé. Wesley, an oddly likable slacker and compulsive gambler, believes in their dad’s innocence, but Carlotta’s not so sure. (from Publishers Weekly).

Bowen, Rhys. A royal pain. 1st ed. New York : Berkley Prime Crime, c2008.
Lady Georgiana is summoned by the Queen to entertain a Bavarian Princess and introduce her to a playboy prince in hopes he will finally marry; however, since Georgiana’s brother, Binky, cut off her allowance, she doesn’t have the proper funds to feed them.

Box, C. J. Free fire. Thorndike, Me. : Center Point Pub., c2007.

Joe Pickett, having been fired from his job as a game warden, is working on his father-in-law’s ranch when he receives a special request from the Governor that he can’t refuse. Governor Rubin wants Joe to investigate a case in which an attorney has been accused of murdering four campers in Yellowstone National Park. With the promise of being reinstated as game warden, Joe and his partner, Nate Romanowski, set off for the beauty and danger of Yellowstone and find something even more dangerous.

Brown, Janelle. All we ever wanted was everything : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Spiegel & Grau, c2008.

Janice Miller and her two daughters band together to face off against divorce lawyers, debt collectors, mean girls, and other foes when Janice is informed her husband Paul is divorcing her just when his pharmaceutical company is hitting the big time, Margaret is dumped by her newly famous actor boyfriend, and Lizzie learns that her winning battle to lose weight has made her the target of school bathroom graffiti.

Burke, James Lee . Swan Peak : a Dave Robicheaux novel. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.

Detective Dave Robicheaux is out of his element this time as the story finds him in the wilds of Montana where Clete Purcel has to confront ghosts from his past. Jimmy Dale Greenwood continues to hide from the law. Robicheaux uncovers fraudulent ministers who garner support for nefarious political enterprises, and comes into contact with two brothers who are the sons of the most famous wildcatter in Texas oil history.

Clark, Mary Higgins. Where are you now? 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.

Twenty-six-year-old Carolyn MacKenzie, having suffered from the September 11, 2001, death of her father and finished her clerkship in Manhattan, decide to track down her brother who disappeared ten years earlier, and uncovers a web of lies and deceit involving her family and wealthy, powerful people who want to keep a secret quiet.

Clark, Mary Higgins. Where are you now? Large print ed. Waterville, Me. : Thorndike/Windsor/Paragon, c2008.

Twenty-six-year-old Carolyn MacKenzie, having suffered from the September 11, 2001, death of her father and finished her clerkship in Manhattan, decide to track down her brother who disappeared ten years earlier, and uncovers a web of lies and deceit involving her family and wealthy, powerful people who want to keep a secret quiet.

Coel, Margaret . Eye of the wolf. Thorndike, Me. : Center Point Pub., c2006.

At the Wind River Reservation, Father John O’Malley is alarmed on receiving a cryptic voice-mail message that leads him to a century-old battlefield and three newly slain Shoshones. Could these be revenge killings for the bloody battle that took place between the now co-existing Arapahos and Shoshones? When a client of Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden, Frankie Montana, is accused of the murders, Vicky’s law partner and lover, Adam Lone Eagle, urges her to pass Montana to the attractive new lawyer in town. Past experience sets off her warning bells, and Vicky begins to wonder about Adam’s interest in the beautiful blond newcomer.

Collins, Jackie. Married lovers. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, c2008.
Cameron Paradise has started her life over in L.A. as a personal trainer to the stars and is striving to fulfill her dream of opening her own studio, but her affair with married movie producer Ryan Lambert threatens to destroy everything she has worked for, and may even end her life.

Cook, Claire . Summer blowout. 1st ed. New York : Hyperion, c2008.

Bella Shaughnessay helps her father run a small chain of beauty salons in Marshbury, Massachusetts, after swearing off all men, until a handsome entrepreneur comes along.

Coulter, Catherine. TailSpin. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, c2008.

FBI Special Agent Jackson Crowne is able to save himself and psychologist Dr. Timothy MacLean after their plane crashes in Parlow, Kentucky, where they stumble upon Rachael Abbott, a woman with a shocking secret who is running from an unknown enemy and helps Crowne and Dr. MacLean outsmart the people who will stop at nothing to keep the doctor from revealing what he knows about a political scandal that could destroy the government.

Deaver, Jeffery. The broken window : a Lincoln Rhyme novel. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.

New York police department forensic consultant Lincoln Rhyme and detective Amelia Sachs try to clear Rhyme’s cousin, Arthur, of a murder charge and uncover a serial killer who is using data mining to frame innocent people.

Deveraux, Jude. Secrets. 1st Atria Books hardcover ed. New York : Atria Books, c2008.

Cassandra Madden, in love since the age of twelve with Jefferson Ames, a young man she met at one of her mother’s business conferences, grows up unable to find anyone who lives up to her vision of Jeff as the ideal man, and she finally gets a chance to be near him when she gets a job as nanny for the now-widowed Jeff’s young daughter in Williamsburg, Virginia, but must still find a way to make him notice her as a woman.

Doherty, P. C. The assassins of Isis : a story of ambition, politics and murder set in ancient Egypt. 1st St. Martin’s Minotaur ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2006, c2004.

Lord Amerotke, chief justice for Pharoah Queen Hatusu, places his own life in danger when he tries to discover the links between the disappearance of four handmaidens from the Temple of Isis, the plunder of Rahimere’s tomb, and the strange death of military hero General Suten.

Erdrich, Louise. The plague of doves. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, c2008.
In 1911, a farm family is killed in Pluto, North Dakota, and three Ojibwe are lynched for the murders even though there is no evidence of their guilt; and years later, the events of the crime reverberate among the descendants of those involved.

Evanovich, Janet. Fearless fourteen. 1st large print ed. New York : Random House Large Print, c2008.
Stephanie Plum, a bond enforcement agent, takes a job from security expert Carlos Manoso, but her boyfriend, Joe Morelli, a police officer who is looking for his cousins, Dom and Loretta Rizzi, who are suspects in a bank robbery, thinks she should be spending her nights with him.

Frey, James . Bright shiny morning. 1st ed. New York : Harper, c2008.
Presents a compilation of vignettes of several characters who come to the city of Los Angeles in order to fulfill their dreams.

Furst, Alan. The spies of Warsaw : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2008.
Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier, a military attaché at the French embassy in Warsaw in 1937, gathers snippets of information while living the life of an aristocrat in Poland and conducting an affair with a lawyer for the League of Nations, but he finds himself scrambling to save the life of one of his spies and alert authorities to what is going on when it becomes clear the Nazis are preparing to mount a tank attack.

Gardner, Lisa. Say goodbye. New York : Bantam Books, c2008.
Delilah Rose is a Georgia prostitute familiar with pregnant FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy (“beautiful, brainy, and pedigreed”) through Kimberly’s well-publicized nabbing of the Eco-Killer in The Killing Hour(2003). Delilah asks the detective to investigate her friend Ginny Jones’s possible abduction by a creepy-crawly john who calls himself Dinchara, an anagram of “arachnid.” (from Publishers Weekly).

Giffin, Emily. Love the one you’re with. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, c2008.

Ellen’s seemingly perfect marriage comes into question when she runs into Leo, the man who left her brokenhearted eight years before.

Green, Simon R. . Hell to pay : a novel of the nightside. Ace mass-market ed. New York : Ace Books, c2007.
An immortal called the Griffin hires John Taylor, a private investigator whose special abilities are blocked, to find his missing granddaughter in the Nightside, a dark city within London.

Green, Simon R. . Paths not taken. Ace mass market ed. New York : Ace Books, c2005.

John Taylor, a “finder” who works in the magical underworld of London, uncovers the mystery of his past just in time to try to stop his mother, a being who has been around since before the dawn of history, from destroying the Nightside, a realm of her own making.

Green, Simon R. . Nightingale’s lament. Ace mass market ed. New York : Ace Books, c2004.
John Taylor, a “finder” who works in the Nightside, the magical underworld of London, is hired to find out why a local diva called the Nightingale has cut herself off from her family and friends, and why suicide-prone fans believe her voice is literally “to die for.”

Green, Simon R. . Agents of light and darkness. Ace mass-market ed. New York : Ace Books, c2003.
John Taylor, a man who has a supernatural ability to find things, ventures into the Nightside, the magical underworld of London, on a mission to locate the Unholy Grail, the cup that Judas drank from at the Last Supper and that corrupts all who touch it while at the same time conferring great power.

Green, Simon R. . Hex and the city. Ace mass market ed. New York : Ace Books, c2005.
Detective John Taylor is hired to uncover the origins of the Nightside, a small glimpse of hell in London, and in turn finds out a shocking secret about his own long-vanished mother.

Griffin, W. E. B. Death and honor. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, c2008.

In 1943, Marine fighter pilot Cletus Frade is sent to Argentina as a spy while posing as head of an OSS airline, and uncovers a plot to help Nazi officers escape to safe havens around the world, but his thirst for revenge against the soldiers responsible for his father’s death may endanger Cletus’s ultimate mission.

Guterson, David. The other. 1st ed. New York : Knopf, c2008.

John William Barry and Neil Countryman are brought together by their mutual love of the outdoors; but when Neil asks John to help him disappear into Washington’s backcountry, he finds himself in the center of secrets and deceit that will shatter his life.

Hall, Steven . The Raw Shark Texts. 1st American ed. Edinburgh, Scotland ; New York : [Berkeley, Calif.] :Canongate ; Distributed by Publishers Group West, c2007.
Eric Sanderson, having awakened with no memory, finds a note directing him to a doctor who tells him he is suffering from a dissociative disorder that has flared up on several occasions since the drowning death of his girlfriend three years earlier, and soon discovers, through notes he has written to himself, that he is being pursued by a metaphysical shark that is eating up his memories and sense of himself.

Harris, Charlaine. From dead to worse. 1st ed. New York : Ace Books, c2008.
Louisiana telepath and cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse, who is friendly with a pack of werewolves and blood bonded to a vampire leader, finds herself caught in the middle of a werewolf power struggle and learns about her family’s past and her powers from her great grandfather.

Harte, Amanda. The golden thread. New York : Avalon Books, c2008.

If there’s one thing Eleanor Menger knows it’s that she will never marry the man her uncle has chosen for her. Even though it means giving up her comfortable life in New York City, somehow she’ll find a way to support herself until she’s free from her uncle’s guardianship. An advertisement for workers at the textile mill in Hidden Falls seems like the answer to Eleanor’s dilemma. No matter how difficult it is to handle a loom, she’ll be safe there, for no one would expect an heiress to be a common laborer. All she needs to do is make sure no one—especially not Brad Harrod—learns her true identity.

Hearn, Lian. Heaven’s net is wide : the first tale of the Otori. New York : Riverhead Books, c2007.
Details the character Lord Otori Shigeru’s early life; providing information on his warrior training, tests of his skills and talents, relationship with a tribe of assassins, and encounters with Lady Maruyama.

Modern magic : tales of fantasy and horror. Wilmington, DE : Fantasist Enterprises, c2006.
Envisioning a darker version of today’s world, the 26 authors present tales of the fae, including P. Kirby’s story of an unusual attempt to change fate by a precognitive member of the fae and his vampire associate (“Salvation in a Plastic Bag”); wizards, including Jon Allan Sprunk’s tale of magic in unlikely places (“Office Magic”); and other supernatural denizens of the modern era. (from Library Journal).

Ignatius, David . Body of lies : a novel. 1st ed. New York : W.W. Norton, c2007.
Roger Ferris, an idealistic CIA agent who has dedicated himself to preventing further al-Qaeda attacks, becomes caught up in a web of lies, deception, manipulation, and hypocrisy when he concocts an elaborate plot to find a terrorist known as Suleiman, patterned on a British scheme used against the Nazis in World War II.

Jackson, Lisa. Lost souls. New York : Kensington Books, c2008.

Aspiring crime writer Kristi Bentz, having already survived two run-ins with serial killers, enrolls at All Saints College in New Orleans to investigate the disappearances of four girls, all of whom had been enrolled in a popular class on vampirism, and finds she has once again been targeted by a killer and has completely underestimated her enemy.

Jackson, Shirley, 1916-1965. The haunting of Hill House. New York : Penguin Books, 2006, c1959.

Four visitors to Hill House are unaware that the old evil mansion will soon choose one of them to make its own.

Jance, Judith A. Damage control. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, c2008.

Arizona sheriff Joanna Brady must somehow find a way to balance her complicated home life with her even more difficult job, especially when she is called upon to solve two cases involving the deaths of an elderly couple whose car ran off a mountain in the Coronado National Monument, and the discovery of the remains of a handicapped woman who had wandered away from her care facility.

Johansen, Iris. Silent thunder : Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, 2008.
Hannah Bryson, a marine architect, is thrilled when she’s assigned to create a schematic of a Russian nuclear submarine which has been purchased by the United States for display in a museum. It is her job to check for hazards and to design modifications to make it safe for visitors. Her brother, Connor, her assistant, discovers a mysterious message hidden behind one of the panels and is then murdered. Remaining on the job, Hannah plans to finish what she started, and to find her brother’s killer.

Kingsbury, Karen. Between Sundays. Grand Rapids, Mich. : Zondervan, c2007.
God brings hope and healing into the lives of young quarterback Aaron Hill; his teammate Derrick Anderson, a family man looking to keep a promise he made years earlier; Cory, an orphan in the foster care system who is convinced that Hill is his father; and Megan Gunn, the woman who wants to adopt Cory.

Kingsbury, Karen. Like dandelion dust. Thorndike, Me. : Center Point Pub., c2006.

Jack and Molly Campbell live an idealistic life in a small town, with their adopted son Joey, four. When the child’s biological father is released from prison, the courts order for Joey to return to his father. Jack and Molly are devastated and they consider devising a plan that will keep Joey with them forever.

LaMarche, Phil. American youth : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2007.

After being involved in an accidental shooting, fourteen-year-old Ted LeClare awaits the discovery of his guilt by the local police officers and joins a group of boys called the American Youth who pride themselves on anti-federalist beliefs and vandalizing property of the wealthy.

Larkin, Alison. The English American. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.
Follows the trials of Pippa Dunn, who is adopted by British parents and finally meets her American birth parents when she is twenty-eight, but chaos and confusion ensue as she is caught between two opposing cultures.

Leary, Ann. Outtakes from a marriage : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Shaye Areheart Books, c2008.

The innocent mistake of listening to her actor-husband’s voicemail instead of her own sends Julia DeLuca on a mission to determine if Joe is having an affair with the sultry Southern-sounding woman on the phone message. Yet, she must be discreet so as not to endanger her ability to attend the Golden Globe awards with Joe, only days away.

Lustbader, Eric. Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne sanction. 1st ed. New York, NY : Grand Central Pub., c2008.
Jason Bourne must confront a nightmare version of himself—an amoral, heartless killer—in this new novel in Robert Ludlum’s bestselling series. (from the publisher).

Macomber, Debbie. Twenty wishes. Don Mills, Ont. : Mira, c2008.
Anne Marie Roche, who feels empty inside after the husband she was separated from dies, invites other widows to her book store to make a list of twenty wishes, the fulfillment of which leads each woman into unexpected relationships or friendships.

Macomber, Debbie. Almost paradise. Large print ed. Thorndike, Me. : Center Point Pub., c2007.
Sherry White spends her summer working at a camp for gifted children, caring for seven precocious girls and developing an unexpected relationship with camp director Jeff Roarke.

McCarthy, Cormac . The road. Large print ed. Thorndike, ME : Center Point Pub., 2007, c2006.
Traces the journey of a father and his son as they walk alone after a great fire has consumed the nation and left everything in ashes.

McMahon, Jennifer. Island of lost girls : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Harper, c2008.
A woman who witnesses a girl’s kidnapping by someone in a rabbit costume joins the investigation and finds connections to the disappearance of her own childhood best friend.

Meyer, Stephenie . The host : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown, c2008.

Melanie, whose mind has been almost completely taken over by an alien named Wanderer, convinces the alien to search for her lost lover, who fled the extraterrestrial invasion, and tries to find a way in which she and Wanderer can coexist.

Modesitt, L. E. The Elysium Commission. 1st ed. New York : Tor, c2007.

When a scientist on the planet Devanta creates a small universe similar to Earth, retired military special operative Blaine Donne uncovers a disturbing link between the new utopian universe and a series of disturbing crimes.

Mosher, Howard Frank. Disappearances. Thorndike, Me. : Center Point Pub., c2006.

The time: 1932, just before the repeal of Prohibition and just shy of Wild Bill’s 14th birthday. The place: Vermont, near the Canadian border. Bill’s dad, desperate to preserve his cattle herd through a bitter winter, resorts to smuggling whiskey—a traditional family occupation. He takes his son on a voyage that will remain etched in the reader’s mind: a journey into the demonic and spellbinding past. What they find is the genuine stuff of legends.

Myers, Tamar. Hell hath no curry : a Pennsylvania Dutch mystery with recipes. New York : New American Library, c2007.

Three days before he’s due to tie the knot with Priscilla Livengood, eligible bachelor Cornelious Weaver suffers a massive heart attack in another woman’s bed. The scandal is about as good as television for the insular citizens of Hernia, Pennsylvania, and it gets even spicier when the coroner’s report reveals possible foul play: Cornelious’s curry was spiked with a stimulant.

Oates, Joyce Carol . My sister, my love : the intimate story of Skyler Rampike. 1st ed. New York : Ecco, c2008.

Nineteen-year-old Skyler Rampike looks back on the ten years since the murder of his younger sister Bliss, a rising figure skater whose unsolved death created a media circus that destroyed his parents’ marriage and cast suspicion on him, keeping him from finding any sense of normalcy in his life.

O’Neill, Joseph . Netherland. 1st American ed. New York : Pantheon Books, c2008.

Hans van den Broek finds himself alone in New York City after his wife and son return to London, and stumbles upon the subculture of cricket, builds a friendship with Chuck from Trinidad, and begins a new life in his adopted country.

Pattison, Eliot. Prayer of the dragon. New York : Soho, c2007.

Shan Tao Yun, an exiled Chinese national, must save a comatose man from execution for two murders in which the victims’ arms have been removed.

Pelecanos, George P. The turnaround : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown, and Co., c2008.

In 1972, three white teenagers drive into a solidly African American neighborhood bent on “rais[ing] a little hell.” What follows is tragic: one boy is left dead, another scarred for life, and a young African American is in prison. Thirty years later, two survivors of that fated afternoon accidentally reconnect and explore accommodation. But a third party to these past events has more sinister plans. (from Library Journal).

Picoult, Jodi . Nineteen minutes. Center Point large print ed. Thorndike, ME : Center Point Pub., c2007.

The people of Sterling, New Hampshire, are forever changed after a shooting at the high school leaves ten people dead, and the judge presiding over the trial tries to remain unbiased, even though her daughter witnessed the events and was friends with the assailant.

Pollock, Donald Ray . Knockemstiff. 1st ed. New York : Doubleday, c2008.
A collection of interrelated stories about the lives of the people in a small rural town in Ohio from the 1960s through the 1990s.

Price, Richard . Lush life. 1st ed. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2008.
In Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Eric Cash, a restaurant manager and struggling writer, witnesses the shooting death of one of his employees, and detective Matty Clark and his partner Yolonda Bello try to reconstruct the crime to find the perpetrator, while suspecting Eric may have been involved.

Quinn, Tara Taylor. Behind closed doors. Don Mills, Ontario : MIRA Books, c2007.

Laura Elizabeth Clark goes against her parents wishes and marries biracial Harry Kendall. But happily-ever-after goes horribly wrong one night when an intruder—a member of a white supremacist organization—forces his way into their Arizona home and commits an unthinkable crime, in this second part of a trilogy.

Roberts, Nora. Tribute. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, c2008.

Former child star Cilla McGowan returns to the Blue Ridge Mountain area to restore her grandmother’s farmhouse, which began to fall into ruin after the woman’s death; but after Cilla discovers a secret pile of unsigned letters in the attic leads, she encounters a series of personal attacks.

Romano-Lax, Andromeda . The Spanish bow. 1st ed. Orlando, Fla. : Harcourt, c2007.
The bequest of a cello bow in early twentieth-century Spain sets young Feliu Delargo on the path to a music career which is enhanced by his partnership with eccentric piano prodigy Justo Al-Cerraz, and the two spend years making beautiful music together while disagreeing about nearly everything else—except their daring final collaboration with Jewish Italian violinist Aviva.

Rushdie, Salman. The enchantress of Florence : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2008.

A young European who calls himself the Mughal of Love travels to the court of Emperor Akbar and tells a tale about a mysterious woman who possesses enchanting beauty and tries to control her destiny during the High Renaissance in Florence, where Niccolo Machiavelli learns about power.

Russell, Kirk . Deadgame : a John Marquez crime novel. 1st Chronicle Books LLC pbk. ed. San Francisco : Chronicle Books, 2007, c2005.
Ex-DEA agent John Marquez, working undercover for the California Department of Fish and Game, investigates the illegal poaching of sturgeon and the disappearance of his key confidential informant.

Shaara, Jeff . The steel wave : a novel of World War II. 1st ed. New York : Ballantine Books, c2008.
The second of Jeff Shaara’s epic trilogy on World War II covers the story of D-Day and the Allied invasion of France told from the perspective of some of the event’s major characters.

Silva, Daniel . Moscow rules. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, c2008.

Gabriel Allon-art restorer, master spy, and sanctioned assassin-returns in Silva’s 11th thriller about terrorism in our violent world. After the murder of an informant in St. Peter’s Basilica, Allon is sent to the newly wealthy but corrupt Moscow to stop arms dealer Ivan Kharkov from selling sophisticated weapons to al-Qaeda. (from Library Journal).

Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989. The friend of Madame Maigret : an inspector Maigret mystery. New York : Penguin Books, c2007.

In The Friend of Madame Maigret, Simenon.portrays the Marais quarter of Paris and those who haunt its narrow streets as Inspector Maigret attempts to prove that a murder has actually been committed without a corpse anywhere to be found. (from the publisher, edited).

Slaughter, Karin . Fractured. New York : Delacorte Press, c2008.
Finding her daughter murdered in her upscale home, Abigail Campano kills her daughter’s assailant in revenge. But is the situation that simple? (from Library Journal).

Smith, Tom Rob. Child 44. 1st ed. New York : Grand Central Pub., c2008.

Leo Demidov, an officer of the MGB, the State Security Force in Stalin’s Soviet Union, finds himself demoted and on the run for suggesting the presence of a murderer in the insisted idealistic Moscow.

Somers, Jeff . The digital plague. 1st ed. New York : Orbit, c2008.

Criminal Avery Cates finds himself in the unlikely role of savior when everyone around him begins to die in a gruesome manner, leaving him behind to track down the people, or things, responsible for the deaths.

Stabenow, Dana. A deeper sleep. Thorndike, Me. : Center Point Pub., c2007.

P.I. Kate Shugak has been working on a case for the Anchorage D.A. involving the murder of a woman by her husband. What makes this case most intriguing for authorities is that this particular man had been the subject of previous investigations, but they were never able to get a conviction. Kate and State Trooper Jim Chopin are convinced ‘this time’ will be different. When he’s acquitted again, Kate and Jim, sure the man has gotten away with murder, know he’ll kill again. They’re right!

Strohmeyer, Sarah. Bubbles all the way. Center Point large print ed. Thorndike, Me. : Center Point Pub., c2006.

For years the local ladies of Lehigh, Pennsylvania, have wished aloud that Debbie Shatsky would meet an untimely end—so they could get their hands on Phil Shatsky, sports-hating, dinner-cooking, massage-giving husband extraordinaire. But when Debbie gets hair extensions at the House of Beauty and dies from a reaction to the glue, it’s salon owner Sandy who gets the blame. Her best friend Bubbles Yablonsky, reporter and sleuth, is determined to investigate—despite distractions from the two men in her life. And from a mysterious Santa Claus, who warns Bubbles not to cry, not to pout and not to scream...when he tries to kill her.

Stross, Charles. Saturn’s children : a space opera. 1st ed. New York : Ace Books, c2008.
Sometime in the twenty-third century, humanity went extinct, leaving only androids behind. Freya Nakamichi 47 is a femmebot, one of the last of her kind still functioning. With no humans left to pay for the pleasures she provides, she agrees to transport a mysterious package from Mercury to Mars.

Thor, Brad. The last patriot : a thriller. 1st Atria Books hardcover ed. New York : Atria Books, c2008.

Former Homeland Security operative Scot Harvath is drawn back into his old life when he saves University of Virginia professor Anthony Nichols from an assassin’s bomb in Paris and becomes involved in trying to uncover the final and startling revelation of the prophet Mohammed which, if revealed, will transform Islam.

Weisberger, Lauren . Chasing Harry Winston. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.

The bestselling author of The Devil Wears Prada and Everyone Worth Knowing returns with the story of three best friends who vow to change their entire lives...and change them fast.

Wells, Shirley. A darker side. New York : Soho Press, c2008.
Forensic psychologist Jill Kennedy has given up police work for a quiet life in the Lancashire village of Kelton Bridge. But when Martin Hayden, a seventeen-year-old schoolboy, is murdered, DCI Max Trentham, Jill’s ex-colleague, wants her back at work.

Winfield, Jess. My name is Will : a novel of sex, drugs, and Shakespeare. 1st ed. New York : Twelve, c2008.

Tells the intersecting stories of a young William Shakespeare, teaching at Stratford-upon-Avon, and grad student Willie Shakespeare Greenberg, who finds himself an unwitting drug smuggler thanks to one bad choice.

Winspear, Jacqueline . An incomplete revenge : a Maisie Dobbs novel. Center Point large print ed. Thorndike, Me. : Center Point Pub., c2008.
The psychologist/investigator digs deep into a village’s long-buried secrets. Maisie’s benefactor, tycoon James Compton, wants to buy an estate in the bucolic hamlet of Heronsdene, but is wary after a string of mysterious fires. Maisie soon proves Compton’s suspicions correct when she encounters the shady current landowner and a vaguely menacing band of Gypsies in town for the seasonal harvest. The locals are also curiously tight-lipped about Heronsdene’s wartime tragedy, when a zeppelin raid wiped out a family. Teasing out Heronsdene’s secrets will take all the intrepid former nurse’s psychological skills and test her ability to navigate between the Gypsy and gorja(non-Gypsy) worlds. (from Publishers Weekly).

Winterson, Jeanette . The stone gods. 1st U.S. ed. Orlando, Fla. : Harcourt, c2007.
Billie Crusoe, sent to colonize a new blue planet along with the renegade robo-sapian Spike, learns the unhappy truth of the old adage about people being doomed to repeat their mistakes when a technical maneuver fails, sending the travelers on a gender-bending adventure through time and space.

Wroblewski, David. The story of Edgar Sawtelle : a novel. New York : Ecco, c2008.
A tale reminiscent of “Hamlet” that also celebrates the alliance between humans and dogs follows speech-disabled Wisconsin youth Edgar, who bonds with three yearling canines and struggles to prove that his sinister uncle is responsible for his father’s death.


155.6 SIL
Silver, Burton. Everything he hasn’t told you yet : a new way to get men talking about stuff that matters. Berkeley, Calif. : Ten Speed Press, c2007.

Presents over one hundred scenarios, each with a series of questions, designed to give women insights into what men really think and how they feel about a variety of life issues, and to provide a basis from which to have more in-depth conversations.

155.9 GRO
Groves, Richard F. The American book of dying : lessons in healing spiritual pain. Berkeley : Celestial Arts, c2005.
Written for the non-professional caretaker, “The American Book of Dying” is an invaluable resource that offers comfort, direction, and hope for those living and those dying. Drawing from real-life experiences, authors Richard F. Groves and Henriette Anne Klauser present a collection of nine stories, each illustrating a common archetype, as well as insightful, timeless lessons gleaned from each experience.

170.44 SHR
Shriver, Maria. Just who will you be? : big question, little book, answer within. 1st ed. New York : Hyperion, c2008.
Offers advice to anyone of any age who wants to do something different with their life, and describes how her life changed drastically when her husband was elected governor of California.

200 TIP
Tippett, Krista. Speaking of faith : why religion matters—and how to talk about it. Penguin Books, c2008.
As a journalist and then a diplomat, author Tippett was enthralled by the promise of political solutions to divisive issues. When politics failed to provide worthy answers, she attended Yale Divinity School to pursue larger questions about what makes a meaningful life. In her quest for faith’s illumination of life’s complexities, passions, and frailties, she developed a style of discourse—a “life of conversation”—that she now shares with millions of people every week via her public radio program. Tippett’s in-depth conversations with theologians, scientists, ethicists, and seekers who share their experiences, combined with her engaging style, are revolutionizing the way many think and speak of faith in their families and communities and in the larger world. (from the publisher).

226.06 GOM
Gomes, Peter J. The scandalous Gospel of Jesus : what’s so good about the good news. 1st ed. New York : HarperOne, c2007.
Argues that the real message of the Christian church should not be the “good news” of salvation through Jesus, but the controversial gospel of hope and revolution preached by Jesus during his time on Earth.

248.8 GUT
Guthrie, David. When your family’s lost a loved one : finding hope together. Carol Stream, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, c2008.

In this book, Nancy and David Guthrie explore the family dynamics involved when a loved one dies—and debunk some myths about family grief. Through their own experiences of losing two young children and interviews with those who’ve faced losing spouses and parents, they show how grief can actually pull a family closer together rather than tearing it apart.

294.3 YON
Yongey Mingyur, Rinpoche . The joy of living : unlocking the secret and science of happiness. 1st ed. New York: Harmony Books, c2007.
World-renowned Buddhist teacher Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche offers insight into the secrets of meditation, drawing on neuroscience research to explain how meditation can help people enhance their happiness and compassion and offering simple meditation strategies that can be easily implemented.

303.49 ZAK
Zakaria, Fareed. The post-American world. 1st ed. New York : Norton, c2008.

The author describes a world where the United States will no longer dominate the global economy, maintaining that the economic growth of other nations like China, India, and Russia have challenged America’s standing around the world.

305.23 BRI
Briski, Zana. Born into brothels : photographs by the children of Calcutta. 2nd ed. New York : Umbrage Editions, c2004.
A collection of photos by Indian children born and raised in brothels where their mothers work as prostitutes, who were introduced to the art of photography by American photographer Zana Briski while she lived among them in Calcutta’s red light district.

306 SIN
We owe you nothing : Punk Planet : the collected interviews. New York, NY : Akashic Books, c2001.

The expanded edition of We Owe You Nothing brings the definitive book of conversations with the underground’s greatest minds up to 2007.

306.76 KEN
Kennedy, Pagan . The first man-made man : the story of two sexes, one love affair, and a twentieth-century medical revolution. 1st U.S. ed. New York : [S.l.] : Bloomsbury ; Distributed to the trade by Holtzbrinck Publishers, c2007.

Recounts the true story of Michael Dillon, the first person in the world to undergo a sex change operation, transforming from female to male in a time when plastic surgery was not the norm.

324.973 FOR
Ford, Marcia. We the purple : faith, politics, and the independent voter. Carol Stream, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, c2008.
In We the Purple, Ford describes and interprets her fellow “Purple” voters—independents who are neither Republican red nor Democratic blue. Through dozens of interviews with independent voters and candidates, politicians, political observers and activists of many stripes, she explains how these citizens eschew partisan politics, guided instead by their core values, their faith, and their experience.

327.1273 SHO
Shorrock, Tim. Spies for hire : the secret world of intelligence outsourcing. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.

Private corporations employing former high-ranking federal government and military officials are making huge profits from secret contracts with the CIA, NSA and various baronies in the Defense Department, avers freelance journalist Shorrock. In his first book, the author penetrates the covert worlds of corporations with names like CACI International Inc., Mantech International and Booz Allen Hamilton, as well as government agencies spending tens of billions of taxpayer dollars with no accountability. (from Kirkus Reviews).

327.561 MOR
Morris, Chris . The new Turkey : the quiet revolution on the edge of Europe. London : Granta Books, 2006, c2005.
Discusses the economic and political reforms occurring in twentieth-century Turkey, and explores the new problems that the country is facing as well as the expectations of the people who live there.

330.943 ALY
Aly, Götz . Hitler’s beneficiaries : plunder, racial war, and the Nazi welfare state. 1st U.S. ed. New York :
Metropolitan, 2007, c2006.
Examines the economic workings of the Third Reich, revealing how Adolf Hitler won the allegiance of Germans for his program of mass murder and military conquest by stealing money from them and using those funds to support generous social programs that earned their approval and consent.

331.702 YEA
Yeatman, C. Perry. Get ahead by going abroad : a woman’s guide to fast-track career success. 1st ed. New York : Collins, c2007.
Explains how the business world’s growing international operations field is offering women more opportunities to advance their careers and get ahead in the corporate world, and offers women practical advice on how they can take advantage of the latest trends and showcase their unique skills and accomplishments.

332.6 EIN
Einhorn, David. Fooling some of the people all of the time : a long short story. Hoboken, N.J. : J. Wiley, c2008.
In 2002, Einhorn spoke publicly about Allied Capital—a leader in the private finance industry—presenting it as an excellent short opportunity. Einhorn describes the incredible events that followed his speech and how Allied and the investment community attacked him to protect the company—and its stock price. Informative and intriguing, “Fooling Some of the People All of the Time” details how the current environment on Wall Street—and the world of hedge funds in particular—not only allows for such behavior, but how it protects the companies and attacks those who attempt to uncover them.—From publisher’s description.

333.79 SWA
Swan, Christopher C. Electric water : the emerging revolution in water and energy. Gabriola, B.C. : New Society Publishers, c2007.
Building on current mainstream trends in solar energy and wind power, Electric Water offers a clear vision of how the world’s energy and water infrastructure could be transformed.

341.48 SAN
Sands, Philippe . Torture team. New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, c2008.
On December 2, 2002 the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, signed his name at the bottom of a document that listed eighteen techniques of interrogation—techniques that defied international definitions of torture. The Rumsfeld Memo authorized the controversial interrogation practices that later migrated to Guantanamo, Afghanistan, Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, as part of the policy of extraordinary rendition. From a behind-the-scenes vantage point, Phillipe Sands investigates how the Rumsfeld Memo set the stage for a divergence from the Geneva Convention and the Torture Convention and holds the individual gatekeepers in the Bush administration accountable for their failure to safeguard international law.

347.73 GRE
Greenburg, Jan Crawford. Supreme conflict : the inside story of the struggle for control of the United States Supreme Court. New York : Penguin Press, c2007.

ABC News correspondent Jan Crawford Greenburg offers an inside look at the struggle for power within the Supreme Court in recent years, discussing how that struggle has influenced the Court’s dynamics and rulings.

364.941 THO
Thomas, Donald Serrell. Villains’ paradise : a history of Britain’s underworld. 1st Pegasus Books ed. New York : [St. Paul, Minn.] : Pegasus Books ; Distributed by Consortium, c2006.

British newspapers have always been obsessed with criminal personalities, and this book is a collection of some of the most famous tales. (from the New York Times, edited).

381 HAR
Hart, Marjorie . Summer at Tiffany. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, c2007.

The author recalls the summer of 1945 when she and her friend Marty Garrett, fresh from the University of Iowa, were hired as pages at Tiffany & Co., becoming the first women to ever work on the sales floor where they rubbed elbows with the rich and famous, celebrated VJ Day in Times Square, danced away the weekends, and created lasting memories.

610 WOO
Woodman, Josef. Patients beyond borders : everybody’s guide to affordable, world-class medical tourism. Chapel Hill, NC : Healthy Travel Media, c2007.

Patients Beyond Borders is the first comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to medical tourism, aimed at the 84 million uninsured and under-insured Americans seeking treatment options abroad for increasingly expensive procedures in the US.

615.5 LIV
Livingstone, Bob. The body mind soul solution : healing emotional pain through exercise. 1st Pegasus Books ed. New York : Pegasus Books, c2007.

Introduction : How I discovered this innovative program—Emotional pain—The eight benefits of facing your emotional pain—Discovering the source of your emotional pain—Investigating your emotional pain—The major aspects of exercise’s healing power : preparing for the body-mind-soul solution—The body-mind-soul solution—Discoveries—The journaling experience—Conclusion : How to make the body-mind-soul solution an essential part of your life.

616.024 PRE
Preston, Richard . Panic in level 4 : cannibals, killer viruses, and other journeys to the edge of science. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2008.
Richard Preston shares true stories of some of the more disturbing and bizarre illnesses and plagues in the world and the scientists who are working to understand them, including the phenomenon of “self-cannibals,” the Ebola virus, and others.

618.1 ORE
Orenstein, Peggy. Waiting for Daisy : a tale of two continents, three religions, five infertility doctors, an oscar, an atomic bomb, a romantic night, and one woman’s quest to become a mother. 1st U.S. ed. New York : [S.l.] :
Bloomsbury USA ; Distributed to the trade by Holtzbrinck Publishers, 2007.

Peggy Orenstein chronicles her increasingly desperate attempts to get pregnant after deciding at age thirty-five and with one ovary that she wanted a child, discussing the obstacles she faced, the strain her quest put on her marriage, and the burgeoning fertility industry.

640.22 BAC
Bach, David. Go green, live rich : 50 simple ways to save the earth and get rich trying. 1st ed. New York : Broadway Books, c2008.

Financial expert David Bach reveals fifty ways people can make their lives, homes, shopping, and finances more environmentally friendly and money-savvy, explaining how to improve the environment while spending less, and saving and earning more.

641.2 HAI
Hailman, John R. . Thomas Jefferson on wine. Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, c2006.
A comprehensive account of Thomas Jefferson’s knowledge and love of good wines, his efforts to learn as much about wine while serving as an ambassador in France, and his own vineyards at Monticello.

641.5951 WEI
Chiang, Cecilia. The seventh daughter : my culinary journey from Beijing to San Francisco. Berkeley, Calif. : Ten Speed Press, c2007.
Cecilia Chiang tells the story of her life and how she came to be a restauranteur in San Francisco, and shares seventy-five recipes from her legendary Mandarin restaurant.

641.5974 MED
Medeiros, Tracey. Dishing up Vermont. North Adams, MA : Storey Pub., c2008.
145 authentic recipes from the Green Mountain State.

641.8 REI
Reinhart, Peter. Peter Reinhart’s whole grain breads : new techniques, extraordinary flavor. Berkeley, Calif. : Ten Speed Press, c2007.

Provides guidance for making one’s own whole grain bread, covering topics such as the wheat kernel, enzymes, and the process of delayed fermentation, and presents fifty-five recipes for whole grain sandwich, hearth, and specialty breads as well as bagels, crackers, and other items.

658.02 TYS
Tyson, Eric (Eric Kevin). Small business for dummies. 3rd ed. Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, c2008.
Provides practical guidance for budding entrepreneurs, covering financing, legal and tax issues, buying an existing business, home-based businesses, hiring, marketing, and other topics.

741.5 AME
Amend, Bill. Foxtrotius maximus. Kansas City, Mo. : Andrews McMeel Pub. : Distributed internationally by Universal Press Syndicate, c2004.

Collects hundreds of “FoxTrot” comic strips, which chronicle the adventures of the Foxes, an average American family, including works from the books “Who’s Up for Some Bonding?”, “Am I a Mutant, or What!”, and “Your Momma Thinks Square Roots Are Vegetables.”

741.5 KIN
David, Peter (Peter Allen). The Dark Tower. New York : DC Comics, c2007.

Roland Deschain, the last surviving gunslinger, encounters evil forces and falls in love for the first time while on a mission to Hambry.

741.5 KOO
Chan, Queenie. In Odd we trust. New York : Del Rey/Ballantine, c2008.
Nineteen-year-old Odd Thomas is able to see the lingering spirits of the dead, and when the sad spirit of a frightened child asks Odd for help, Odd finds himself facing a deadly stalker determined to kill again.

746.43 SPU
Spurkland, Kristin . The knitting man(ual) : 20+ projects for guys. Berkeley, Calif. : Ten Speed Press, c2007.

Contains instructions for over twenty knitting projects for men’s clothing and accessories, featuring a range of projects for knitters of all skill levels and reflecting a contemporary urban aesthetic.

791.43 GAB
Gabler, Neal. Walt Disney : the triumph of the American imagination. 1st ed. New York : Knopf, c2006.

Presents a comprehensive biography of American film producer, director, screenwriter, and animator Walt Disney that chronicles his childhood, his early achievements in the art of animation, and the technical innovations he pioneered.

792 DEW
DeWees, Rusty. Scrawlins. 1st ed. Morrisville, Vt. : Rusty D. Inc., c2007.

Scrawlins has a little bit of everything for everyone. As many uses as Vermonters find for duct tape, there are facets to Rusty DeWees . Rusty writes in a casual style, like someone you’re comfortable standing next to against the wall at a barn dance. But he has a keen eye, a sharp mind, and a big heart matched with a curiosity that makes readers look at family, strangers, and the world around us with a fresh-sometimes humbled, sometimes twinkling-eye.

793.73 SHO
Sudoku easy. : 100 wordless crossword puzzles. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Griffin, c2005.

Presents dozens of “New York Times” crossword editor Will Shortz simple wordless crossword puzzles, known as sudoku, with an introduction to the puzzles and tips on how to solve them.

796.357 FEI
Feinstein, John. Living on the black : two pitchers, two teams, one season to remember. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown, c2008.

Recounts the 2007 season of professional baseball pitchers Tom Glavine and Mike Mussina, describing how each player strived to reach personal milestones as they neared the end of their careers.

796.83 CAV
Cavanaugh, Jack. Tunney : boxing’s brainiest champ and his upset of the great Jack Dempsey. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2006.
Tells the life story of early-twentieth-century boxer Gene Tunney, describing his youth in Greenwich Village, his relationship with Polly Lauder, the 1920s boxing world, his rivalry with Jack Dempsey, and his later years, including his work in the business world.

808.02 BRE
Writer’s market 2009. 88th annual ed., completely rev. & updated. Cincinnati, OH : Writer’s Digest Books, c2008.

Provides contact information and submission guidelines for 3,500 markets for writers, covering literary agents, book publishers, Canadian and international book publishers, small presses, consumer magazines, trade journals, and contests, and includes contact information for professional organizations, advice on the business of writing, and comments from successful authors.

813 HAY
Hay, Sheridan. The secret of lost things : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Doubleday, c2006.

Eighteen-year-old Rosemary Savage moves from Tasmania to New York following the death of her mother and secures a job at the Arcade, a huge emporium of used and rare books, where she becomes involved in the lives of her quirky colleagues and the search for a lost Melville manuscript.

813.54 ABB
Abbey, Edward, 1927-1989. Postcards from Ed : dispatches and salvos from an American iconoclast. 1st ed. Minneapolis, Minn. : Milkweed Editions, c2006.
A collection of postcards and letters in which Edward Abbey shares his wit, wisdom, world views, and personal reflections.

813.54 LEL
Leland, John . Why Kerouac matters : the lessons of On the road (they’re not what you think). New York : Viking, c2007.

Provides an analysis of the life lessons in Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” and discusses the novel’s relevance fifty years after its publication.

813.6 SET LP
Setterfield, Diane. The thirteenth tale. Center Point large print ed. Thorndike, ME : Center Point, 2007, c2006.
Aging, reclusive author Vida Winter, having given out multiple versions of her life story over the years, decides to finally set the record straight and engages Margaret Lea, a London bookseller’s daughter, to write her biography, drawing the young woman into a tale of a governess, a ghost, a willful woman, feral twins, and a gothic mansion.

853.912 MES
Messina, Maria, 1887-1944. Behind closed doors : Her father’s house and other stories of Sicily. New York : Feminist Press at the City University of New York, c2007.

A collection of ten stories about family and early-twentieth-century Sicily by Italian author Maria Messina.

892.7 JOH
The Anchor book of modern Arabic fiction. New York : Anchor Books, c2006.
An anthology of short stories by Arabic writers spanning the full history of modern Arabic literature from the end of the nineteenth century to the present.

909.0976 KEN
Kennedy, Hugh (Hugh N.). The great Arab conquests : how the spread of Islam changed the world we live in. 1st Da Capo Press ed. Philadelphia, PA : Da Capo Press, c2007.
A comprehensive history of the Arab expansion from Spain to Asia by the mid-eighth century, describing how the Arab armies conquered almost everything in their path, major battles, and the clash between civilizations and religions.

910.46 LAN
Lanier, Pamela. Elegant small hotels : a connoisseur’s guide. 22nd ed. Petaluma, CA : Berkeley, CA : Lanier Pub. International ; Distributed to the trade by Ten Speed Press, c2008.
This hotel connoisseurs’ favorite presents the great boutique accommodations of the world. From luxury hotels to affordable getaways, outstanding resorts to country inns, each establishment has been hand selected for its special touches and exceptional features. . .(from the publisher).

910.92 FER
Fernández-Armesto, Felipe. Pathfinders : a global history of exploration. 1st American ed. New York : W.W. Norton, c2006.

Chronicles the history of world exploration over the course of five thousand years, showing how human groups spread throughout the world, converged and exchanged culture, and looking at specific explorers and their expeditions.

914.04 MEL
Melnik, Peg. The Napa & Sonoma book : a complete guide. 8th ed. Woodstock, VT : Countryman Press, c2008.

The Napa & Sonoma Book: Acclaimed by The Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, and Wine & Spirits, provides in-depth reviews of well-known and undiscovered wineries, with a wealth of lodging, dining and recreation listings.

914.4048 COR
Cortázar, Julio. Autonauts of the cosmoroute : a timeless voyage from Paris to Marseille. Archipelago Books 1st ed. Brooklyn, NY : Archipelago Books, c2007.
Belgian-born Argentine author Julio Cortázar and his wife, writer and photographer Carol Dunlop, chronicle their experiences on a thirty-three-day journey from Paris to Marseille in the spring of 1982 on a highway that normally takes ten hours to travel, during which they stopped at two rest stops a day and always spent the night at the second.

916.0432 GOL
Goltz, Thomas. Assassinating Shakespeare : [the true confessions of a bard in the bush]. London ; San Francisco : Saqi, c2006.

Work your way around Africa putting on one-man Shakespeare performances? It’s the type of escapade that could only have sprung from the restless, feverish mind of the young Thomas Goltz, then a naive twenty-one-year-old in 1976 looking for adventure and an errant brother.

917.404 TRE
Maine : an explorer’s guide. Woodstock, Vt. : Countryman Press, c2008.

This guide in the Explorer’s Guide series now includes complete coverage and a new map of Portland’s Old Port, a recently revitalized and hip city destination. (from the publisher, edited).

917.45 MER
Rhode Island : an explorer’s guide. Woodstock, Vt. : Countryman Press, c2008.

A comprehensive and selective guide to the Ocean State’s best lodging and dining establishments and recreational activities, including everything from locally-revered clam shacks to pick-your-own apple farms. (refers to 2008 edition).

917.47 MCM
McMartin, Barbara. Discover the eastern Adirondacks : guide to the trails of Lake George & the Pharoah Lake Wilderness. 3rd ed. Barneveld, NY : Wild River Press, c2006.

Guide to the eastern Adirondacks region with highlighted areas of interest.

920 ENG
Engleheart, Murray. AC/DC : maximum rock & roll. 1st U.S. ed. New York : HarperEntertainment, c2006.

Chronicles the story of the rock band, AC/DC, that began in Sydney, Australia with brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, and spanned over three decades.

Bragg, Rick. The prince of Frogtown. 1st ed. New York : Knopf, c2008.

The author describes the life of his alcoholic father, from his upbringing in Jacksonville, Alabama, until his death from tuberculosis, and merges it with his own fatherly experiences with his ten-year-old stepson.

Browne, E. J. (E. Janet) . Darwin’s Origin of species : a biography. New York : Atlantic Monthly Press, c2006.

Darwin’s foremost biographer, historian Janet Browne, delivers an accessible introduction to the book that permanently altered our understanding of what it is to be human. A sensation on its publication in 1859, The Origin of Species profoundly shocked Victorian readers by calling into question the belief in a Creator with its description of evolution through natural selection. And Darwin’s seminal work is nearly as controversial today. In this study, Browne delves into the long genesis of Darwin’s theories, from his readings as a university student and his five-year voyage on the Beagle, to his debates with contemporaries and experiments in his garden. She explores the shock to Darwin when he read of a competing scientist’s similar discoveries, and the wide and immediate impact of Darwin’s theories on the world, showing why The Origin of Species can fairly claim to be the greatest science book ever published.—From publisher description.

Stubbs, John. John Donne : the reformed soul. 1st American ed. New York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2007.
Presents a comprehensive biography of sixteenth-century British poet, John Donne, following his life through the religious conflict in England, his break with his family, and rise to assume the post of Dean of St. Paul’s in London.

McMurtry, Larry. Books : a memoir. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.

Although Larry McMurtry has written 28 novels, including a Pulizer-Prize winner, two collections of essays, three memoirs, and more than 30 screenplays (one of which won him an Academy Award), until now the memoir has been his least explored genre. Herein he writes about himself from his days as a bookless boy, to a fledgling writer and family man, to his present day success as one of America’s most prominent ‘bookmen’ and of his lifelong passion for buying, selling, and collecting rare and antiquarian books.

Wilkinson, Alec . The happiest man in the world : an account of the life of Poppa Neutrino. 1st ed. New York :
Random House, c2007.
Chronicles the life and experiences of David Pearlman, an eccentric vagabond whose travels have allowed him to pursue a number of occupations including street musician, San Francisco beatnik, football enthusiast, sign painter, mariner, and preacher.

Richardson, John . A life of Picasso : the triumphant years, 1917-1932. 1st ed. New York : Knopf, c2007.

A comprehensive biography of Spanish painter and sculptor, Pablo Picasso, that chronicles his life and works from the time he left Paris in 1917 to 1932, the artist’s fiftieth birthday.

Smith, Jean Edward. FDR. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2007.
Presents a comprehensive biography of former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt that chronicles his childhood and family, marriage to Eleanor, struggle with polio, and political career.

940.53 GIN
Ginz, Petr, 1928-1944. The diary of Petr Ginz, 1941-1942. 1st ed. New York : [S.l.] : Atlantic Monthly Press ;
Distributed by Publishers Group West, c2007.

Presents the writings and drawings of teenager, Petr Ginz, who died in 1944 at Auschwitz, recording his life under Nazi occupation, his transport to and life at Thereisenstadt concentration camp at fourteen, ending just prior to his transport to Auschwitz.

940.54 THO
Thomas, Evan . Sea of thunder : four commanders and the last great naval campaign, 1941-1945. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2006.
Follows the experiences of four commanders who participated in the naval war of 1941 to 1945 in the South Pacific.

970.01 HOR
Horwitz, Tony . A voyage long and strange : rediscovering the new world. 1st ed. New York : Henry Holt, c2008.
Presents a comprehensive examination of North American history between Columbus’s landing in 1492 and the founding of Jamestown in 1607; and describes the explorations by the Vikings, French, Moorish slaves, and Spanish conquistadors.

973.7 BON
Bonner, Robert E. . The soldier’s pen : firsthand impressions of the Civil War. 1st pbk. ed. New York : Hill and Wang, c2007.

Glimpses of many things untold—The tender lines of war—Army life and the comforts of home—Combat, bloodshed and the traces of battle—The union divided?—The fading gray—Bonds broken, bonds restored—Relics of war.

973.931 AIR
Air America : the playbook : what a bunch of left-wing media types have to say about a world gone right. Emmaus, PA : New York : Rodale ; Melcher Media, c2006.

A collection of essays in which Left-Wing talk radio hosts challenge the ideas and actions of the Bush administrations and explain why they could run the country better than Bush has been.

973.931 MCC
McClellan, Scott . What happened : inside the Bush White House and Washington’s culture of deception. 1st ed. New York : BBS/Public Affairs, c2008.
Scott McClellan, former press spokesman for Texas governor George W. Bush, offers an inside look at Bush’s presidential campaign and at his first years in the White House, where he witnessed the events that took the president on a drastically different course during his administration.

973.931 PAU
Paul, Ron . The revolution : a manifesto. 1st ed. New York : Grand Central Pub., c2008.

Texas congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul argues that the political, financial, and social changes threatening the United States are a direct result of the government’s refusal to follow the guiding principles laid out in the United States Constitution.


REF 378.73 PET
Four-year colleges, 2009. 39th ed. Lawenceville, NJ : Peterson’s, c2008.

The advice center—Majors and more—College data center. Presents profiles of more than 2,500 colleges and universities; includes a list showing which schools offer which majors; and offers information on the college admissions process.

REF 975.3 WAS
Washington information directory.
[Washington] : Congressional Quarterly, inc. 2008.
Newest edition.


Evanovich, Janet. Fearless fourteen. [S.l.] : Macmillan Audio, p2008.

Read by Lorelei King. The latest installment of the Stephanie Plum series comes complete with non-stop action, mayhem, hot sexual tension, plenty of junk food, exploding cars, pot roast with the Plum family, and a viewing at the Burg’s premier funeral home.

Health and the hive. c2008.

Health & the Hive: A Beekeeper’s Journey explores the importance of honeybees in our lives. Topics addressed in the film include pollination, queen breeding, disease control, bee venom therapy, organic agriculture and honey-based plant medicine. (from the publisher).

One Woman’s Solo Trip to the Arctic Circle. c2007.

This disc contains the video recording of a program presented May 28, 2008 at Brownell Library.

Augustus. Culver City, Calif. : Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, c2005.

Peter O’Toole, Charlotte Rampling, Vittoria Belvedere, Benjamin Sadler, Ken Duken, Russell Bar. Caesar has been assassinated. As the Roman Empire struggles to regain itself, a young Emperor steps forward, prepared to claim the abandoned throne. This is an epic tale of political intrigue, heroism, villany and of Augustus’ love for one woman.

City of women. Collectors ed. New York, NY. : New Yorker Video, c2001.

Marcello Mastroianni, Ettore Manni, Anna Prucnal, Bernice Stegers, Donatella Damiani. Modern day Don Juan finds himself in a surrealistic world of women.

I am Sam. Widescreen version. [Calif.?] : New Line Home Entertainment, c2002.

Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dakota Fanning. Sam Dawson has the mental capacity of a 7-year-old. He works at a Starbucks, is obsessed with the Beatles and has a daughter with a homeless woman who abandons them. As the daughter reaches age 7, Sam’s limitations start to become a problem. When the authorities take his daughter away, Sam shames a high-priced lawyer into taking his case pro bono. In the process, he teaches her a great deal about love, and whether it’s really all you need.

The last of the Mohicans. Port Washington, NY : KOCH Vision : Distributed by KOCH Entertainment, [2007], c1971.
Kenneth Ives, Philip Madoc, John Abineri, Richard Warwick, Andrew Crawford, Tim Goodman, Joanna Davis, Patricia Maynard. In 1757, during the French and Indian War, half-sisters Cora and Alice Munro set out to join their father, the British Commander of Fort William Henry. After they are betrayed by Magua, the sisters are rescued by Hawkeye whose efforts to lead them to safety are aided by the noble Mohican Uncas, the last of this tribe.

The sisters. [Troy] MI : Anchor Bay Entertainment, c2005.

Elizabeth Banks, Maria Bello, Erika Christensen, Steven Culp, Tony Goldwyn, Mary Stuart Masterson, Eric McCormack, Alessandro Nivola, Chris O’Donnell, Rip Torn. Three sisters living in a college town struggle with the death of their father, while trying to reconcile relationships in their own lives.

The Swarm. Unrated theatrical version. New York : Warner Home Video, c2002.

Michael Caine, Katharine Ross, Richard Widmark, Richard Chamberlain, Olivia De Havilland, Ben Johnson, Lee Grant, Jose Ferrer, Patty Duke Astin, Slim Pickens, Bradford Dillman, Fred MacMurray, Henry Fonda. A swarm of killer bees attacks the United States.

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PLA 940.5373 WAR
Ward, Geoffrey C. The war : an intimate history, 1941-1945. Unabridged. [Solon, Ohio] : Playaway Digital Audio : [manufactured and distributed by] Findaway World, LLC, [released 2007], c2007.
Read by Ken Burns with Tom Hanks, Josh Lucas, and Rebecca Holtz. Chronicle of the war that shaped our world; captures the American experience of World War II through the words and deeds, thoughts and feelings of those who made history on the battlefields and on the home front.

Blount, Roy. Long time leaving : dispatches from up South. Minneapolis, MN : Cleveland, OH: HighBridge; Findaway World, LLC, c2007.

Read by the author and friends. “Hard-working humorist Roy Blount Jr. lives in the North but he’s from the South, a delicious tension that has always informed and shaped his work. In this new collection, he directs his acerbic wit and finely-tuned insight toward the persistent and colorful differences between the two. His essays treat every conceivable topic on which North and South misunderstand each other, from music to sports, eating, education, politics, child-rearing, religion, race, and language (“remember when there was lots of discussion of ‘ebonics’?”). In this eminently quotable collection, Blount does justice to the charming, funny, infuriating facets of Southern tradition and their equally odd Northern counterpoints”—from publisher’s web-site.

Roberts, Gregory David. Shantaram. Unabridged. [Solon, Ohio] :bbc[released 2008], c2007. : Playaway Digital Audio : [manufactured and distributed by] Findaway World, LLC, [released 2008], c2007.

Read by Humphrey Bower. Tells the epic journey of Lin, an escaped convict who flees maximum security prison in Australia to disappear into the underworld of contemporary Bombay, a hidden society of beggars and gangsters, prostitutes and holy men, actors and exiles.