Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New books and media for December 2008

Anderson, Kevin J. A forest of stars. 1st Orbit ed. New York : Orbit, c2007
Five years after attacking the human-colonized worlds of the Spiral Arm, the hydrogues maintain absolute control over stardrive fuel...and their embargo is strangling human civilization.

Armstrong, Kelley. Living with the dead. New York : Bantam Books, c2008.

Robyn Peltier finds herself on the run from the police when she becomes the prime suspect in her client’s murder, and turns to reporter and friend Hope Adams for help, but Hope manages to put Robyn’s life in further danger by pulling her into the Otherworld, where vampires, witches, ghosts, and werewolves reside, and where two powerful cabals have made Robyn a pawn in their deadly game.

Bear, Elizabeth. Ink and steel : a novel of the Promethean Age. New York : Roc, c2008.

Kit Marley, poet, playwright, and spy for Queen Elizabeth, finds himself caught between two worlds when he is resurrected in the Faerie world, ruled by Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Mab, and must help William Shakespeare, who has taken over her play writing duties, create plays infused with subtle magic that allow Elizabeth to continue her rule and guarantee peace for her people.

Billingham, Mark. In the dark : a novel. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Harper, c2008.
A random shooting, assumed to be a London gang initiation, causes the death of one victim and forever changes the lives of three others who struggle to learn the truth about the incident that becomes increasingly complicated as the investigation goes on.

Block, Lawrence. One night stands and lost weekends. New York : Harper, 2008, c1999.
Collects short crime stories and novelettes from the early work of Lawrence Block, and features selections entitled “Bargain in Blood,” “Look Death in the Eye,” “Professional Killer,” “You Can’t Lose,” “Stag Party Girl,” and others.

Bohjalian, Christopher A. Skeletons at the feast. 1st large print ed. New York : Random House Large Print, c2008.
In his 12th novel, Bohjalian (The Double Bind) paints the brutal landscape of Nazi Germany as German refugees struggle westward ahead of the advancing Russian army. Inspired by the unpublished diary of a Prussian woman who fled west in 1945, the novel exhumes the ruin of spirit, flesh and faith that accompanied thousands of such desperate journeys. (from Publishers Weekly).

Bolaño, Roberto. 2666. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2008.

The lives of academics and convicts, an American sportswriter, an elusive German novelist, and a teenage student and her widowed, mentally unstable father intersect in the urban sprawl of SantaTeresa, a fictional Juárez on the U.S.-Mexico border, where hundreds of young factory workers, in the novel as in life, have disappeared. (from the publisher, edited).

Bolton, S. J. Sacrifice. 1st U.S. ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, c2008.

Tora Hamilton, having recently moved to the Shetland Islands, becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to a woman whose body she found in her backyard, and even though everyone around her warns her against it, she begins her own investigation, uncovering deep secrets and links to an ancient legend.

Bostwick, Marie. A single thread. New York : Kinsington Books, c2008.

Newly divorced Evelyn Dixon moves from Fort Worth, Texas, to New Bern, Connecticut, where she sets about pursuing her dream of opening a quilting store, a project that brings three other women into her life, and together they form a sisterhood that keeps them strong through troubled times.

Bova, Ben. Mars life. 1st ed. New York : Tor, c2008.

Jamie Waterman, the man who first discovered cliff dwellings on Mars, tries desperately to keep his funding from being pulled when the U.S. government becomes increasingly influenced by the ultraconservative New Morality movement which keeps coming up with reasons to shift money away from the Mars project and back to Earth.

Brown, Rita Mae. Santa clawed. New York : Bantam Books, c2008.
The Christmastime cheer is diminished after Mary Minor “Harry” Haristeen and her husband find a dead body in their chosen Christmas tree at The Brothers of Love run tree farm, which turns out to the first in a series of murders that Harry and her feline sleuths are determined to solve.

Bruen, Ken. Once were cops. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, c2008.
Through an exchange program, Irish police officer Michael O’Shea is able to fulfill his lifelong dream of working with the New York City Police Department, where he is partnered with an unstable cop whose dangerous secret, combined with Michael’s own mental instability, threatens both their lives and the city’s most dangerous criminals.

Brunstetter, Wanda E. A sister’s test. Uhrichsville, Ohio : Barbour, c2007.

Ruth Hostettler believes her dream of being a wife and mother is finally coming true after she marries Martin Gingerich, but when the attacks on her family’s farm take a violent turn, Ruth’s future is destroyed, leaving her questioning her faith and purpose.

Brunstetter, Wanda E. Allison’s journey. Uhrichsville, OH : Barbour Pub., c2008.

Allison Troyer, a tomboy of marriageable age, is sent to her aunt in Missouri to learn how to manage a household and meets young Aaron Zook, a harness maker who hesitantly falls for Allison.

Brunstetter, Wanda E. A sister’s hope. Uhrichsville, OH : Barbour, c2008.
Martha Hostettler, troubled by the continuing attacks at her family’s farm, sets out to find the culprit and clear Luke Friesen’s name so her father will let them be married.

Buckley, Christopher. Supreme courtship : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Twelve, c2008.

Judge Pepper Cartwright, the Texan star of a courtroom-based reality television show, never expected to be nominated by the President of the United States to the Supreme Court, but when he did—to spite the rest of Capital Hill—Pepper is thrown into the middle of a constitutional crisis with a commander in chief who wants out.

Bujold, Lois McMaster. Beguilement. New York : EOS, [2007], c2006.
Fawn Bluefield leaves her family’s farm to find work in Glassforge, but when she encounters a group of Lakewalkers, soldier-sorcerers from the woodland culture to the north, Fawn finds herself pulled into a perilous battle against inhuman and immortal magical entities known as “malices”.

Buruma, Ian. The China lover. New York : Penguin Press, c2008.
Japanese actress Ri Koran, who grew up as a Chinese orphan, became a widely popular singer, but after Japan lost the war, Ri Koran was accused of treason and went on to reinvent herself in American cinema under the aliases Yoshiko Yamaguchi and Shirley Yamaguchi.

Childs, Laura. Death swatch. 1st ed. New York : Berkley Prime Crime, c2008.

Scrapbook shop owner Carmela Bertrand teams up with handsome detective Edgar Babcock to investigate the strangling death of Mardi Gras float designer Archie Baudier, whose body was found on the balcony of his neighbor Jekyl Hardy’s French Quarter apartment, and the hunt becomes urgent when Carmela realizes she is the killer’s next target.

Clark, Mary Higgins. Dashing through the snow. 1st Simon & Schuster and Scribner hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.

In Branscombe, N.H., novelist Nora Regan Reilly and her PI daughter, Regan Reilly, and their close friends Alvirah and Will Meehan, track down a missing employee of Conklin’s Market who is connected with a $160 million lottery and the winnings.

Coel, Margaret. Blood memory. 1st ed. New York : Berkley Prime Crime, c2008.
Denver newspaper investigative reporter Catherine McLeod, taking the assignment to cover a claim made by the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes to millions of acres of land, becomes the target of a killer and uncovers secrets and conspiracies.

Cox, Michael. The glass of time : the secret life of Miss Esperanza Gorst : narrated by herself. 1st ed. New York : Norton, c2008.

In 1876, nineteen-year-old orphan Esperanza Gorst goes undercover, at the request of her guardian, as a maid working for Emily Duport, the widowed Baroness Tansor, and uncovers secrets about her employer’s past as well as her own.

Crombie, Deborah. Where memories lie. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, c2008.
Inspector Gemma James and Scotland Yard’s Duncan Kincaid investigate suspicious deaths surrounding the auction of a diamond brooch which had been stolen years earlier from a woman who escaped Nazi Germany.

The year’s best fantasy & horror 2008 : twenty-first annual collection. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Griffin, c2008.
As in every year since 1988, the editors tirelessly scoured story collections, magazines, and anthologies worldwide to compile a delightful, diverse feast of tales and poems. On this anniversary, the editors have increased the size of the collection to 300,000 words of fiction and poetry, including works by Billy Collins, Ted Chiang, Karen Joy Fowler, Elizabeth Hand, Glen Hirshberg, Joyce Carol Oates, and new World Fantasy Award winner M. Rickert.

De Bernières, Louis. A partisan’s daughter. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Knopf, c2008.

Forty-something Chris, unsatisfied by his marriage, begins a relationship with twenty-something Roza, who claims to be the daughter of a Tito loyalist and fascinates him with stories of her alleged experiences.

De Castrique, Mark. Blackman’s coffin. 1st ed. Scottsdale, AZ : Poisoned Pen Press, c2008.
Sam Blackman, a chief warrant officer in the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the U.S. military, angry about the medical treatment he has received since losing a leg in Iraq, is presented with an intriguing mystery that take his mind off his troubles and launches him into a ninety-year-old investigation with links to the recent murder of ex-Marine and fellow amputee Tikima Robertson.

Downie, Ruth. Terra incognita : a novel of the Roman Empire. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Bloomsbury, c2008.
Army doctor Gaius Petreius Ruso, in need of a little peace and quiet, volunteers for a posting in Britannia’s deepest recesses, only to find himself involved in yet another tricky murder investigation when his slave Tilla’s former lover is accused of killing a soldier—forcing Ruso to try to prove the man innocent, and the army wrong.

Ebershoff, David. The 19th wife : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2008.

A historical novel which follows the parallel stories of Ann Eliza Young, the estranged wife of Brigham Young, prophet and leader of the Mormon Church in 1875, and her campaign to end polygamy in the United States, and Jordan Scott, the son of a polygamist family in twenty-first-century Utah, who returns after years away from the fundamentalist sect to learn the truth about his father’s death.

Edwards, Selden. The little book. New York : Dutton, c2008.

Wheeler Burden finds himself mysteriously transported ninety-seven years in the past—to 1897--where he is stuck, and after finding proper clothing, shelter, and acquiring Sigmund Freud as a mentor, learns more about his war-hero father but struggles to put the pieces of his life together.

Erickson, Carolly. The Tsarina’s daughter. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Press, c2008.

In 1989 Canada, an elderly woman recounts her life as the Grand Duchess Tatiana, describing her childhood and explaining how she escaped assassination by Bolsheviks in 1918.

Feehan, Christine. Dark curse : a Carpathian novel. 1st ed. New York : Berkley Books, c2008.

Lara Calladine, born into a world of fear as a slave to her evil father. and bearing the Carpathian heritage of a Dragonseeker, searches her memory for the roots of her nightmares and investigates ice caves for healing microorganisms while Nicolas De La Cruz, her vampire lover, tries to help her and overcome his own bloody desires.

Fowler, Christopher. The Victoria vanishes : a peculiar crime unit mystery. New York : Bantam Books, c2008.

The Peculiar Crimes Unit investigates a serial killer who is murdering single, middle-aged women, and detectives Bryant and May uncover a conspiracy involving a funeral urn, the Knights Templar, Emanuel Swedenborg, and the history of English pubs.

Frey, Stephen W. Forced out : a novel. 1st Atria Books hardcover ed. New York : Atria Books, c2008.

Former major league scout Jack Barrett discovers a way back to his old job after seeing minor leaguer Mickey Clemant play, but when Johnny Bondano, the prime hit man for the Lucchesi crime family, is sent to kill the man responsible for the death of the crime boss’s grandson, Jack finds himself pulled into a deadly triangle.

Gabriele, Lisa. Starlite variety. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.

Thoughtful, married-mom Georgie Peachy Archer and big-city-girl Beth, her older sister, grow up on a Canadian farm with their hairdressing, Vietnam draft-dodging dad, Lou, and share the pain of their mom’s suicide. But that’s where the similarities end - until the sisters swap lives for a weekend. . .(from Publishers Weekly).

Greeley, Andrew M.. The archbishop in Andalusia : a Blackie Ryan novel. 1st ed. New York : Forge, c2008.
Archbishop John Blackwood Ryan travels to Seville, Spain, at the behest of a local cardinal who hopes the priest can avert the violence looming over a family of wealthy aristocrats, while dramatic events unfold back home in Chicago that could change Ryan’s life forever.

Grossman, Austin. Soon I will be invincible. 1st Vintage Books ed. New York : Vintage Books, 2008, c2007.

Brilliant scientist Doctor Impossible, always plotting to take over the world, comes up with an evil plan to knock the planet off its orbit, setting the stage for a confrontation with Fatale, a rookie cyborg superhero and newest member of the Champions team.

Haddam, Jane. Cheating at solitaire : a Gregor Demarkian novel. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, c2008.
Former FBI agent Gregor Demarkian is given a reprieve from his own wedding plans when he is asked to review the case against Arrow Normand, an aging pop star who stands accused of shooting and killing her boyfriend during an orgy of parties and drinking that has been avidly covered by the media while Arrow and her celebrity friends have been staying on the exclusive island of Margaret’s Harbor.

Hamilton, Laurell K. Swallowing darkness : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Ballantine Books, c2008.
Merry’s existence and her rightful place on the throne have long depended on her ability to produce an heir. Finally, after many failed attempts, she is pregnant. Revelations show she is having two babies and they have more than one father. Amid all these shockwaves, though, her momentous news is cast into shadow by the grievous loss of her beloved Frost.

Herbert, Brian. Paul of Dune. 1st ed. New York : Tor, c2008.

Relates the story of Paul Maud’Dib’s holy war, set between the action of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” and “Dune Messiah,” as he builds his empire, questions his own power, and becomes the Messiah while wondering who is plotting against him and if he is going insane.

Hewson, David. The garden of evil. New York : Delacorte Press, c2008.

Roman detective Nic Costa, having discovered a brutal murder in an art studio, relies on the clues in a Caravaggio painting found at the crime scene to find the killer and uncover a deadly secret.

Jacobson, Alan. The 7th victim : a novel. New York : Vanguard Press, c2008.
Special Agent Karen Vail, the first female ever promoted to the FBI’s famed profiling unit, struggles to control the chaos of her personal life while investigating the Dead Eyes killer, a serial murderer whose crimes seem to be marking a path to Karen’s door.

James, P. D. The private patient. 1st ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2008.
Cheverell Manor is a lovely old house in deepest Dorset, now a private clinic belonging to the famous plastic surgeon George Chandler-Powell. When investigative journalist Rhoda Gradwyn arrived there one late autumn afternoon, scheduled to have a disfiguring and long-standing facial scar removed, she had every expectation of a successful operation and a pleasant week recuperating. Two days later she was dead, the victim of murder.

Kallos, Stephanie. Sing them home. 1st ed. New York : [Berkeley, Calif.] : Atlantic Monthly Press ; Distributed by Publishers Group West, c2009.
This novel is a portrait of three siblings who have lived in the shadow of unresolved grief since their mother’s disappearance when they were children. Everyone in Emlyn Springs knows the story of Hope Jones, the physician’s wife whose big dreams for their tiny town were lost along with her in the tornado of 1978. For Hope’s three young children, the stability of life with their preoccupied father, and with Viney, their mother’s spitfire best friend, is no match for Hope’s absence. Larken, the eldest, is now an art history professor who seeks in food an answer to a less tangible hunger; Gaelan, the son, is a telegenic weatherman who devotes his life to predicting the unpredictable; and the youngest, Bonnie, is a self-proclaimed archivist who combs roadsides for clues to her mother’s legacy, and permission to move on. When they’re summoned home after their father’s death, each sibling is forced to revisit the childhood tragedy that has defined their lives.

Keillor, Garrison. Liberty : a Lake Wobegon novel. New York : Viking, c2008.
Facing another Fourth of July celebration in Lake Wobegon, Clint Bunsen, the former Chairman, must decide whether to stay or leave, with his mistress Angelica Pflame, while reminiscing about past festivals.

Kellerman, Faye. The mercedes coffin. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, c2008.

Fifteen years after her favorite teacher was murdered execution-style, Genoa Greeves suspects the murder of a Hollywood music producer is connected, and sets out to uncover the truth and finally close the case, even if it means putting her own life at risk.

Kent, Kathleen. The heretic’s daughter : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown, c2008.

Ten-year-old Sarah Chapman, recovering from smallpox in 1752, becomes caught up in another life and death battle when her mother, Martha, is accused of witchcraft by her uncle who wants the plot of land on which the Chapman family is living, and the rest of the community, looking for a scapegoat for their own troubles, joins the campaign to have Martha hanged.

King, Stephen. Just after sunset : stories. 1st Scribner hardcover ed. New York : Scribner, c2008.

Stephen King - who has written more than fifty books, dozens of number one New York Times bestsellers, and many unforgettable movies - delivers an astonishing collection of short stories, his first since Everything’s Eventual six years ago.

Kneale, Matthew. When we were Romans : a novel. 1st ed. in the U.S.A. New York : Nan A. Talese, c2008.
Nine-year-old Lawrence travels with his mother and younger sister to Rome, fleeing torment from his estranged father, and while staying in the homes of his mother’s old friends, Lawrence looks at his new life as an adventure, until his father reappears.

Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray). Your heart belongs to me. New York : Bantam Books, c2008.

At thirty-four, Internet entrepreneur Ryan Perry seemed to have the world in his pocket - until the first troubling symptoms appeared out of nowhere. Within days, he’s diagnosed with incurable cardiomyopathy and finds himself on the waiting list for a heart transplant; it’s his only hope, and it’s dwindling fast. Ryan is about to lose it all...his health, his girlfriend Samantha, and his life. One year later, Ryan has never felt better. Business is good and he hopes to renew his relationship with Samantha. Then the unmarked gifts begin to appear. . .(from the publisher).

Lamb, Wally. The hour I first believed : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Harper, c2008.

After his wife Maureen, a nurse at Columbine High School, survived the 1999 student shooting incident, Caelum Quirk moves her to his family’s farm in Three Rivers, but while Maureen struggles to recover her sanity, Caelum unearths old diaries, letters, and newspapers—representing five generations of his family’s history—hidden in the house.

Larsson, Stieg, 1954-2004. The girl with the dragon tattoo. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2008.

Hacker Lisbeth Salander assists Mikael Blomkvist, a crusading journalist, with the investigation of Harriet Vanger’s disappearance decades earlier, and the two uncover a dark world of secrets about a wealthy Swedish family as well as a surprising connection between themselves.

Lessing, Doris May. Alfred and Emily. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Harper, c2008.
Nobel Laureate Doris Lessing provides a fictional account of her parent’s experiences during World War I, when her father was a farmer turned soldier who lost a leg, and her mother was a nurse stationed at Royal Free Hospital; and also describes their relationship after the close of the Great War, based on the real-life memories of the author.

Lewis, Beverly. The longing. Minneapolis, Minn. : Bethany House, c2008.

Nellie Fisher’s decision to join the New Order has resulted in her having to break off her relationship with Caleb Yoder, but her yearning to better understand God does not still her longing for a husband and family of her own—a future she envisioned with Caleb, and that he would still like to provide.

Lodge, David. Deaf sentence. 1st American ed. New York : Viking, c2008.
Retired linguistics professor Desmond Bates finds his life falling into a tedious routine of caring for his father, trailing after his newly successful wife, and coping with his encroaching deafness, until he becomes involved with a young graduate student whose unpredictable behavior threatens to further destabilize Desmond’s life.

Lopate, Phillip. Two marriages : novellas. New York : Other Press, c2008.
The stoic’s marriage—Eleanor, or, The second marriage. Presents two novellas by Phillip Lopate, “The Stoic’s Marriage,” in which a young man falls in love with the nurse sent to care for his dying mother, and “Eleanor, or, The Second Marriage,” recounting the story of a couple whose perfect romantic weekend is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of the man’s son.

Macomber, Debbie. A Cedar Cove Christmas. Don Mills, Ont. : Mira, c2008.

Mary Jo Wyse arrives in Cedar Cove on Christmas Eve, looking for the father of her baby; but with no place to stay, Grace Harding offers Mary a room over her stable, where Mary gives birth to Noel.

Macomber, Debbie. 8 Sandpiper Way. Don Mills, Ont. : Mira, c2008.

Emily Flemming is shocked to discover evidence that her husband, the local pastor, is having an affair, and as her suspicions mount, Emily finds her faith and her marriage tested.

Magnan, Pierre. The messengers of death : a mystery in Provence. 1st U.S. ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, c2008.

Commissaire Laviolette leaves his retirement in order to unlock the secrets surrounding the mysterious murder of Mlle Veronique Champourcieux, a woman found pinned to her piano by the bayonet of an antique rifle, only to learn that days before, a letter was mailed to her from the box of former postman Emile Pencenat.

Maguire, Gregory. A lion among men. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, c2008.

The Cowardly Lion, in search of information about Elphaba Thropp, the Wicked Witch of the West, arrives at the home of the oracle Yackle, who wants some answers of her own before she dies.

Martinez, A. Lee. Too many curses. 1st ed. New York : Tor, c2008.
Housekeeper Nessy is given the responsibility of taking care of a castle after her employer, Margle the Horrendous, dies, and must figure out how to control the evil beings Margle has imprisoned there.

Mattison, Alice. Nothing is quite forgotten in Brooklyn : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Harper Perennial, c2008.
Constance Tepper has nearly forgotten a disturbing week she spent at her mother’s apartment during which her purse was stolen in a break-in while she slept, but the memories are revived years later when Constance, living in Brooklyn and working as a lawyer, makes some surprising discoveries and finally finds answers to questions that have always plagued her about her mom’s relationship with an old friend, Marlene Silverman.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The world according to Bertie. 1st Anchor Books ed. New York : Anchor Books, 2008, c2007.

The residents of 44 Scotland Street coexist despite the return of Bruce—much to the chagrin of Pat—the impoundment of Cyril—Angus Lordie’s dog—baby Ulysses—the newest addition to Bertie’s family—and more.

McKevett, G. A. Poisoned tarts. New York : Kensington Books, c2007.
Private investigator Savannah Reid, newly relocated to Southern California, wades into the middle of a media frenzy when Daisy O’Neil, a chubby hanger-on of the super-rich, super-wealthy clique known as the Skeleton Key Three, goes missing.

McKiernan, Dennis L.. City of jade : a novel of Mithgar. New York : Roc, c2008.
Aravan, the captain of the Elvenship Eroean, and his friends set out on a long and dangerous journey in search of the City of Jade.

McLane, LuAnn. Driven by desire. New York : Signet Eclipse, c2008.

Daredevil stunts and dangerous accidents are par for the course in the world of motocross racing. Alexia Spence almost lost her high school sweetheart in a near-fatal accident. But when she asked him to give up racing, Jayden Michaels rode off without even a goodbye, leaving Alexia heartbroken. Ten years later, Jayden’s back and determined to prove he’s over Alexia. But it’s impossible to ignore the irresistible woman she’s become. And it isn’t long before Jayden finds himself on Alexia’s doorstep, driven by his insatiable desire, hoping he can tempt the woman he still loves into letting herself feel the heat and taking a risk with her heart.

Modesitt, L. E. Mage-Guard of Hamor. 1st ed. New York : Tor, c2008.

Rahl’s powers as a full mage increase along with his knowledge and self-control as war continues in Hamor and he learns that magic is controlled by the state.

Moning, Karen Marie. Faefever. New York : Delacorte Press, c2008.

MacKayla Mac Lane attempts to prevent the invasion of the Unseelie Court as the war between the Seelie and the Unseelie continues in the streets of Dublin, and V’Lane, the Fae who kills with sex, seeks Mac’s help in finding the ancient book of dark magic called the Sinsar Dubh.

Morrison, Toni. A mercy : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Knopf, c2008.

Nobel laureate Morrison returns more explicitly to the net of pain cast by slavery, a theme she detailed so memorably in Beloved. Set at the close of the 17th century, A Mercy details America’s untoward foundation: dominion over Native Americans, indentured workers, women and slaves. (from Publishers Weekly).

Mosley, Walter. The right mistake : the further philosophical investigations of Socrates Fortlow. New York : BasicCivitas, c2008
Sixty-year-old Socrates Fortlow, dismayed by the state of the world he finds upon being released after nearly thirty years in prison, and tortured by his own violent past, leases a tin-plated house in South Central Los Angeles and gathers together local people of all races, religions, and walks of life to discuss whether change is possible, but tensions from without and within nearly derail the project before it can even begin to make a difference.

Nabb, Magdalen, 1947-2007. Vita nuova. New York : Soho, c2008
Marshal Guarnaccia of the Italian police in Florence is summoned to the home of the Paoletti family when Daniela, the oldest Paoletti daughter, is found shot to death on the floor of her bedroom, and as he tries to find the truth, Guarnaccia also learns some surprising facts about his neighbors.

Parker, Barbara (Barbara J.). The dark of day. New York : Vanguard Press, c2008
Miami defense attorney C. J. Dunn had thought her latest case would be simple, helping Rick Slater clear his name in the disappearance of a young model, but as she digs deeper into the case, C. J. discovers a disturbing link to her client, a pornographer, a runaway from C. J.’s hometown, and her lover.

Patterson, James. Cross country : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown and Co., c2008
When the home of Alex Cross’s oldest friend, Ellie Cox, is turned into the worst murder scene Alex has ever seen, the destruction leads him to believe that he’s chasing a horrible new breed of killer.

Penman, Sharon Kay. Devil’s brood. New York : G. P. Putnam’s Sons, c2008
The three eldest sons of Henry II, with the encouragement of their mother, take part in rebellion and treachery against their father in an attempt to gain power, land, and money.

Plain, Belva. Crossroads. New York, N.Y. : Delacorte Press, c2008
Plain’s. . .latest focuses on two women—privileged but plain Gwen Wright and beautiful but poor Jewel Fairchild. Their lives occasionally intersect, and eventually Jewel marries a wealthy man and discovers that money can’t buy happiness. Gwen, meanwhile, marries a poor but honest man—but she still finds herself drawn to Jewel’s husband, and the foursome is soon tangled in a web of deceit.

Pratchett, Terry. Making money : a novel of Discworld. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, c2007
Amazingly, former arch-swindler-turned-Postmaster General Moist von Lipwig has somehow managed to get the woefully inefficient Ankh-Morpork Post Office running like . . . well, not like a government office at all. Now the supreme despot Lord Vetinari is asking Moist if he’d like to make some real money. Vetinari wants Moist to resuscitate the venerable Royal Mint - so that perhaps it will no longer cost considerably more than a penny to make a penny.

Prose, Francine. Goldengrove : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Harper, c2008
Nico comes of age over the course of her thirteenth summer when her parents withdraw following the drowning death of her older sister, and she is left largely alone to deal with her own grief.

Reyn, Irina. What happened to Anna K. : a novel. 1st Touchstone hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008
A reimagining of Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” that places the classic tragedy in modern times, placed in a Russian-Jewish immigrant community in Queens, where the wife of a prominent businessman falls in love with her cousin’s boyfriend.

Rhodes, Jewell Parker. Yellow moon. 1st Atria Books hardcover ed. New York : Atria Books, c2008
Marie Levant, an emergency room doctor at New Orleans Charity Hospital—and an ancestor of a voodoo queen—discovers evidence from a collection of murder victims that the wazimamoto—an African vampire—has been resurrected and has designs on Marie’s loved ones.

Rimington, Stella. Illegal action. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2008.
MI5--Military Intelligence, Section 5--officer Liz Carlyle goes undercover while trying to determine the identity of the assassin who has targeted Nikita Brunovsky, an openly vocal opposer of Vladimir Putin, and after joining a group of Brunovsky’s attendants, Liz realizes she is now working alongside the assassin that she is after.

Robb, J. D.. Salvation in death. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, c2008.

In the year 2060, Detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates the murder of Father Miguel Flores and uncovers shocking secrets about the man’s past that suggest the beloved priest is not the man his parishioners thought.

Robinson, Marilynne. Home. 1st ed. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2008.
Glory, the youngest of the eight Boughton children, returns to Gilead, Iowa, in 1957 to care for her dying father, Robert, a former Presbyterian pastor, and the two are soon joined by Jack, the prodigal son of the family who left town twenty years earlier in the midst of scandal, and together they edge toward understanding, forgiveness, and healing.

Rose, M. J.. The memorist. Don Mills, Ont. : Mira, c2008.
Meer Logan, haunted since childhood by memories of what seems to be a treasure box, travels to Vienna when the actual box—once owned by Beethoven—shows up in an auction catalog, and she is forced to face the possibility that she was the composer’s lover in a past life, and the reality that someone is trying to kill her.

Rowland, Laura Joh. The fire kimono. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, c2008.
Sano Ichiro, a samurai detective who has risen to power in the shogun’s court in eighteenth-century Japan, must put aside his investigation of an attack on his wife, Reiko, when his position at court is jeopardized by the discovery of a human skeleton near a Shinto shrine that implicates Sano’s mother in a scandal that occurred forty years earlier.

Santis, Pablo de. The Paris enigma : a novel. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, c2008.
Argentine author De Santis conjures up a veritable Justice League of 19th-century master sleuths--the 12 Detectives--who meet for the first time in Paris, at the 1889 World's Fair. Argentine Sigmundo Salvatrio, loyal assistant to founding member Renaldo Craig, represents the absent Craig. When Louis Darbon, one of two claimants among the 12 for the title of Detective of Paris, falls to his death from the Eiffel Tower shortly before the fair's opening, Darbon's rival, Polish expatriate Viktor Arkazy, takes Salvatrio on as his apprentice, and the pair struggle to solve the mystery before more victims are claimed. (from Publishers Weekly)

Saramago, José. Death with interruptions. 1st U.S. ed. Orlando, Fla. : Harcourt, c2008.

When people stop dying in one particular country on New Year’s Day, a collapse in the funeral industry, hospital systems, and churches results while death—in the form of a beautiful thirty-six-year-old woman—falls in love with a terminally ill cellist.

Saul, John. Faces of fear : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Ballantine Books, c2008.

Fifteen-year-old Alison Shaw reluctantly agrees to let her new stepfather perform plastic surgery to make her more beautiful, but when Alison discovers a photo of his first wife and realizes he is turning her into the dead woman’s image, Alison is frightened and sets out to uncover his true motives.

Scotch, Allison Winn. Time of my life : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Shaye Areheart Books, c2008.

Jillian has what seems to be a perfect life—a beautiful house in the suburbs, a loving husband, and an adorable baby girl. But she also has a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right. Could it have something to do with Jackson, her past boyfriend, who couldn’t be more different than her solid, stable, and perfectly predictable husband, Henry? One morning, Jillian wakes up seven years in the past, in bed with Jackson, and she has the chance to live her life again—a do over, complete with the knowledge of what her future will become. (from Library Journal).

Shelton, Sandi Kahn. Kissing games of the world : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Shaye Areheart Books, c2008.

Nate Goddard was content with his life as a carefree salesman, but when his father dies Nate is drawn back to the estate where he faces his five-year-old son, and a mysterious woman, Jamie McClintock, who has been living in the Connecticut farmhouse as his father’s roommate.

Shepard, Lucius. The best of Lucius Shepard. 1st ed. Burton, MI : Subterranean Press, c2008.
This fine selection of some of the best short fiction by one of the most respected dark fantasy writers in the world will be a must purchase for aficionados of the genre. (from Publishers Weekly).

Sittenfeld, Curtis. American wife : a novel. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2008.
Alice, a kind and bookish only child born in Wisconsin in the 1940s, is very satisfied with her life as a school librarian and registered Democrat until she meets and falls in love with Charlie Blackwell, the son of a large, wealthy clan, and though she learns to adjust to their way of life, things change when he is elected president, and after eight years in the White House Alice is forced to reexamine who she is, what she believes, and how she wants to live.

Souljah, Sister. Midnight : a gangster love story. 1st Atria Books hardcover ed. New York : Atria Books, c2008.

After Midnight’s father’s empire is attacked, he is sent with his mother to live in the United States, but on the streets of Brooklyn, Midnight remains true to his beliefs while attempting to reclaim his former wealth and protect his family, while attracting the lustful attention of a number of women.

Subercaseaux, Elizabeth. A week in October : a novel. New York : Other Press, c2008
Clara Griffin, having been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, keeps a journal which she disguises as a novel and reflects on her marriage, childhood, and sickness.

Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973. Tales from the perilous realm. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, c2008
A collection of shorter fantasy and adventure stories by J.R.R. Tolkien, with an introduction, appendix, and critical essay offering an overview of Tolkien’s life and work.

Traviss, Karen. Star Wars Republic commando. 1st ed. New York : Del Rey/Ballantine Books, c2008
Republic Commandos in Omega and Delta squads and the Null ARCs, fighting a tough battle against the Separatists, find their loyalty to the Jedi order tested when Palpatine orders that all Jedis must be killed.

Walters, Mike. The shadow walker. Berkley Prime Crime trade pbk. ed. New York : Berkley Prime Crime, c2008
Nergui, the former head of the Serious Crimes Team in Ulan Baatar, Mongolia, and his replacement Doripalam, are joined by British investigating officer Drew McLeish in an attempt to bring a murderer to justice, but when McLeish is kidnapped, Nergui is forced to conclude that there is more than one killer at work and that the deaths are part of a much bigger plan.

Weir, Alison. The Lady Elizabeth : a novel. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Ballantine Books, c2008
A fictionalized account of the early life of Elizabeth Tudor, in which young Elizabeth copes with the tragic loss of her mother, Anne Boleyn, her father’s abandonment, imprisonment in the Tower of London, and the private and public scandals that threaten her life and future.

Whitelaw, Stella. Second sitting : a Casey Jones cruise ship mystery. 1st world ed. New York : Severn House, c2008
Casey Jones, cruise director of the “Countess Georgina,” as it heads for the Caribbean, leads a busy series of days and nights as she orchestrates entertainment, but after a guest collapses during the second sitting, then dies, she tries to figure out what is going on with the help from the handsome ship doctor, Samuel Mallory.

Wiggs, Susan. Just breathe. Don Mills, Ont. : Mira, c2008
With Chicago and her marriage in the rearview mirror, cartoonist Sarah Moon flees to the small northern California coastal town where she grew up. As she comes to terms with her lost marriage, Sarah encounters a man she never expected to meet again: Will Bonner, the high school heartthrob she’d skewered mercilessly in her old comics. Now a local firefighter, he’s been through some changes himself. But just as her heart is about to reawaken, Sarah discovers she is pregnant. With her ex’s twins.

Wittenborn, Dirk. Pharmakon. New York : Viking, c2008.
It is 1951, and Will Friedrich, a young, ambitious, untenured Yale psychology professor, is searching for a Big Idea, one that “could make the world a saner place.” Tragically, his big idea turns a geeky freshman genius into a murderer, and the specter of the event haunts Will’s family for 50 years. (from Booklist).

Yehoshua, Abraham B. Friendly fire : a duet. 1st U.S. ed. Orlando, Fla. : Harcourt, c2008.

Alternates between the stories of a married couple separated for a week, describing the wife’s journey to mourn the death of her sister and visit with her brother-in-law, who is still trying to cope with his Israeli soldier son being killed by friendly fire seven years earlier, and detailing the husband’s responsibilities taking care of the family and holding a job in Tel Aviv.


155.935 RIP
Ripley, Amanda. The unthinkable : who survives when disaster strikes—and why. 1st ed. New York : Crown Publishers, c2008.

Denial—Deliberation—The decisive moment. Draws on the work of brain scientists, trauma psychologists, and disaster experts to explore the human response to disaster, revealing how a person’s attitude, beliefs, gender, upbringing, and personality influence whether or not they will survive a disaster.

155.937 WIC
Wickersham, Joan. The suicide index : putting my father’s death in order. 1st ed. Orlando : Harcourt, c2008.
Joan Wickersham tries to understand the forces that drove her father to take his own life. Part detective story, part anguished examination of a family, she traces the myriad repercussions suicide has not only on the future but also on the past. (from Abigail Thomas).

282.0922 CUO
Kennedy, Kerry. Being Catholic now : prominent Americans talk about change in the church and the quest for meaning. 1st ed. New York : Crown Publishers, c2008.

Contains essays in which thirty-seven American Catholics, including businesspeople, actors, educators, journalists, politicians, and others speak about their own faith and feelings about the Church.

306.0973 NOR
Norris, Chuck. Black belt patriotism : how to reawaken America. Washington, DC : Regnery Pub., c2008.

Martial arts expert and actor Chuck Norris offers his opinion about what is destroying America, and looks to the ideas of the Founding Fathers for insights on how to deal with the problems of immigration, culture wars, the threat of terrorism, escalating debt, and obesity.

320.5 LEV
Lévy, Bernard Henri. Left in dark times : a stand against the new barbarism. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2008.

Bernard-Henri Lévy. . .revisits his political roots, scrutinizes the totalitarianisms of the past as well as those on the horizon, and argues. . .for a new political and moral vision for our times. (from the publisher, edited).

320.973 BAC
Bacevich, A. J. The limits of power : the end of American Exceptionalism. 1st ed. New York : Metropolitan Books, c2008.

Argues that America has an unjustified sense of entitlement and examines the economic, political, and military crises the author believes are a product of it.

327.1273 BAM
Bamford, James. The shadow factory : the ultra-secret NSA from 9/11 to the eavesdropping on America. 1st ed. New York : Doubleday, c2008.

Journalist Bamford exposed the existence of the top-secret National Security Agency in The Puzzle Palace and continued to probe into its workings in his follow-up Body of Secrets. Now Bamford discloses inside, often shocking information about the transformation of the NSA in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 2001. He shows how the NSA’s failure to detect the presence of two of the 9/11 hijackers inside the United States led the NSA to abandon its long-held policy of spying only on enemies outside the country. Instead, after 9/11 it turned its almost limitless ability to listen in on friend and foe alike over to the Bush Administration to use as a weapon in the war on terror. Bamford details how the agency has conducted domestic surveillance without court approval, and he frames it in the context of the NSA’s ongoing hunt for information about today’s elusive enemies.—From publisher description.

332.024 SLA
Slatter, John. The 100 best stocks you can buy 2009. Avon, MA : Adams Media, c2008.

Identifies one hundred stocks the author believes are most likely to provide a financial return in 2009 and provides information on investing in the stock market, evaluating financial needs, and identifying potential risks.

355.0335 SUS
Suskind, Ron. The way of the world : a story of truth and hope in an age of extremism. 1st ed. New York : Harper, c2008.

Examines the status and importance of moral leadership in American society in the twenty-first century, and also discusses “The Armageddon Test,” and the false underlying motivations in the Bush administrations call to go to war in Iraq.

362.7609 MAM
Mam, Somaly. The road of lost innocence. 1st ed. New York : Spiegel & Grau, c2008.
Somaly Mam, a Cambodian woman who was sold into the sex trade when she was twelve, relates her experiences in the industry and discusses her work as an activist in Southeast Asia.

363.7 FRI
Friedman, Thomas L. Hot, flat, and crowded : why we need a green revolution—and how it can renew America. 1st ed. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2008.

Argues that the United States needs to adopt an environmentally friendly national strategy to be healthier, wealthier, and more secure, innovative, and productive.

616.8526 GOI
Going hungry : writers on desire, self-denial, and overcoming anorexia. New York : Anchor Books, c2008.
A collection of essays in which nineteen writers chronicle their experiences with eating disorders, describing the role depression, genetics, sexuality, sports, religion, fashion, and family played in their disease and their personal search for healing.

616.994 SER
Servan-Schreiber, David. Anticancer : a new way of life. 1st American ed. New York : Viking, c2008.
Discusses the author’s battle against brain cancer and the lifestyle changes he recommends for those who want to fight cancer, such as more exercise, a healthy, non-western diet, less stress, and a toxin-free environment, combining traditional health care with alternative methods.

618.9285 MCC
McCarthy, Jenny. Mother warriors : a nation of parents healing autism against all odds. New York : Dutton, c2008.

Details a number of parents’ personal experiences following their children being diagnosed with autism, and discusses their trials with various types of medications, therapies, and treatments; and features Jenny McCarthy’s story, after her own son was diagnosed, and her work as an autism advocate.

636.089 TROUT
Trout, Nick. Tell me where it hurts : a day of humor, healing and hope in my life as an animal surgeon. 1st ed. New York : Broadway Books, c2008.

Nick Trout recounts some of the most memorable, humorous, and terrifying moments of his career as an animal surgeon.

769.56 SCO
Scott’s standard postage stamp catalogue. New York, : Scott Pub. Co. 2009 edition.

769.56 SCO
Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps & Covers. New York, : Scott Publishing Co. 2009 edition.
Includes postage, air post, plate blocks, first day covers, postal stationery, essays, proofs, computer vended postage, 19th century carriers & locals, booklets, revenue stamps, telegraph stamps, confederate states, U.S. possessions, United Nations. Also includes: Confederate States—Canal Zone—Danish West Indies—Guam—Hawaii—United Nations. United States administration: Cuba—Puerto Rico—Philippines—Ryukyu Islands.

781.11 LEV
Levitin, Daniel J. The world in six songs : how the musical brain created human nature. New York : Dutton, c2008.

Discusses music as a force entwined with neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and human identity, as a catalyst for language and cooperative work projects, and a means of cataloging people’s lives and history, and identifies six types of songs that help people use the power of music in society.

787.87 KEL
Kellerman, Jonathan. With strings attached : the art and beauty of vintage guitars. 1st ed. New York : Ballantine Books, c2008.

Collects photographs and descriptions of more than one hundred and twenty guitars, mandolins, and other stringed instruments; and covers D’Angelicos, Deichmans, Fenders, Gibsons, Knutsens, Martins, and more.

796.3326 PEA
Pearlman, Jeff. Boys will be boys : the glory days and party nights of the Dallas Cowboys dynasty. 1st ed. New York :
Harper, c2008.

Discusses the antics and exploits of the Dallas Cowboys since the early 1990s, when a lifestyle of partying was seemingly synonymous with team membership, leading to criminal cases or behavior problems with owner Jerry Jones, coaches Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer, and players Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith.

796.5109 LEW
Lewis, Cynthia Copeland. Best hikes with kids : Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine. 3rd ed. Seattle, WA : Mountaineers Books, c2007.

Search for frogs and turtles in a pond, stay in a cabin, visit a nature center, see waterfalls, or discover abundant wildlife. These are just a few of the new hikes families (and anyone looking for an easy outing) will enjoy in these completely redone guidebooks. Each outing highlights points of interest and opportunities for learning about nature on the trail. The hikes range in length from 1 to more than 5 miles round-trip, are rated easy to difficult for children, and feature optional turn-around points for tired feet.

811.54 COL
Collins, Billy. Ballistics : poems. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2008.

A collection of poetry that captures the beauty of everyday life, and features selections entitled “August in Paris,” “The Four-Moon Planet,” “Pornography,” “The Flight of the Statues,” “Envoy,” and many others.

814.54 LEA
Leary, Denis. Why we suck : a feel good guide to staying fat, loud, lazy and stupid. New York : Viking, c2008.

In Why We Suck, Dr. Denis Leary uses his common sense, and his biting and hilarious take on the world, to attack the politically correct, the hypocritical, the obese, the thin—basically everyone who takes themselves too seriously.

914.0455 RIC
Steves, Rick. Rick Steves’ Europe through the back door, 2009. Berkeley, CA : Avalon Travel, c2008.

Provides practical guidance for travel in Europe, covering itinerary planning, packing, transportation, sleeping and eating on different budgets, cultural differences, language, and off-the-beaten-path towns and sights.

914.1504 IRE
Gerard-Sharp, Lisa. Ireland. New ed. London ; New York : DK Pub., c2006.

A full-color travel guide to Ireland containing maps, photographs, and illustrations for all major sites, hotels and restaurants, scenic routes and tours, beaches, and shopping.

914.3704 CZE
Dunford, Lisa. Czech & Slovak Republics. 5th ed. Footscray, Vic. ; Oakland, CA : Lonely Planet, c2007.

A guide to traveling in the Czech and Slovak Republics that includes trip planning information, itineraries, lodging and dining suggestions for different budgets, and details on history, culture, and things to see and do.

914.3904 HUN
Hungary. 1st American ed. London ; New York : DK, c2007.

A guide to traveling in Hungary, presenting an introduction to the country, providing a region-by-region look at notable sites, and including tips on dining, accommodations, shopping, and activities. Includes photographs, illustrations, and maps.

914.5049 ITA
The rough guide to Italy. 8th ed. New York : Rough Guides, c2007.

Presents guidance and tools for visitors to Italy, including trip planning information, lodging and dining suggestions for different budgets, and details on history, culture, and things to see and do.

915.204 JAP
Japan. 10th ed. Footscray, Vic., Australia ; Oakland, CA : Lonely Planet Publications, c2007.
A comprehensive travel guide to Japan that provides information on travel, accommodations, and restaurants, entertainment and festivals, shopping, and ancient sites.

915.6442 JER
Jerusalem & the Holy Land. New ed. London ; New York : DK, c2007.

A travel guide to Jerusalem and the Holy Land that provides information on important sights, and includes maps, descriptions of selected hotels and restaurants, listings of museums, markets, and beaches, and three walking tours.

915.694 ISR
Israel & the Palestinian Territories. 5th ed. Footscray, Vic. ; Oakland, CA : Lonely Planet, c2007.

A travel guide to the region.

917.4104 OFF
Curtis, Wayne. Maine : off the beaten path : a guide to unique places. 8th ed. Guilford, CT : GPP Travel, c2008.
A guide to visiting Maine that provides information on hidden attractions, unique finds, and unusual locales throughout the state.

919.4046 AUS
Australia. 14th ed. Footscray, Vic., Australia ; Oakland, CA : Lonely Planet, c2007.

A comprehensive travel guide to Australia, with information on accommodations and restaurants, tourist sites, shopping, entertainment, and other interesting activities.

920 MOO
Moore, Honor. The bishop’s daughter : a memoir. 1st ed. New York : W. W. Norton, c2008.

A memoir in which poet Honor Moore recalls her life and relationship with her father, Paul Moore, Jr., who served as the Episcopal bishop of New York for two decades, looks at his devotion to fighting economic and racial injustice in post-World War II America, and discusses how his private struggles influenced the choices she made as an adult.

921 CARR
Carr, David. The night of the gun : a reporter investigates the darkest story of his life, his own. 1st Simon & Schuster
hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.

Journalist David Carr reflects on his past, focusing on his addiction to drugs and how he rose above it to become a successful writer and father.

Gellman, Barton. Angler : the Cheney vice presidency. New York : Penguin Press, c2008.
Discusses the atypical amount of power wielded by Vice President Dick Cheney during his time in office, and explores the behind-the-scenes stories of his influence on foreign policy, misdirection of four members of Congress regarding faulty intelligence on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and implementation of other policy goals.

Cooper, Helene. The house at Sugar Beach : in search of a lost
African childhood. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.
The author describes the story of her Liberian childhood, her family’s escape from the violence in 1980, and her return to her homeland in search of the foster sister they were forced to leave behind.

Murphy, Caroline. Murder of a Medici princess. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c2008.

Tells the story of the life and early death of Isabella de Medici, the daughter of the powerful Grand Duke of Tuscany, who continued to live an independent life even after her forced marriage to Paolo Giordano Orsini, who sought permission from the new Grand Duke to have her murdered.

Pickens, T. Boone (Thomas Boone). The first billion is the hardest : reflections on a life of comebacks and America’s energy future. 1st ed. New York : Crown Business, c2008.

Describes how the author built and left Mesa Petroleum, was divorced, suffered clinical depression, and lost his uncanny ability to predict the movement of energy prices—along with almost all of his capital—only to bounce back with an eight billion dollar profit in only a few years.

Wagner, Robert. Pieces of my heart : a life. 1st ed. New York : HarperEntertainment, c2008.
An autobiography in which television and film actor Robert Wagner discusses his parents, early interest in becoming an actor, his long career, and his famous friendships, talks of his marriages, and shares the story of how he and his children coped with the death of Natalie Wood.

Walker, Herschel. Breaking free. 1st Touchstone and Howard Books hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2008.
Hershel Walker reflects on his life, discussing his childhood, experiences as an athlete, dissociative identity disorder, and more.

956.7044 FIL
Filkins, Dexter. The forever war. 1st ed. New York : Knopf, c2008.

A portrait of the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq that captures the human essence of America’s violent confrontations within the Islamic world.

956.7044 WES
West, Francis J. The strongest tribe : war, politics, and the endgame in Iraq. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2008.

Combat journalist Bing West provides an account of the war in Iraq based on his six years of frontline reporting, focusing on how the arrival of American generals David Petraeus and Raymond Odierno influenced the course of the fighting, and looking at what remains to be done.

973.0496 FRE
Freddoso, David. The case against Barack Obama : the unlikely rise and unexamined agenda of the media’s favorite candidate. Washington, DC : Regnery Pub., c2008.

An expose of 2008 Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, charging that he has the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate, investigating his relationships with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and Tony Rezko, and arguing that he used his clout as a senator to save what the author claims is a corrupt Cook County political machine.

973.099 FEL
Felzenberg, Alvin S. The leaders we deserved (and a few we didn’t) : rethinking the presidential rating game. New York : Basic Books, c2008.

Draws on several criteria, including character, vision, competence, foreign policy, economic policy, human rights, and legacy, to rank every president in American history and explore the lasting impact of their presidential administrations.

973.92 FRA
Frank, Thomas. The wrecking crew : how conservatives rule. 1st ed. New York : Metropolitan Books, c2008.

Discusses the role of conservatives within the American political structure, and examines how the actions taken by conservatives throughout history are affecting the status of Washington in the twenty-first century.


The Time almanac. New York : Godalming : Time Home Entertainment ; Melia [distributor], c2007.

Highlights include world statistics and countries, astronomy and space, calendar and holidays, health and nutrition, sports results business, economy, personal finance, the internet, web-site guide, e-mail addresses and so much more.

United States. Office of the Federal Register.
The United States Government manual. Washington, D.C. : Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O. latest edition.

REF 394.26 CHA
Chase’s calendar of events, 2009. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2009.
Profiles 12,500 birthdays, milestones, observances, holidays, anniversaries, and events which occur throughout the year. Arranged chronologically.


CD 004.092 PAU
Pausch, Randy. The last lecture. [New York] : Prince Frederick, MD : Hyperion AudioBooks ; Distributed by Recorded Books, p2008.

Read by Erik Singer. The author, a computer science professor diagnosed with terminal cancer, explores his life, the lessons that he has learned, how he has worked to achieve his childhood dreams, and the effect of his diagnosis on him and his family.

CD 330.973 PHI
Phillips, Kevin. Bad money : reckless finance, failed politics, and the global crisis of American capitalism. New York : Penguin Audio, p2008.

Read by Scott Brick. The New York Times bestselling author cautions against the current financial practices of American capitalism and explains why they are bringing about our downfall.

Andrews, Julie. Home : a memoir of my early years. New York : Hyperion Audiobooks, 2008.
A personal account of the iconic actress’s pre-fame life traces the time between her birth in 1935 and her discovery by Walt Disney during her 1962 Broadway performance in “Camelot.”

Black, Lewis. Me of little faith. New York : Penguin Audio, p2008.

Read by the author. Lewis Black, the hilariously mad-as-hell Daily Show regular and New York Times-bestselling author, explores how the rules and constraints of religion have affected his life and the lives of us all. Hilarious experiences with rabbis, Mormons, gurus, psychics, and even the joy of a perfect round of golf give Black the chance to expound upon what we believe and why—in the language of a shock jock and with the heart of an iconoclast.—From

Bragg, Rick. The prince of Frogtown. Unabridged. New York : Random House Audio, p2008.
Read by the author. The author details his quest to uncover the truth about the father he had never known and his unseen influence on the author’s life and the choices he has made, inspired by his own relationship with his ten-year-old stepson.

Hari, Daoud. The translator : [a tribesman’s memoir of Darfur]. New York : Random House Audio, p2008.

Read by Mirron Willis. Daoud Hari shares his life of bravery and adventure.

Sorensen, Theodore C. Counselor : [a life at the edge of history]. Abridged. [s.l.] : HarperCollins Publishers, c2008.

Read by the author. In this gripping memoir, John F. Kennedy’s closest advisor recounts in full for the first time his experience counseling Kennedy through the most dramatic moments in American history.... from the decision to go to the moon to the Cuban Missile Crisis, when JFK requested that the thirty-four-year-old Sorensen draft the key letter to Khrushchev at the most critical point of the world’s first nuclear confrontation. After Kennedy was assassinated, Sorensen stayed with President Johnson for a few months before leaving to write a biography of JFK. In 1968 he returned to Washington to help run Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign. Through it all, Sorensen never lost sight of the ideals that brought him to Washington and to the White House, working tirelessly to promote and defend free, peaceful societies.—From publisher’s description.

Baldacci, David. Stone cold. New York : Books on Tape, 2007.

Read by Ron McLarty. Oliver Stone, the leader of the mysterious group that calls itself the Camel Club, keeps a vigilant watch over our leaders in Washington, D.C., winning over some allies but also making some formidable enemies. Now two men are out to kill two members of the Camel Club, and Stone must try to stop them.

Bohjalian, Christopher A. Skeletons at the feast. New York : Random House Audio, p2008.

Read by Mark Bramhall. In January 1945 , a small group of people attempt to cross the remnants of the Third Reich, from Warsaw to the Rhine, to reach the British and American lines.

Burke, James Lee. Swan Peak. New York, NY: Audioworks, p2008.

Read by Will Patton. Detective Dave Robicheaux returns in another adventure - only this time, he travels from New Iberia Parish to the wilds of Montana.

Canin, Ethan. America America : [a novel]. New York, N.Y. : Random House Audio, cp2008.

Read by Robertson Dean. In the early 1970s, Corey Sifter, the son of working-class parents, becomes a yard boy on the grand estate of the powerful Metarey family. Soon, through the family’s generosity, he is a student at a private boarding school and an aide to the great New York senator Henry Bonwiller, who is running for president of the United States. Before long, Corey finds himself involved with one of the Metarey daughters as well, and he begins to leave behind the world of his upbringing. As the Bonwiller campaign gains momentum, Corey finds himself caught up in a complex web of events in which loyalty, politics, sex, and gratitude conflict with morality, love, and the truth.

Clark, Mary Higgins. Where are you now? : [a novel]. Unabridged. New York : Simon & Schuster Audio, p2008.
Read by Jan Maxwell. Driven to solve the mystery of her older brother’s disappearance ten years earlier, a young lawyer investigates a bizarre community of people who choose to disappear, embarking on a quest with life-threatening consequences.

Underwood, Carrie. Carnival ride. [S.l.] : Arista Records, 2007.
Performed by Carrie Underwood.

Crouch, Katie. Girls in trucks. New York : Hachette Audio, p2008.

Read by the author. Katie Crouch’s debut novel, Girls in Trucks, is the. . .tale of Sarah Walters, a Southern debutante whose endless quest for love and fulfillment takes her around the world and back again. (from

Delinsky, Barbara. The secret between us. Abridged. New York : Random House Audio, p2008.
Read by Orlagh Cassidy. Picking up her sixteen-year-old daughter after a party, a woman accepts responsibility for hitting a man with the car on the way home, even though her daughter had been driving, a deception that takes on a life of its own, threatening their family and the bond between mother and daughter.

Taylor, James, 1948- prf. One man band. Beverly Hills, CA : Hear Music, p2007.

Performed by James Taylor, vocals, guitars; Larry Goldings, keyboards. Includes both a music CD and a concert video DVD.

Faulks, Sebastian. Devil may care. New York : Random House Audio, p2008.
Read by Tristan Layton. Debonair British agent James Bond returns in a new Cold War adventure that takes 007 to some of the world’s most exotic and dangerous locales.

Peter, Paul, and Mary (Musical group). The very best of Peter Paul and Mary. Burbank, CA : Warner Bros. Records, p2005.
Early in the morning -- 500 miles—Lemon tree—If I had a hammer (single version) -- Where have all the flowers gone -- Puff, the magic dragon—The cruel war—This land is your land—Blowin’ in the wind—Stewball—Don’t think twice, it’s all right—For lovin’ me—For baby (for Bobby) -- The time they are a changin’—Early mornin’ rain -- Leaving on a jet plane—I dig rock and roll music—Too much of nothing—The great mandala (the wheel of life) -- Day is done (live/single version) -- El Salvador—Wedding song (there is love) / Noel Paul Stookey—Follow me / Mary Travers—Weave me the sunshine / Peter Yarrow—Don’t laugh at me. Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Putumayo presents Québec. [S.l.] : Putumayo World Music, p2008.

Various performers.

Acoustic Arabia. [S.l.] : Putumayo World Music, 2008.

Various performers.

Sacred Earth (Musical group). Wind of the West. Arvada, CO : Red Feather Music, cp2006.

Bill Miller, vocals, chanting, acoustic guitar on tracks 1 & 3 & 6, Native American flute on track 2, Mohican translations ; Mike Hamilton, acoustic and electric guitars ; Richard Hardy, Native American flutes, bamboo flutes ; Sacred Earth, everything else.

Ford, Richard. The lay of the land. New York : Random House Audio, p2006.
Read by Joe Barrett. Frank Bascombe’s story resumes, in the fall of 2000, with the presidential election still hanging in the balance and Thanksgiving looming before him with all the perils of a post-nuclear family get-together. He’s now plying his trade as a realtor on the Jersey shore and contending with health, marital and familial issues.

Frey, James. Bright shiny morning. Unabridged. [New York] : Harper Audio, p2008.
Read by Ben Foster. James Frey weaves a tapestry of tales of life in Los Angeles from a number of colorful characters that define various aspects of the glittering, vibrant, yet sometimes terrifying City of Angels.

Grisham, John. The appeal. Library ed. Westminster, Md. : Books on Tape, p2008.
Read by Michael Beck. Wall street millionaire Carl Trudeau purchases an unsuspecting candidate to run for Supreme Court judge when a Mississippi court rules against one of his chemical companies for dumping toxic waste into the town’s water supply, causing a cancer cluster.

Grimes, Martha. Dakota. New York : Penguin, p2008.
Read by Renée Raudman. Andi Oliver, an amnesiac and drifter, is hired by Klavan’s, a massive pig farming facility that specializes in the dark art of modern livestock management. As Andi begins to uncover the truth about Klavan’s, two men are on her trail, one a gunman hired to kill her, another who has followed her across three states demanding something from her forgotten past.

Gruen, Sara. Riding lessons. Unabridged. [United States] : HighBridge, p2008.
Read by Maggi-Meg Reed. As a world-class equestrian and Olympic contender, Annemarie Zimmer lived for the thrill of flight atop a strong, graceful animal. Then, at eighteen, a tragic accident destroyed her riding career and Harry, the beautiful horse she cherished. Now, twenty years later, Annemarie is coming home to her dying father’s New Hampshire horse farm.

Guterson, David. The other. New York : Random House Audio, p2008.
Read by Mark Bramhall. When two boys—John William Barry and Neil Countryman—meet in 1972 at age sixteen, they’re brought together by what they have in common: a fierce intensity and a love of the outdoors that takes them, together and often, into Washington’s remote backcountry, where they must rely on their wits—and each other—to survive. Soon after graduating from college, Neil sets out on a path that will lead him toward a life as a devoted schoolteacher and family man. But John William makes a radically different choice, dropping out of college and moving deep into the woods, convinced that it is the only way to live without hypocrisy. When John enlists Neil to help him disappear completely, Neil finds himself drawn into a web of secrets and often agonizing responsibility, deceit, and tragedy—one that will finally break open with a wholly unexpected, life-altering revelation.

Hillerman, Tony. The shape shifter. Unabridged. Prince Frederick, MD : Recorded Books, p2006.

Performed by George Guidall. Retired from the Navajo Tribal Police, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn is called upon once again to solve a crime. This time it’s Joe’s last case, a case that remains unsolved and continues to haunt him.

Hillerman, Tony. Listening woman. New York : Harper Audio, [2005], p1990.

Read by George Guidall. Native American policeman Joe Leaphorn probes the murder of an old Indian soothsayer and a young Indian girl, and ends up investigating the strange kidnapping of a group of Boy Scouts and evading a plot on his own life.

Hockensmith, Steve. The black dove. [S.l.] : Tantor Media Inc., c2008.

Read by William Dufris. In Edgar-finalist Hockensmith's rollicking third mystery to feature Old Red and Big Red Amlingmeyer (after 2007's On the Wrong Track), the Sherlock Holmes–loving cowboy brothers do some detectifying in 1893 San Francisco, the world's wickedest city.

Hill, Faith, 1967- prf. Joy to the world. Nashville, TN : Warner Brothers, c2008.

Performed by Faith Hill ; with acc.

Carpenter, Mary-Chapin. prf. Come darkness, come light : 12 songs of Christmas. Burlington, MA : Zoe Records, p2008.

Performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Buddy Rich Band. Mercy, mercy. Hollywood, Calif. : Pacific Jazz, p1997.

Mercy, mercy, mercy (5:34) -- Preach and teach (4:06) -- Channel 1 suite (12:50) -- Big Mama Cass (3:22) --Goodbye yesterday (6:18) -- Acid truth (5:50) -- Alfie (3:49) -- Ode to Billy Joe (3:39) -- Chavala (5:20) -- Mr. Lucky (5:47) -- Chelsea bridge (5:09). The Buddy Rich Big Band: Art Pepper, alto sax, flute, clarinet; Charles Owens, alto sax, flute, clarinet; Don Menza, tenor sax, flute; Pat Labarbera, tenor sax, flute; John Laws, baritone sax, bass clarinet; Al Porcino, Bill Prince, Ken Faulk, Dave Culp, trumpets; Jim Trimble, Rick Stepton, Peter Graves, trombones; Walt Namuth, guitar; Joe Azarello, piano; Gary Walters, bass; Buddy Rich, drums.

King, Stephen. The gingerbread girl. Prince Frederick, MD : Recorded Books, p2008.
Narrated by Mare Winningham. Emily escapes to the secluded Vermillion Key off of Florida’s coast after the death of her infant child. Her new neighbor also enjoys the privacy of the key, but the women he brings with him never return home. Emily’s curiosity leads her right into the hands of the madman, but it’s her legs that are her only hope for survival.

King, Stephen. Cell. New York : Simon & Schuster Audio, p2006.

Read by Campbell Scott. Mayhem and violence are unleashed around the world when a pulse from a mysterious source transforms all cell phone users into savage homicidal maniacs, and only a small band of “normies” who avoided the technological attack can stop the rampage.

Kinsella, Sophie. Remember me? New York : Random House Audio, p2008.
Read by Charlotte Parry. Awakening in the hospital after a car crash believing that she is a single, twenty-five-year-old sales associate, Lexi discovers that she has lost three years in her life and she is married to a handsome millionaire, but her perfect new life soon begins to go awry.

Letts, Billie. Made in the U.S.A. : a novel. [New York, N.Y.] : Hachette Audio, p2008
Read by Cassandra Morris. The story of two gutsy children who must discover how cruel, unfair, and frightening the world is before they arrive at a place they can finally call home.

Martini, Steve. Shadow of power : a Paul Madriani novel. New York : Harper Audio, p2008
Read by George Guidall. A hate crime involving the murder of a legal scholar noted for penning controversial works places defense attorney Paul Madriani in a media spotlight that compromises his investigation into an elusive witness within the cloistered confines of the Supreme Court.

Healing the divide : a concert for peace and reconciliation. Los Angeles, CA : Anti, p2007
Various performers.

Palahniuk, Chuck. Snuff. Unabridged. [Old Saybrook, CT] : Tantor Audio, p2008
Read by Todd McLaren. Cassie Wright, porn priestess, intends to cap her legendary career by breaking the world record for serial fornication. On camera. With six hundred men. Snuff unfolds from the perspectives of Mr. 72, Mr. 137, and Mr. 600, who await their turn on camera in a very crowded green room.

Pérez-Reverte, Arturo. The painter of battles. New York : Random House Audio, p2008.

Read by Simon Vance. Abandoning the battlefield for an isolated life on the Spanish coast, war photographer Andrés Faulques spends his time painting murals containing images of human conflict, until his solitude is interrupted by a man whose life had been altered forever by one of Faulques’ images.

Picoult, Jodi. Harvesting the heart. New York : Penguin Audio/Books on Tape, p2008.

Read by Cassandra Campbell. Paige’s mother left when she was five. When Paige becomes a mother herself, she is overwhelmed by the demands. Unable to forget her past, Paige struggles with the difficulties of marriage and motherhood.

Pratchett, Terry. Thud! New York : HarperCollins, p2005.
Performed by Stephen Briggs. The 31st Discworld novel begins with a thud—the sound of a club crushing the skull of influential dwarf leader Grag Hamcrusher. Tension between dwarves and trolls has been high for centuries, so when a troll club is found lying nearby the murdered Hamcrusher, a villainous troll is the obvious suspect. But the dwarf’s death is not so simple, and Commander Samuel Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch must investigate the murder and discover the truth...lest renewed tensions between the dwarves and trolls tear his city apart. (from Publishers Weekly).

Simon, Carly. prf. This kind of love. [S.l.] : Hear Music, p2008.
Performed by Carly Simon.

Simon, Carly. Reflections : Carly Simon’s greatest hits. New York : BMG, p2004.

Carly Simon, vocals, piano, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, whistle, drum programming ; with musical accompaniment.

Coldplay (Musical group). Viva la vida : or Death and all his friends. Hollywood, CA : Capitol, p2008.

Life in technicolor—Cemeteries of London—Lost! -- 42 -- Lovers in Japan ; Reign of love—Yes—Viva la vida—Violet Hill—Strawberry swing—Death and all his friends. Performed by Coldplay (Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Chris Martin and Phil Harvey).

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Corinne Bailey Rae.

Crosby, Stills & Nash. Greatest hits. New York : Rhino/Atlantic, p2005.
Suite: Judy blue eyes—Long time gone—Just a song before I go—Southern cross—Marrakesh Express—Helplessly hoping—Shadow captain—Our house—Guinnevere—See the changes—Teach your children—Wooden ships—Delta -- 49 bye-byes—Wasted on the way—Carry on ; Questions—In my dreams—Cathedral—Daylight again. David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash; with assisting musicians.

Disturbed (Musical group) prf. Indestructible. Burbank, CA : Reprise, c2008.

Rap-metal performed by Disturbed (David Draiman, vocals ; Dan Donegan, guitar, electronics ; Mike Wengren, drums ; John Moyer, bass guitar).

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[United States] : Newy York : Iron Maiden Holdings, Ltd. ; Sony BMG Music Entertainment [distriburor], p2008.
Performed by Iron Maiden.

Fogerty, John, 1945- prf. Revival. [S.l.] : Fantasy, 2007.
Performed by John Fogerty.

LCD Soundsystem (Musical group) prf. Sound of silver. [S.l.] : CM Capitol, 2007.
LCD Soundsystem.

Kravitz, Lenny. prf. It is time for a love revolution. [S.l.] : Virgin, 2008.

Performed by Lenny Kravitz.

Nine Inch Nails (Musical group) prf. Year zero. Santa Monica, CA : Interscope, p2007.
Nine Inch Nails.

Snoop Dogg, 1972- prf. Ego trippin’. Santa Monica, CA : Geffen Records, p2008.
Snoop Dogg; featuring Too $hort, Mistah F.A.B., Raphael Saadiq, Charlie Wilson; with acc. musicians.

Television (Musical group). Marquee moon. [Expanded and remastered ed.]. Burgank, CA : Elektra/Rhino, p2003.

Television personnel includes : Tom Verlaine, lead vocals, guitar ; Richard Lloyd, guitar, vocals ; Fred Smith, bass, vocals ; & Billy Ficca, drums.

Clash (Musical group). The Clash. New York, N.Y. : Epic, p1999.
Clash city rockers—I’m so bored with the U.S.A—Remote control—Complete control—White riot -- (White man) in Hammersmith Palais—London’s burning—I fought the law -- Janie Jones—Career opportunities—What’s my name—Hate & war—Police & thieves—Jail guitar doors—Garageland. Performed by the Clash, rock music quartet.

Pussycat Dolls. prf. Doll domination. Santa Monica, CA : Interscope Records, 2008.
Dance-pop music performed by Pussycat Dolls.

Who (Musical group). The ultimate collection. Santa Monica, CA : MCA/UTV, p2002.
Disc 1. I can’t explain—Anyway, anyhow, anywhere—My generation—The kids are alright—A legal matter—Substitute—I’m a boy—Boris the Spider—Happy Jack—Pictures of Lily—I can see for miles—Call me lightning—Magic bus—Pinball wizard—I’m free—See me feel me—The seeker—Summertime blues (live) -- My wife—Baby O’Riley—Bargain. Disc 2. Behind blue eyes—Won’t get fooled again—Let’s see action—Pure and easy—Join together—Long live rock -- The real me -- 5’15 -- Love reign o’er me—Squeeze box -- Who are you—Sister Disco—You better you bet—Eminence front. The Who: Roger Daltrey, vocals, harmonica ; John Entwistle, bass guitar, vocals ; Keith Moon, drums ; Pete Townshend, guitar, keyboards, vocals ; Kenney Jones, drums (disc 2, tracks 13 and 14).

Usher. prf. Here I stand. [S.l.] : LaFace Records, 2008.

Performed by Usher.

Vampire Weekend (Musical group) prf. Vampire Weekend. [United States] : Beggars XL Recording, p2008.

Performed by Vampire Weekend (Ezra Koenig, lead vocals, guitar, piano, hand drum ; Rostam Batmanglij, organ, chamberlin, piano, harpsichord, guitar, vocal harmonies, drum and synth programming, shaker ; Chris Baio, bass ; Christopher Tomson, drums, guitar) ; with additional musicians.

Zimmer, Hans. The Simpsons movie soundtrack. [S.l.] : Adrenaline Music, 2007.

Various performers.

Stein, Garth. The art of racing in the rain. New York : Harper Audio, p2008.

Read by Christopher Evan Welch. Evaluating his life on the eve of his death, atypical canine Enzo considers the sacrifices his master, Denny Swift, has made in his pursuit of becoming a professional race car driver, and the dog’s own efforts to preserve the Swift family.

Strauss, Darin. More than it hurts you. New York : Penguin Audio, p2008.
Read by Arthur Morey. Josh Goldin is a happily married TV airtime salesman with an eight-month-old son. When baby Zack is treated twice for mysterious and life-threatening symptoms, the head of a pediatric ICU, Dr. Darlene Stokes, tells Child Protective Services that she thinks Josh’s wife, Dori, suffers from Munchausen syndrome, whereby the afflicted injure their children deliberately to draw attention to themselves. The Goldins’ ensuing battle to keep Zack provides grist for public debate about issues ranging from parents’ rights to race.

Thor, Brad. The last patriot : a thriller. New York, NY : Audioworks, p2008.
Read by Armand Schultz. When a car bomb explodes outside a Parisian cafe, Scot Harvath is thrust back into the life he has tried so desperately to leave behind. Harvath becomes party to an amazing and perilous race to uncover a secret so powerful that militant Islam could be defeated once and for all without firing another shot, dropping another bomb, or launching another covert action. As desperate as the American government is to have the information, there are powerful forces aligned against it.

How the West was won. Widescreen version. Burbank, CA. : Turner Entertainment, c1999.
Carroll Baker, Henry Fonda, Gregory Peck, Debbie Reynolds, James Stewart, John Wayne. A western adventure spanning three generations, the breadth of a wild, unsettled country, and fifty of the most excitingly turbulent years of this nation’s history.

Laws of attraction. [United States] : Burbank, CA : New Line Home Entertainment ; Distributed by Warner Home Video, c2004.

Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore, Michael Sheen, Parker Posey, Frances Fisher, Nora Dunn, Heather Ann Nurnberg, Johnny Myers, Mike Doyle. Though equally respected in their field, divorce lawyers Audrey and Daniel are opposites inside and out of the courtroom. Audrey is meticulous and by the book, while Daniel relies on personality and luck to get by. Neither has lost a case and neither intends to now, but a celebrity power couple gone wrong will end one of their winning streaks. The divorce settlement hinges on an old Irish castle. The two race to Ireland where after an Irish festival the two lawyers wake up married. Now the mismatched lawyers have to contemplate how to go about their client’s divorce hearings as man and wife.

The lost room. Widescreen. Santa Monica, CA : Lionsgate, c2007.

In the 1960s, an unknown event at the Sunshine Motel caused ordinary things in Room 10 to transform into items of wonder: indestructible objects with extraordinary powers that are sought by those who know their secrets.